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Potatoes and Whiskey : Slow Kill Bio-Weapons?

It takes a lot for me to believe in most conspiracy theories if I am honest about it, and I discount many of them in terms of their entirety - even if there is nearly always some nugget of truth at the core. I am sick of seeing photos of aircraft-response water ballast tanks inside planes being used as 'proof' we are being gassed from the skies (although I do accept clandestine climate engineering is a fact), and the 9/11 conspiracies are a minefield (deliberate BTW) of madness and misinformation which suits the Bush administration just fine as it hides their incompetence on that horrific day. 

Scottish Man Hood According to BBC Savile Protecting Fabians

However, when comes to conquest and genocides, I tend to be more agreeable to the idea of grand long-term psychopathic conspiracies playing a role in these events as the pages of history tell no lie on the matter. From Cartage to Lodz, and a thousand other places in between. From the Japanese Imperial Family sponsoring beheading games in Nanking, to Trotsky's extermination of the Tatars in Southern Russia and then his subsequent invention of the concept of 'racism' to be used as a slur during the Fourth Soviet Bolshevik Congress in order to deflect from his own genocide, unruly groups and people have a long history of being poisoned, deported and slaughtered by Royalty and Revolutionaries in order to bring in new laws, systems of commence and political administration.


Which brings me to my own people: the Irish, or to apply a more racial/ethnic idea the Gaels; which also includes the Island/Highland Scots (who are genetically Irish more or less) and then, by further extrapolation of mass emigration, this now includes a sizeable proportion of the populations of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.

One of Sigmund Freud's followers split up human psychology into two categories: Irish and non-Irish. Freud was frustrated with the Irish because of the innate stubbornness of the Irish and Scots (be interesting to have known Jung's opinion of the matter). Apparently, we didn't take well to his psychoanalysis. We were also considered too independently minded for not being easily hypnotised as long as the Irish/Gael cognitive functioning remained in-tact. This is a constant throughout history; the difficult Irish person. From the Roman conquests (via the Imperial Agent Saint Patrick) to the EU Lisbon Treaty, the Irish are a perpetual problem for what George Bush senior referred to as 'The Big Idea', as we have a tendency to get in the way of  grand schemes and empires.

No matter how you look at it; from Greek/Roman times right up to the present, the Gaels are among the peoples who have been singled out for special treatment. We, along with the Roma Gypsies, Native Americans and Slavs seem to present a real problem for 'civilisations' for some reason. Is it culture, or a genetic or epigenetic predisposition to an inclination against the rule of Roman Law? Who knows for sure, but the Irish and the Scots have been on the end of the receiving end of some pretty nasty policies, genocide and deportation among them. On these islands the Welsh have gotten off a little better, probably as 'they are too close to the action' and in their wisdom decided to humour their British Imperialists rather than be easily exterminated by them. They also had lots of coal under their land and similar to the North of England, a healthy working population was allowed to flourish. Until the 1980's...

What makes Ireland so unfortunate from a historical standpoint is that this island was essentially a laboratory for the British Empire to test many of their ideas and methodologies to be later used in other locations of their imperial expansion. What happened in Connacht during Cromwell's reign of terror, was perfected from the West Indies to Western Australia.


Back in the 1990's while living in New York, one of my Irish-American friends blurted out. "The Potato Famine happened because the Irish were too stupid to rotate their crops and only knew how to cultivate taters!" This was followed by a loud chortle by the group present. I recall being highly insulted at the time, as I knew well the social and personal horrors which took place during what is called The Great Hunger. However, looking back on it now, I think he was probably correct, in an indirect way. However, the Irish WERE MADE "STUPID" by colonial policy.

"Although the potato crop failed, the country was still producing and exporting more than enough grain crops to feed the population. Records show during the period Ireland was exporting approximately thirty to fifty shiploads per day of food produce. As a consequence of these exports and a number other factors such as land acquisition, absentee landlords and the effect of the 1690 penal laws, the Great Famine today is viewed by a number of historical academics as a form of either direct or indirect genocide." - wiki source

The first potato was planted in Ireland in 1589 by Sir Walter Raleigh who had brought them back fro the Americas. Raleigh, was a British explorer and (very importantly in the age of John Dee and Edward Kelly) a historian at his Irish estate, Myrtle Grove, in Youghal, County Cork. His introduction of the potato into Ireland was his 'gift to Queen Elizabeth I' - herself at the time deeply immersed in a disastrous war with Ireland were the Irish were scoring staggering victories against top English military forces at the Battle of the Yellow Ford and other locations. 

