Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bet You Didn't Know There is a World Trade Center 3 - It's Creepy Too.

It what could be confused as being looked upon as some kind of Global Financial Death Cult Necro-Architecture expression of the demise of the USA as a superpower and the rise of China as the new global business master, China's World Trade Center Tower III is an eighty-one floor skyscraper currently under construction in Beijing, China. 

Is this a kind of symbolic baton being passed to the new leader of the race? The architectural firm who designed the structure, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill also designed some of the replacement buildings within the destroyed WTC complex in lower Manhattan.

Now if you think the name is a bit odd, have a look at what it looks like, and then tell me you are not just a little creeped out:


  1. The debris from the NYC WTC was shipped to China. I wonder if this tower is built with the recycled bones of the last one?

    1. There wasn't enough left , the building disintegrated in mid air.

  2. To the best of my knowledge, Debris was bought by India.

  3. There were no materials to ship to China so i dont think so . Perhaps this was just another symbollic act that was missed at the time , but actually , when you think about it , enforces the point of your post Thomas ? Just a thought my friend . One love and respect , Al B

  4. "They" would so love us to believe in coincidence. Ironically, when I stopped believing in coincidence... my life started making sense. Creepy is never a big enough word for how these people act. Thanks TS.

  5. I've read several articles stating China is gathering up as much gold as possible to be the world leader in actual "gold backed" currency. That information makes this tower even creepier!

    1. with gold headed south, not likely

  6. There are towers and there are mountains. Towers are artificial but mountains are natural. A tower is the "work" of an artificial "force" but a mountain is the work of nature. A tower can be destroyed easily but the Hi(gh)malaya can not be destroyed.

    Their symbols are like this: "Look how huge I am! Fear me! I am a high building!"

    Our symbols are like this: "Rest on me! I am eternity! Undestructable and solid! Infinite and majestic."

    A tower can be build in a few months but a mountain is build by strength and infinite power.

    If you don't fear death, your weapon is as dangerous as a shark is for a little fish.

    Honest rage, build by true tenderness and intellectual and emotional strength is THE ultimate weapon if directed in the right direction.

    If you know THAT...make out your enemy and FIRE!

  7. Hier tanzt der Papst im Kettenhemd! (Meaning something like this: Here is the TRUE pope dancing...fully armed with destroy evil.)

    The North is very important because it is the "realm" where the true warriors live. Here, in countrys like Sweden,Germany and Holland the fucked up cathlic pseudo-chistianity (synagoge of satan) was...thank GOD...never that popular...but that did not prevented them from being deluded.

    Those "satanic-cathlic-priests" served perversion for a long time all over Europe, but in the north they failed. They failed because here the warrior-spirit was too strong...therefore it could be abused by the evil spirit of Adolf Hitler who manipulated this spirit (with the money from his american satan-worshippers) through internse propaganda. Ask your "friend" Stanley Kubrick...he knows everything about it!

    Manipulating the masses by addressing the warrior-spirit. By calling them "aryas"...the noble ones. And yes...a lot of them incarnated in germany, but they where far too stupid and dump to recognize their true nature... They where far to deluded to even recognize what actually was happening. And the SS-asholes where given a Bhagavad-Gita (guess what kind of translation...) They fell for that hokus-pokus-shit that the nazi-satan-worshippers did. WHAT A SHAME! For a culture of (former) poets and thinkers. Oh...what a shame! But there still is something in it. And (even) the free-mason-motherfuckers know it. It is the ability to devote oneself to the power of the warrior-spirit.

    Some true aryas...the true noble ones...who incarnated in the nothern countrys...made it somehow into exile. And they are in exile still. Those who are without a notion of false religion (false spirituality) and are the ones who can be called true shamans. True warriors. A shaman is ALWAYS a warrior. If he/she is not a warrior, he/she is not a shaman because THAT is what is what is meant by the word. But what is a (true arya/shaman) fighting for?

    What are (true) shamans, (true) aryas up to? They fight for nature to be honored! They fight for nature to be regarded as what it is. They fight for the human right to live free from (religious) delusions. They fight for FREEDOM. They fight for LOVE, PEACE and JUSTICE.

    You want peace? DESERVE IT!

    You want justice? FIGHT FOR IT by knowing who the enemy is!

    You want love? BE LOVE by devotion to the divine most High!

    You want nature to do what you want? FORGET IT!

    You want freedom? First tell me what FREEDOM is!

    You are integrated into your actual "culture"? Fuck you!

    You think you know what "history" is? HAH!

    You think you live? HAH!

  8. I remember reading that the tower remains were almost immediately shipped to china, bet they are made from the remains, they seem to have a recurring theme about the phoenix crashing, burning, and then rising from the ashes. Could it be..............

  9. i would've thought the original builders of wtc would build this one.. something about the story isn't right. anyways buildings don't collapse from plane strikes or fire or just fire like wtc7.

  10. It certainly looks like one of the towers. Im only to here to promote Dr Judy Woods work on 911 though, please check out one of her lectures.

  11. the twin towers didn't evaporate they were transported by technology beyond our wildest dreams to somewhere else! remember the Philadelphia Experiment? the movies produced in hollywood are adverts for what 'they' are able to do disguised as sci-fi and horror films! yes this sounds wacky and you the reader may dismiss what I've written - but disprove me if your able to!

