Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Educated Pseudo and Other Intellectuals and their Visceral Hatred of Democracy

There is something of a cultural trope that has been going around since Brexit which states that uneducated and poor people are a threat to democracy as they 'vote the wrong way' and something needs to be done about it. Typified by this disgusting fascist remark by Andy Borowitz above. It is rooted in the same mindset and pathology as previous generations who claimed that Black people should not be allowed to vote, or women should not be allowed to vote until they are somehow evolved (rehabilitated) to the levels of great minds such as Andy Borowitz.

This specific kind of 'democracy worthy' elitism is something I find interesting, as all one has to do is look at how intellectuals and academics have been the main driving forces of political genocides and dictatorships through the centuries based on their own notions that only they knew what was right for the masses. Stalin was the darling of the world's academics as he slaughtered and butchered his way though millions and millions of poor urban and rural communities during his purges. It would be one thing if he was the exception to the rule, but far from it.

Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge government were Western educated intellectuals (mainly at the Sorbonne in Paris). The Khmer Rouge was idolised by western college professors and other pseudo-intellectuals such as the insane British university Professor Malcolm Caldwell. The Chinese Cultural Revolution was mainly university students murdering poor people for Mao's Little Red Book, and the majority of today's intellectuals and university students are likewise infatuated with Hillary Clinton; a war mongering psychopath who gleefully near squirted on live TV when she was told Qaddafi had been anally raped with a bayonet before having his throat cut without trial. 

The genocide of the Cathars was planned by universities in Rome. Likewise the mass witch burning of the Middle Ages and the Reformation were undertaken by university types who implemented the Trivium method of logical deduction in order to determine if someone should be crushed with a boulder or burnt in a fire for heresy. 

When the university intellectuals of the French Revolution came to power, they brought out the guillotine and began worshiping a Goddess of Reason inside Notre Dame. When that failed, they all started killing one another and then finally blamed it on Catholics in the southern regions of France, and predictably, went on to another genocide against the 'Papist' poor who were not educated enough to be sufficiently  'reasoned', or to use today's term, 'politically correct'.

Now excuse me for not being middle class and academic enough, but it would seem to me that history would give witness to a contrary viewpoint to what Mr Borowitz is stating above; and that being, the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to choose the incorrect political and social agendas and from this, embark on genocide and mass murder. We never consider the university educated intellectuals behind say, Obama's NSA for example. But they were the real engineers of such monstrosities and people such as Andy Borowitz would have no problem with them doing this based on their level of education, and not their basic human sense of decency and justice.

You need serious economic, social and intellectual power to commit genocide. University professors, mainstream journalists, billionaire philanthropists and even woman beating, daughter-abusing celebrities such as the repulsive Alec Baldwin have that kind of power, the poor and uneducated have none.  We all know how this equation has panned out throughout the course of history. 

Working class, and formally uneducated people are still entitled to vote, and as long as they are, history would suggest it would be the only thing that prevents the likes of Andy Borowitz and his educated ilk from having us thrown into lime pits and mass graves.

 Hillary Clinton: An Individual Deemed Educated Enough to Vote


  1. Well said Thomas, i am sick of this going on and feel that these types are the worst kind of bum licking wanabee do gooders you can get!

  2. Hi Thomas, spot on. 'Coming out' as a Brexit voter, is an experience in London. It's this patronising, brat like behaviour of the pro-EU types who automatically seem to brand anyone who decided they've had enough of being ruled from Brussels, a bigoted racist imbecile who needs his/her mind up made for them.

  3. As if the left has not controlled the education system at all levels for fifty years.

  4. Just curious, what is your educational background?

    1. I studied Electronic Engineering and then dropped out in the second year as I wanted to play in a band. I returned to education as a fee paying evening student studying Graphic Design in my early 30s.

  5. Most likely you meant that Q was anally raped, not annually... although both sound equally horrific :)