Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Oh Terrance, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Since it came out that Terrance McKenna was a Fed. I have been going back and listening to his speeches. They are highly NLP saturated with hypnotic long pauses. It is like listening to a robot when you just study his use of language.

He was basically a Christian missionary who replaced "Jesus" with "Mushroom" and his flock were stoners, broken hearted they missed out on the 1960s looking for drug salvation. So he gave it to them. Fascinating field of study now. 

I have now come to reconsider his 'Culture is Not Your Friend' mantra as a clever way of saying 'Embrace Globalisation." Before we get too harsh, it is worth remembering he was essentially blackmailed into his 'guru' role and would of risked certain death had he come out and told about the deal he was forced to make.

Regardless, the 'Brave New World' agenda marches on. 

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  1. Fuck me..who isnt a fed or mi 5/6/7 etc.. i know 'they' are capable of putting anyone forward to be followed ie icke tsarion leary lennon o keefe lash snowden (well we know he is) etc etc..ya get my meaning.. Who to trust???? Still..the awakening/awareness around now is happening who ever people listen to.. The key is follow no one..trust ya intuition as best ya can,treat others how you wana be treated and do the right thing!
    And remember..you are what you seek!