Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Water is the New Oil. This is the Insurgency.

The biggest issue for me today is WATER. While people are looking for "Satanists" and still talking about 9/11, the Psychopaths in Charge are making water the new oil and almost no one is talking about it. The only people taking a stand are the anti-Irish Water people in Ireland. They understand how urgent this has become.

We are at most, five years away from major corporations such as Nestle completely owning and marketing exclusive rights to selling water at any price they want. Private water wells will be outlawed just as private backyard oil wells were outlawed in the past.

We will see water (like oil is now) being transported across continents in massive pipelines and across the oceans in tankers. There will be engineered 'Water Crises' where the price of water sky-rockets and people will have to stand in line for water like they did for petrol in the 70's. The CEOs of 'Big H2O' will dictate the market price of water and we'll be finally 100% at the mercy of these bastards for the source of our life for the first time since the dawn of humanity.

When that day comes, what will you tell your grandchildren? That while it was going on and everyone in the insurgency needed to make a noise about it...you were looking for "Satanic Paedophiles" at Pizza Express in Hampstead, or were still debating the finer points of Nano-Thermite versus No Planes?

Urgency is Now, Urgency is Our Water.


  1. This is MUCH more true than most would believe.... 20 some years ago I looked out in the backyard of our family owned country inn (in a tiny town of 500 in the White Mountains of NH) to see two strangers standing out by my artesian well head (water supply)... this immediately aroused my curiosity - usually visitors would stop in at the front desk to announce their arrival. I dropped what I was doing and went 'round back to find out what they were up to. As I approached, I was puzzled to behold one of them to have some sort of box/apparatus in front of him held up by some shoulder straps (like a vendor at a ballgame) with some sort of antennae sticking up six feet in the air from it. When I got closer, I startled them when I said "What in the world are you guys up to??" They were polite and apologetic... saying "We work for the Government". This answer did not exactly satisfy me, so I continued "Yeah, that's fine... but doing WHAT?" They then asked if I was the owner (yes) and was this the public water supply? (yes again)... They then went on to explain that the antennae was for a GPS locator (an early, primitive and expensive version that read location AND elevation) and their mission was to locate, positively identify, and map for future reference - all public water sources in the State. "What for?" I asked... they didn't know... "We are just doing our job"..... You can decide for yourself what this major expenditure of time, equipment and funding was intended to accomplish. Myself, I'll go with the idea that the Government has - many years ago - already located and mapped the location of every major source of potable drinking water in the State for future confiscation during a "time of need or duress"

  2. Thomas, It's already happened here in the U.S. IBM has created a 3D computerized database of the world's water, including all springs, rivers and underground aquifers. Nestle and others are extracting water from the Great Lakes and selling it. For those not familiar with the topic, thousands of families in Detroit have recently had their water shut off because they can no longer afford to pay due to widespread poverty and increasing prices. The Government knows what is going on and is doing nothing.

  3. Great Point, Thomas. I didn't really appreciate the first comment too much because I felt like it was too targeted, even though I agree with your point, people are turned around looking backwards or looking for pigs on the wing, while the corrupt folk have moved on to the next thing, and the thing after that, etc. On that note though, I think those of us paying close attention are all pretty traumatized, and we don't have the buffer of denial that other folks have, and staying ahead of the current is hard when we have to process our emotions, but our opponents don't have any emotions, or scruples...The importance of laughter.

    Thanks for making me laugh, and thanks for helping me keep my eye fixed on the next crises.

  4. The water 'con' has been going on for a long time. Glen Kealey was one of the first people in the "alternative media" / "truth movement" whom I recall raising it. See the links below:




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