Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Does Esther Rantzen Have a Personality Disorder?

I heard a great quote from a female nurse a couple of years ago. "I am old enough to remember when 'borderlines' were just called 'nasty devious bitches'.

"Having been subject to a disgusting accusation made about me by a proven serial man accuser and moderator on a death-cult infested Internet 'recovery' forum. A forum which is predominately made up of man hating 'bunny boiler'-type personalities calling their exs 'psychopaths' for not liking their Facebook updates and other horrific acts. Recently, it was shown (via an email the woman in question stupidly sent to a friend of mine and which I asked to be made public on Facebook so the whole world could see this indecent individual for what it is) that she was indeed a pathological liar and slanderer in cahoots with a cult-enabling, hysterical homosexual with a fondness for smear campaigns, Christmas and bubble baths. The liar could not hold their hands up and admit they lied even when overwhelming evidence against her was presented and she decided to take flight for a bout of 'triggering'. 

The following behaviour of Esther Rantzen in this interview reminds me very much of the same vicious, indecent behaviour demonstrated when the serial accuser was caught lying about me - she refused to own up. She just up-the-ante of 'innocence'. In my case, the Israeli-trained, slanderer of the Cambridge activist scene implied I was going to murder her (?!!!??) rather than say she lied, in Esther Rantzen case in this article below, she passes the buck to the victims of Jimmy Savile.

"Now we know there is only one kind of person who never admits wrong-doing and proceeds to Gaslight the target listeners with more lies and self-serving distortions. The Female Psychopath? Yes, contrary to the same forum who caused untold misery to my family and I, these vermin really do exists...

It wasn't until I watched a Sky news interview with ‘Dame That's Life’ that I started getting really angry with her. Looking uncomfortable, she was clearly choosing her words carefully as the reporter asked her the obvious questions: 'What did you know? When did you know it? Couldn't you have said something? You started ChildLine for goodness sake, why didn't you do something?' (I am paraphrasing a little here, but only a little).

Esther's replies left my jaw on the floor. She started by saying that until now it had 'only been one single child's word against the word of a television icon', implying that this meant it was impossible to verify. She went on to say that now it was 'five adult women' who had come forward it was easier, and here was the part that started to make my blood boil, that they were 'cool, credible, sensible women', who through their lack of emotion were 'convincing' to Esther, and so she had started to believe there was some truth to it all. Really? Really, Esther? So, for you to believe allegations of child abuse, it can't only be 'one single child' saying it? And the victims have to be 'cool, credible and sensible' in order to be 'convincing'? And there has to be more than one, and they must never have met one another? Really? Isn't that kind of attitude exactly what you have been campaigning against all your professional life?"


  1. Everybody at the BBC new about Saviles abuse, everyone. Does Ratarse expect us to believe she knew nothing about it? What was/is the real purpose of her children's charities? The BBC is a stinking shit hole. I fear the lid of Pandora's box has only been opened an inch and has a long way to go.

  2. Also remember, it was not just Saville...there were many employees of the BBC that were abusing children. There is NO way she...or anyone else who had worked there for any length of time..didn't know.

  3. Also remember, it was not just Saville...there were many employees of the BBC that were abusing children. There is NO way she...or anyone else who had worked there for any length of time..didn't know.

  4. Livid. Paedophilia has never been right and never will be, and that was the premise childline was built on.

    Seems she was attacked and traumatised by a family member at 15, though as the article states several times, this is in contrast to her previous descriptions of a happy childhood. Further, she said her mother was fiercely protective of her and her sister, yet when she told her about the abuse it was dismissed and she was told she was being dramatic. Smell anything anyone?

    Also this

    But the charity – which was taken over by the NSPCC in 2006 after it faced bankruptcy – costs £26million a year to run. Four of its centres, staffed largely by trained volunteers, in Exeter, Leeds, Swansea and Edinburgh are due to close or relocate tomorrow as it seeks to save £2.5million a year.
    More than 420 of its 2,135 volunteers – some 20 per cent – will be cut, along with 75 paid staff. Centres in Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Rhyl, Belfast, Foyle, Aberdeen and Glasgow remain unaffected.

    If it's largely staffed by volunteers, why is it costing 26 million a year to run?

    Pls keep exposing these subhumans, and we will keep sharing and hoping people will start to wake up.

  5. Esther - Sarah Caplan - Nick Ross & Jill Dando (the bbc golden girl mysteriously shot in the back of the head, for which an innocent man was put in prison). Don't think they're all psycho's so did Jill find out something and being fully human was going to expose?