Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sociopath Street, The Reversal of Victim-hood and the 'New Normal'

From Defeated Demons by Thomas Sheridan. Published May 1, 2012 (pages 23-24)

"Most mainstream journalists will never tackle the issue of socialised psychopathology in an honest and direct way because the owners of the media organisations which employ them wouldn't allow it. I'm convinced mainstream media’s next tactic will be to declare that pointing out someone who clearly demonstrates psychopathic behaviour is inciting a hate crime. Just hold on—it is coming. Ultimately, this is all a sign that the psychopaths in control are getting worried and are frantically trying to end this dialogue once and for all. Too late now. What is seen cannot be unseen and what is heard cannot be unheard."

and in today's news:

Just six months have passed since her diagnosis, and Kelly says she wants to "demystify" the condition and educate the public. Last week she launched, an online forum she hopes will become a community of support for other sociopaths and those with antisocial personality disorders.

"I am outing myself because I think there is a lot of misinformation, and there is a lot of stigma," she says. "When people hear the word sociopath they run. I want to paint a somewhat humanizing picture of the condition."

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  1. Wow! My first thought was, "why would she do that, who would ever want to out themselves as a psycho?" Then it made sense... she's wearing it like a badge of honor - of course she would, she's a psychopath! And you were right, they're trying to "normalize" psychopathology. (shaking head in disbelief)

  2. I think ya right Thomas.. ' They' have to try n normalise it..the cat is out the bag now n its claws are sharp!
    You've been a major contributor on this subject.. Massive respect mate!

  3. She wants to "humanize" the condition. LOL. These "things" aren't human. They prey on humans. They are dangerous predators that are more reptile than human. The dangerous thing is that they appear benign and v human.

    I am 44 years old and I have had my life ruined several times by these "things" over the years. I used to think these were all isolated incidents but having educated myself about P's by gurus like T. Sheridan and others I now realize that I was indeed being attacked by P's.

    Please be careful and take Mr. Sheridan's excellent advice and learn from the mistakes of people like me because if you let one of these things into your life then it is extremely difficult to remove it. Ultimately you might end up having to move house like I did recently.

    The best advice I can give is; if someone new comes into your life and seems friendly and really wants you to invite them around to your home then I would be v careful indeed. They are probably a psychopath and are just looking to gain an advantage over you by finding out where you live. Tell them you have to meet an old friend or relative and you'll catch up with them later.

    They home in on lonely or needy people so always check the "vibe" you are giving off and adopt this motto- NO COMPANY IS BETTER THAN BAD COMPANY.

  4. Not saying this is right or wrong, but there was a time when homosexuality was viewed as a negative psychological condition. Now we have paedophilia being somewhat normalised through desensitization to the issue (and Marxist politicians like Harriet Harman having supported the lowering of the age of consent). And yes, I agree psychopathy could be next.

    But the difference is that those in control of our nations are always psychopaths, often paedophiles, but less often homosexual. They are going to be more interested in normalising those characteristics which they themselves hold than the ones which they don't.

  5. The "strategy" of these semi-perverts is (and has always been) like this:

    "I'm not guilty because I am (was) abused too. I'm a victim! Don't blame me!"

    They go into victim-mode to take away the responisbility from their own abusive behaviour. But this can only be understood by looking at it from a higher level of consciousness. So...the fact that almost every abuser was abused him/herself and therefore is not responsible for the abuse that is done by them, is a vicious circle if you call their condition a pathology. If you call it the refusal of responsibility it makes a lot more sense. And yes. the child that has been abused, is not resonsible for it, but the adult that is doing the same later on to others IS responsible for doing it. Of course!

    So calling it a psychopathology is a way to put it, but it also leads to the logical conclusion that a sickness is not the "fault" of the one who is suffering from it. Can you see what I mean?

    I call it perverson for a reason. I call it wickedness for a reason. I call it demonic (de=not, mon=me) for a reason. It's the same thing with any kind of addiction. If you call it a disease, you take the responsibity away from the individual and blame some unknown "force" like "sickness" instead.

    If you call everything that is in fact evil "sick" you end up with complete irresponsibility.

    But there is a proper reason for everything. But does that mean the reason makes the fact less evil?

    Perversion and sadism are big big issues in society...not only in this century. We have to go to the root-cause of it. But what is the root-cause?

    What is the real cause of it? That is the question that needs to be answered.

    As long as we give them the chance to get away with it by calling it a pathology, they will grap that chance. Only by pointing out what it actually is they will KNOW THAT WE KNOW THEM.

    So...don't give it a "nice" name by calling it psychopathology. Call it by its true name!

    And what is the true name?