Thursday, 13 October 2016

Are Some of Your Social Media Friends Actually Demons?

I have been toying with the idea that the Internet, and in particular social media, would be the ideal location for what some would call demonic entities to ply their trade, so as to possess weak and addictive minds and via them, harvest energy. Mainly by posting shocking images of violence so as to 'energetically ambush' unsuspecting people browsing their newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter.

I never thought of there being any specific demon involved as such, until a friend of mine from the USA suggested that Choronzon 333 was the most likely contender to fit the bill. This led me to do a Velocity of Now broadcast on the topic. 

I became aware of certain pathological behaviours among people on social media which revolved around 'flare ups' of images of extreme violence and death usually involving people in the Middle East or animal torture, under the guise of them claiming it was about 'spreading awareness'. Then I started to realise that these people seemed almost addicted to posting non-stop images of children in combat zones in the Middle East with their brains hanging out of their skulls and so on. They were clearly addicted to the 'awareness'. 

Another trait is that the 'infected' tend to disrupt and derail interesting conversations and threads by posting completely off-topic comments or links. One of these individuals was so obsessed with doing this, that even after I blocked him, he continued to create fake accounts to get back on my friends list and attempt to destroy and derail any interesting group discussion with non-sequitur links and videos just for the sake of it.

My same friend who identified the possible presence of Choronzon 333 in social media (just today) also posted this fascinating piece of information by Jerry Cornelius, who was initiated and trained into 8th degree OTO by Grady McMurtry, one of Aleister Crowley's most advanced personal students. 

by J. Edward Cornelius

I was asked in an email about my views on these endless tit for tat comments on some Facebook sites where people post the most senseless psychobabble. Well, for starters, I don’t allow it on my pages. I delete whenever the serpent raises its foul head. I monitor things very carefully and tell people that if they have questions, send me an email. Most people will NOT. They need a public forum. They want their voices heard. It empowers them. It gives them their few seconds of fame. Emails are too private. Consider this quote from The Vision & The Voice regarding the ways of Choronzon and his mortal followers – “For cunningly doth he talk of many things, going from subject to subject, and thus he misleadeth the wary into argument with him. And though Choronzon be easily beaten in argument, yet, by disturbing the attention of him who would command him, doth he gain the victory” (The Tenth Aethyr, Note by Scribe). Remember this whenever someone tries to engage you on social media in endless babbling of contradictory thoughts of an argumentative nature while ignoring your comments and questions. Instead of continuing to engage them, ask yourself, “How do I take Choronzon’s Power away?” The Vision & The Voice informs us – “For Choronzon feareth of all things concentration and silence: he therefore who would command him should will in silence: thus is he brought to obey” (Ibid). In other words, as soon as you see someone caught up in a pit of Because with babbling nonsensical SPEECH, realize they cannot be reached, and remember the god form of Hoor-paar-kraat: go into SILENCE and delete them as ‘Friends.’ Take their ‘power’ away.


  1. im not sure who/what choronzon is, iv seen you VON mentions it but not got round to listening yet. my opinions on FB an ddemons is that FB is a poison `makes` people do and think things they probably wouldnt in the real worls. when i say real world i mean what we deem as the physical world .
    my point being a friend posts something simple like ...oh i had a lovely pub lunch today , thaks Karen .... and the Toby sees this and thinks why wasnt i invited ...hence a fall out . this may sound a bit lame or simple but simple things people say are taken out of context. people are made to think bad things about other people ...hhhmmmm you ask karen but not me well f...k you im not aasking you next time. or you think hhhmmm wonder who karen is and you may think badthoughts about her when she is a very nice person. hope this hasnt rambled too much off topic but i think yes there is a demon on facebook and i think IT is the demon . as i said it is a poison entity . i will make a point of looking at chronzon in next day or two incase iv misunderstood the post x

  2. Thomas, you are definitely on to something with this, judging by how angry people have become over politics lately. Sites such as FB or even the comment section on YouTube can fill someone with a certain malaise that is distinguishable from others; I can't even describe it properly. It's like seeing the ugliest face of humanity, people frothing at the mouth and cursing complete strangers over opinions just to get a reaction.

    The other thing I noticed with these extreme leftists protesting everywhere is that they seem to be in some sort of trance.There's something funny going on with their eyes, in many cases. They don't look normal. They have these weird manic stares and these idiotic, inappropriate smirks; they almost look like they're high on something. The glee on their faces is anything but natural; it looks demonic. They are reveling in chaos, destruction and violence.

    Take this video for instance (of students in Toronto disrupting an event about freedom of speech):

    There's a mixture of anger, insanity and sheer glee (even at the violence their opponents experience from their crowd). It does look like some of them are (at least partially) possessed by something.

    And it's the same if you watch a video of any far right event; they look absolutely furious, shout together at the top of their lungs etc.

    It's like some sort of brain fever.

  3. Thanks for the video.
    I really lie Mischlove and the way he says "thank you so much for being with me" at the end smiling. Very cute.