  12. Here is a good one for Graham Hancock:

    Lucifer: "Hey Satan, can you do me a favour?"

    Satan: "Maybe."

    Lucifer: "I want to be big, huge and smart and I want nature to serve me."

    Satan: "O.k...suck my dick!"

    Lucifer opened his mouth and...

    Satan: "Your sucking sucks, dude!"

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    Nature: "O.k."

    Lucifer did it again.

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    Lucifer opened his mouth and... on...

    ...untill Jesus Christ was up to let him...

    ...but Jesus said: "Fuck you! My dick is far too big for you, stupid!"

    Meaning: Entrance denied!

  13. This one is for George Carlin:

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    Guess what happend.

  14. And here is one for Bob Dylan:

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    1. You are clearly an expert cock-sucker douche bag. And an enthusiastic anus licker no doubt.
      Eat shit you fat turd!

  15. In the end everything boiles down to this:

    !. Even Satan (sat=truth, an=not) is a servant of the divine most High, because knowing what un-truth is does not mean it is not true. It means just: KNOWING WHAT IS NOT TRUE. Very simple, very clear, nothing wrong with it. You know the lie, you see the lie, you know what a lie is...nothing wrong with it.

    2. Not knowing the difference between a lie and truth is sin. If you ARE the lie, you know Truth. If you don't know that you are Lucifer, the pretender, you are just nothing. You don't know the lie and you don't know truth. What a fucked up state of affairs!

    3. Not being interested in truth is sin. If you just don't care what the difference between right and wrong is, you are serving not even sat-an. Not to talk about the opposite! You just do what pleases your delusions without knowing what YOU even means. So...fuck you! SATYAM!

    4. There is black and there is white. Black is pretty much o.k. if it knows it is black. And white is pretty much o.k. if it knows it is white. Nothing wrong with that. It's just duality in play. Playing the game of joy and fun...hit and run...and fuck you (unconscious) better get lost!

    5. Grey is the only problem because it is a mix. Can there be truth and the lie at the same time? Of course not! But...well...somehow...äh....just don't talk about it because if you don't know the difference, it is a very very dangerous place....

    6. So...either you play black...or you play just play your do your ride...

    7. Even sat-an serves the divine most High because un-truth knows that TRUTH exists. How can it BE un-truth if it does not know its opposite?

    8. What was first? Who is the boss? Can there be a lie before there is Truth first? Of course not!

    9. a part of the game, the play, the sport, of the divine most High.

    10. And only those who worship the lie are motherfuckers. Un-truth itself is what it is and it is a true devotee of the divine most High. Because IT KNOWS ITSELF and its role in creation (nature).

    11. Because un-truth knows right from wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. If you know a lie you know truth also. Of course!

    12. Everything in between...grey....purpil pill...however you wanna call EVIL ITSELF! Because of NOT KNOWING what is what or who is who..

    13. Free-masons and christians are playing in the same cage. Meaning: Not knowing who is who. (That is called Lucifer, dudes!) Or better known as: Both are bullshitters because of NOT KNOWING. They just "think" they know, but...even if they think they know...they are just EVIL bullshitters...because they just pretend to know (the TRUE GAME). Sat-an does not manipulate! Sat-an just test you! Sat-an just He bows to you if you KNOW YOURSELF BEING TRUTH!

    14. IF you know who is who...IF you know who plays whoms role...everything is just what it is...JOY...a game...a play...but it is dangerous too...of course...because 'YOU MUST KNOW YOUR NATURE...else...uhhhhh....

    15. But don't get me wrong: Sat-an is a bitch! Mind you! And (fake) chistianity too! (Which IS sat-an, by the way.)

    16. O.k. sissys...this may be too much for you but right now...but I don't care...I just care for...YOU...THE TRUE BLUE....



    Bhaja Govindam!

  16. And regarding (China) the ying-yang-symbol it's like this:

    Black and white NEVER mix. They are always seperated but turn...move...become...each other. There is no grey in it! It is either or...white turns into black and black turns into white...without becoming grey! That is the meaning of the symbol. Black and white do NOT melt! They just change the colour instantely...if needed.

    It is also the symbol of the integration of the male and the female aspects of the divine. Giving and taking...becoming and recieving...above and below...mother and father...acting and relaxing....learning and knowing....doing and being...teaching and studying...creating and being created...warm and cold...and so on...

    They never mix!

    They only change their polarity if it's needed...when it is needed...instantely...without any interference of one another.

    That IS the meaning of what is called TAO.

    You flow and you row your boat up the let nature do and you create in nature...and you are always in perfect harmony with it. You never interfere. You never push anything...unless you know pushing is needed. You never distrust because there is no reason for it. You never just belief because you know.

    You are the fisch AND the water. At the same time. Sounds strange and somehow impossible is possible and very easy once you realize it.

    Ying-Yang...ying-yang...ying-yang...on and on...

    ...all along...for ever...never bored...ever and always content with perfect harmony with all there is...

    ...unless conflict is needed. Conflict isn't bad. It's a conflict. Nothing wrong with it unless harmony is the purpose (aim, goal) of being in conflict.


  17. And the WTC in The Netherlands e.g. you'd call -1 or what?