Thursday, 19 June 2014

This Sunday: Shills and Infil-TRAITORS BEWARE

Your methods and tactics are about to be outed.

Creating On-Line Hysteria and Smear Campaigns for Igniting the Mentally Unstable on Forums and Social Networks. From Recruiting at Colleges and Unis, to Hiding Behind Anonymous Masks and Socialist Student Groups, the Rats are Finding it Harder and Harder to Blend in. 

The days of Undercover Agents wearing fake Rasta Wigs and getting away with it are long passed their 'fool-bye' date. 

From Honey-trap Whores to the Cambridge Malitia, Doomsday Cults to New Age Diversions, their Scams and Tactics Outlined for YOUR Protection.

This Sunday: 6/22/14 (11 AM PST, 1 PM Central, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT), Thomas Sheridan returns to The Bridge for a discussion about how intelligence agencies infiltrate good movements and attack sincere activists.  

Please plan to call in with your recruitment/infiltration stories. SHOW LINK HERE >>>


  1. Nice one. Right up my alley, so will try and listen live if I can. Feel free to throw my story into the mix if you want, or perhaps I will call in as you suggest. Believe it or not, the whole thing is still kinda going on.

    I still see 'The Janitor' from Special Branch about town - in fact I have bumped into him more times in the last few months, than I've ever bumped into anyone else I know in Glasgow - in the 6 years I've been here.

    Statistically speaking, the probabilities here are extremely low, so they must be playing at something in getting this guy to continue following me around from time to time, whereby he 'just so happens' to pop up right in front of me, always with his body and eyes at 90ยบ to me, and always very close - so that I am guaranteed to see him whilst he appears to 'not see me' due to the angle and the fact he always has his earpiece or headphones in etc.

    I barely have anything to do with the GTG these days, but these cointel creeps are still fixated on me in some minor fashion. They're probably furious that I outed one of their professional infiltrators on air, and on about 3-4 different stations/podcasts too.. 'The Janitor' himself is also probably pissed off with the fact that every time I see him - I make a point to stop and wave at him with a big smile, even though he's only ever a few feet away at most..

    Chances are; all of these are just basic, 'soft' psychological warfare tactics to serve as a constant reminder that my life, my movements and my communications are all being monitored. They love to remind you just how powerful and all pervasive they are..

    I personally find the whole thing somewhat amusing. It's still a great case study in the methodologies of counterintelligence and the kinds of people who are involved with this kind of work.

    1. Hi Adam good to hear from you. You are being tailed by the sounds of it. On another matter I was coming back to Ireland via Birmingham International and due to the woman at the check in desk not understanding a window that popped up in her computer terminal and having to call over a manager when she said ;What does Important Passenger mean?" - I discovered I am on the old watch list.

    2. Hello, Thomas. In regards to "Important Passengers", it seems those who know they are listed find out accidentally or through divine intervention (such as the case of my parents who were told by my cousin, a national security agent, though even she is at a loss to explain how, when, where, what, why). Is there any process by which one may find out how they choose who is on this list, once one discovers oneself named? My parents, like you, do nothing but help people. I have observed even to the detriment of your own physical health, at times. You have done nothing but try to comfort the disturbed. Maybe in doing so, you are disturbing the comfortable. But I don't understand the process by which saints are made into sinners by way of these lists. My Father is heartbroken. He feels betrayed by his own country, and that breaks my heart. How is rescuing children orphaned by aids, caring for them, holding them in his arms when they pass (which takes its toll after a while) even close to being a threat to national security. To be clear, it's called the " terror list" inside the CIA clich. As it is a sociopathic few making these decisions, I can see, actually, that they would be afraid of you. But that alone should not be enough. I though terrorists hijacked planes, bombed themselves to kill others, cut pow's heads of with handsaws then broadcast it. Ran planes into towers full of innocent civilians just trying to go to work. Raped. Pillaged. Plundered. But being labeled a terrorist for giving hope and help, saving lives rather than destroying them? Over 1,000,000 American citizens alone on this list that have done nothing to threaten the freedom of our nation. The list is the terror. The contributers are the terrorists. I just want to find out who decides whose names go on that list. Also, is this list exclusive to the United States, or does the UK keep a list as well? Maybe it's time to join my parents in Zambia, but if people run from evil, it will just pursue. What can common people like myself do, if we choose to stay and fight it, to protest this watchlist. And, Thomas, I hear they are adding names of returning soldiers who have been fighting their wars. This is NOT the America I grew up in. This is NOT the American Way. I still love my country. I want Her back. Many feel the way I do. Anyway, sorry to hear you made the list. Maybe you all should start a list member's only club and throw member parties, etc. Make it look like all the rage, a new fad: You're only cool if you made the Important Passenger list! I will say, this sheds some light on why it is so hard to donate to your site from inside the US. p.s. please let me know if you do have your paintings made into prints. Especially the King Fisher bird. God Bless You, Thomas Sheridan. My husband and I will be listening tomorrow. Be well.

    3. They are inverting the whole moral order. Good is bad. Right is wrong.
      An incremental process that is slowly coming to light. They = neo-cons, zionists
      jewish and christian, freemasons, satanists and collaborators ect....
      Richard Raymond

  2. An anti-shill and infiltrator show? Wicked idea... wonder if there has ever been a working infiltrator who joined the Light side.

  3. "The Rats are finding it harder and harder to blend in".

    So they adopt new personas. The BEEB is like a black hole and its event horizon seems to be an emanation of wyrd for bizarro mundo. Savile was right there "down the pit" as he openly tells Louis Theroux. Watch them share the smirk.

    The poses between Saville and Theroux are very revealing - Louis' head on top of Jimmy's. The fit as a butcher's dog ref - watch Theroux closely. In this interview, Jimmy is telling you all about it as Theroux guides him on his tour of revelations.