Thursday, 13 February 2014

Irish Ways and Irish Laws

Irish Government Officials, Media and Public Servants
Arrive to Answer 
Concerned Citizen's Questions.

While terminal ill people are losing their medical benefits, Irish young people are told to leave the country as they are too much trouble, and hundreds of Irish families are being made homeless by the banks, an Irish police Sargent (Garda) who won a Supreme Court appeal over his dismissal for misconduct and has returned to work after the Attorney General advised an end to all investigations into the matter [RED FLAG]

Garda Kelly (Sligo) continually denied several allegations and won his case which left taxpayers with a bill of €450,000. He has also been reinstated back into his old position with full pay. The government have closed the case and are obviously hiding something much more embarrassing in the same manner in which their investigations into banking executives was purposely limited in order to protect politicians from being named. As usual, the Irish mainstream media are perfectly happy to sit back and let the matter go.

The fact that there there seems to be no punishment for the sergeant that caused the whole debacle which threw a community into chaos, coupled with the obligatory "we don't discuss internal matters" demonstrates that Justice Minister Alan Shatter's promise of 'full transparency' is as hollow as promises of full investigation into banking operations in Ireland. 

There is also an interesting parallel here between dealing with possible police corruption in Ireland being protected by politicians, and how abuse in the Catholic church was dealt with 30 years ago - it's wasn't, and we know what that led to...  During the 1990's it was also shown that corruption among the police was epidemic in neighbouring Donegal. Nothing has been learned since then. There is a siege mentality that is entrenched within the Irish police as soon as any investigation in implemented. We see this all over Irish society from politicians to bankers as soon as a hint of corruption is looked at.

On top of this, we have a mainstream media in Ireland which is little more than a propaganda wing of the Irish government, as many of the top journalists and reporters are personal friends, and on first name speaking terms with the politicians they purport to be monitoring. Hence, why this bizarre situation has been adopted by the Irish electorate and public as a whole who also refer to politicians by first name. Lords of Perception Irish style.

One of the reasons why Garda (and many Irish public servants) have this 'just you try it...' attitude is that they are still given full pension entitlements even after they have been found guilty of corruption or criminal behaviour. In order words, they have nothing to lose and many do not seem to be at all bothered by their reputation being tarnished.

You keep voting and it'll change they tell you...oh, and keep ingesting the fluoride put into your drinking water, it's great for your brain they tell us.

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