Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Prophetic Art of Franz von Stuck - Hitler's Visionary Painter

Poster Designed by Franz von Struck in 1911

At the same time when Adolf Hitler's mother was about to deliver her son, the painter Franz von Stuck was working on a painting  entitled Die Wilde Jagd (Wild Chase) portraying a vicious image of  Wotan—Teutonic god of death and destruction, the mad night hunter who leaves horror and mayhem in his wake—bearing an uncanny resemblance to the future adult Adolf Hitler complete with forelock over the left temple, intense eyes and even a small moustache amid a landscape of ravished women and corpses. 

Later, it was to become one of Adolf Hitler's favourite paintings, along with another painting by von Stuck of Medusa bearing an uncanny resemblance to Hitler's mother Klara Hitler. "My God, that's my mother!" Hitler is purported to have exclaimed when first viewing the painting.


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