Thursday, 8 September 2016

Flat Earth: the Ultimate Proof...

...that the earth is a globe and you need urgent medical care if you think is it flat.

graphic by Sean Thomas Gallagher

Thanks for creating and sharing all these hate pages about me. I find it deeply moving that I become so central to your empty lives that you took a break from downloading kiddie porn to make me a legend.

Do you have any idea how many people discover my work and end up watching my videos and buying my books because of this free publicity you psychotics do for me? If I was to pay an agent for that it would set me back at least ten grand, and here are you lot doing it for free while your high-speed broadband is having trouble syncing byte transfers rates with a Thai dial up in some 11 year old lady boy's bedroom.


  1. Loved the druid code! Now i am looking for that web address, www.druid???.org

    Trying to find it on the mention of one of your you tube shows, cant find it! Plus i am limited by my data plan which throttles me if i go over my limit, which i always do listening to the likes of you.

    Now twice a feckin' week!

    Is it posted somewhere else?

    I'll find it eventually, but i am a lazy sort.

    Thanks for your work, evelyn.

    1. Thank you, Thomas! And i must ask, is the dream project still on?

      Havent heard much about it, and the dreams lately are outrageous. Evelyn.

  2. P.s. your tip jar has disappeared.

    And i wanted so much for you take favourite sheelagh out for a brew!

    Hope you do it anyway. And i am sure you will! Evelyn

  3. Brilliant! That a way to tell em'. I haven't checked into this flat earth movement because I just don't care about what these whackos have to say. I wonder what is the big deal in trying to prove it isn't a sphere? Anyway, I would be interested in this dream study thing as well, though I'm not on Facebook, so, not sure if there's a way to get in on it. I have very vivid dreams and I write poems about them. I've even had prophetic dreams and one in particular stands out in my mind as having come to pass. It's fascinating stuff. I'm also enjoying VON and the direction your're taking it. Interesting topics. Thanks!

  4. Flat Earth was and always has been a fucking waste of time and not worth paying attention to, except to point and laugh at the number of idiots who occupy this globe... sorry did I say globe?

  5. you're a glass-jawed zionist whore cunt

  6. Infected. Movie, Evilspeak (1982). All the best Thomas. SM.

  7. See you for what you are.

  8. This website exposes that the flat earth is flat this site discusses Earth maps in earth measured

  9. This website exposes that the flat earth is flat this site discusses Earth maps in earth measured