Now let this sink in for a second. The potato was his 'gift' to a Queen committed to winning, at any costs, an expensive and politically disastrous war in Ireland which she was losing.

Raleigh, well aware that the Aztec dependency on the potato (related to the toxic Belladonna family) was a contributing factor in their inability to fight the meat-fed Spanish. The scenario was being develop; British Bully Beef versus Paddy's Potatohead... Sir Walter's exploits in Ireland included being involved in mass civilian massacres on Rathlin Island and at Smerwick. So genocide would have been second-nature to him, however, he was also acutely aware that mass slaughter by the sword and lead ball had certain logistical imitations.

Within a relatively short time, the Irish peasantry was almost completely dependent on this easily cultivated, but disease prone crop. In fact, within 100 years the traditional Irish diet of meat, grains and greens had been completely changed to 80-90% of the population surviving on potatoes and buttermilk almost exclusively, as their entire dietary in-take. Her majesty's 'gift' was bearing fruit. 

The first mass starvation of the Irish took place in 1740, which was caused in part by an oomycete blight in the potato crop, and extreme government regulations essentially making it illegal for the Irish to be Irish in their own land. The stage was now set for the British monarchy's biggest 'gift' of all to the Irish, the Great Starvation in the years in and around 1847 which led to over 1.5 million Irish dead from starvation and more significantly, a repressed auto-immune system made vulnerable by the 'gift' of potato and buttermilk. Millions more emigrated or just vanished and became unaccounted for. 

By the time the same, deportation necessities were applied to the Scottish Highlands, a less crude, but no less devastating genocide took place replacing the Highland Scots with sheep by deporting the Highland Scottish Clans from their lands. Vast numbers also died as a result of this crime from the hardships and poverty the Highland Clearances policy caused to the population.


I hate whiskey. One glass of it makes me ill. I have never understood the appeal of it. Two glasses gives me a horrific hangover - it is almost as if my physiology has screamed out 'do not not drink this poison!' in the few times I have tried it. Yet whiskey is part and parcel of Irish and Scottish culture and commerce. 

The arrival of w(h)iskey to Ireland and Scotland came with - you guessed it - imperial conquest and expansion. Before the arrival of 'the water of life' (?!?!?), the Gaels drank ale, mead and wine. In fact, the first record of whiskey in Ireland - the Annals of Clonmacnoise in 1405 -  refer to a Irish Gaelic Chieftain who is is instantly killed an when drank Whiskey at Christmas! Now there is a hint for you if ever there as one... You can see where this is going. From caskets of whiskey being secretly sent to the United Irishmen by British officers on the eve of the Battle of Tara in 1798 - to the 'firewater' of the Native Americans. Just Business.

Irish/Scots ExterminatIon Methods Exported to the Americas

Ease off on the spuds. Eat more saturated fats and greens and drink non-fluoridated ales, mead and wine if you indulge alcohol. No more 'Gifts' to the Crown.

Thomas Sheridan is the author of several books relating to social engineering and pathology and is the host of the radio programme The Velocity of Now - every Sunday at 7PM GMT - website


  1. Judging by what is policy and what is subsidized, it looks like there's a domestic genocidal plan to make unhealthy food cheap, plentiful, easily accessible, and heavily marketed.

  2. wow.. this opened my eyes! didn't take the time to read it when you first posted it, but after hearing about it on velocity of now, i read it. in a moment, everything clicked when applying this to today's world and the epidemic of obesity, drugs/alcohol, entertainment, nonstop stimulation, etc. etc. -- none, of course, wrong in their own right within a proper context, but, wow, you begin to see the epic challenge (near losing battle) humanity has opposed against it.


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  5. Although I will say I definitely enjoy a good single-malt scotch on occasion; from memory it was John Stuart Mill (Jr) who said that there were certain, specific races and ethnic groups who could never be fully assimilated into a globalised, scientifically run system of commerce and bureaucracy - and who would HAVE to be completely disabled and marginalised (if not wiped out completely) before their 'big idea' of a New World Order could fully be realised.

    Mill was a hardcore malthusian and well-renowned aristocrat, working as one of the top Economic Strategists for the City of London and the Crown Corporation in the 19th Century. He basically made up a list of countries, cultures, and races that he knew wouldn't adapt to the modern, international systems of commerce, politics, and bureaucracy they wanted to bring in on a global level - and any other cultures who would resist or oppose any outside intrusions into their preferred way of life.

    Amongst whom, he listed the Native Americans, the Australian Aboriginals, the South-Pacific Polynesians - and the Irish and Scottish Gaels. Some of the larger Asian groups like the Chinese and Japanese were difficult to coerce, but eventually gave in, thanks to massive economic and psychological warfare over the last 200 years.

    He essentially said that if these cultures could not adapt, they would have to be eliminated in some way, as they would otherwise become both a burden and a stain on this 'perfect', scientifically managed global system they were planning.

    More than that, their continued existence would also serve to as a constant reminder to the rest of the world that there were legitimate alternatives to a technocratic, economically based, and scientifically run global system - and that there were other, more natural values and forms of prosperity that might just be worth fighting to preserve - making these cultures a serious ideological threat to their goals, should they start influencing others.

    Unfortunately, this long war upon them has been immensely successful. The introduction of alcohol, drugs, contaminated resources, and materialism into the aforementioned cultures has all but completely destroyed what they used to be. Some of the values and traits still live on, but the fire in the hearts of these people has been pretty well extinguished - especially when it comes to the majority of today's Gaelic populations.

    They've catered to each culture with weapons to suit, but the most common and effective weapons have always been the introduction of alcohol and drugs on a massive scale, along with deliberately contaminated foods and medicines, so that both the culture and its genetic structure begin to break down and destabilise, and within a few generations they've become completely impotent and dysfunctional.

    So yeah, thats how they do it. If you really need something done - always go for the slow kill, always go for the gradualism. They've already got us thinking in milestones and short periods of time, so they know most folk will never see the co-ordination and the continuity of it all.

    1. Suffice to say: Eugenics has been on the go for a long, long time. Way before Hitler and even before the Rockefeller initiatives of the early 20th century.

      Much like the Maori of New Zealand, the Native Indians got screwed on the treaties they signed with the British/Anglo-Saxon colonists, and were herded into biologically destitute regions of the country, where resources were scant and disease was rampant. They were flooded with booze, low quality foodstuffs, and contaminated medicines, under the guise of 'humanitarian assistance' and 'cultural exchange' - so that they would begin to die off and become impotent.

      The Gaels were simply slaughtered for the most part, as that used to be the only way of marginalising their fierce opposition to tyranny and oppression, but in more recent centuries; the Anglo-American establishment has become more cunning in it's methods - and so we saw the great 'famine', (where the food was actually exported out of Ireland to feed British troops in the Napoleonic wars), along with the massive introduction of booze, the destruction of the local industry, and the use of 'divide and conquer' strategies to exaggerate sectarian tensions among the populace.

      It's an old, old idea that has been used to subjugate and marginalise many, many cultures, for hundreds and probably thousands of years. Even the old Greco-Roman societies of pre-Christian times had population control programs on the go, where they ran long term, soft-kill programs on the peasantry; by the same basic methods - along with the introduction of various cults and metaphysical ideologies, so that the peasantry would actually cooperate in some instances by sacrificing and aborting their own children.

      The 'Potatoes & Whiskey' thing would be a classic example of these methods and tactics. I've no doubt that these two foodstuffs have been used to destabilise and subvert the cultural, intellectual, and genetic strength of the Gaels, which was known to be formidable for many centuries beforehand.

      Anyway; great article Thomas. I'll speak to you soon.


  6. Curious about what nationality/ethnicity made up a majority of the US soldiers who helped "settle the West ?"

    1. Ethnic groups that made up the US army are dealt with in the excellent "The Last Stand" by Nathaniel Philbeck.

  7. Hi, This may be of interest it is about historical diets in Ireland.