Friday, 9 January 2015

Vintage Conspiracy: Going Down the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole 'Old Skool' Style

I really want people in the Alternative Movement to realise that there was once another world, before this time, when we were actually considered the cool and hip people. Some of you may recall - when I mentioned on my radio show - that there was a time when Conspiracy Theory was a perfectly legit social discourse among educated people in the time before the X-Files glued aliens to real topics worthy of investigation (at the behest of the CIA, I might add). Conspiracy Theory was even considered somewhat risqué and sexy among bohemian types. I know, because in my Lower Manhattan post-punk days of the 80's, we talked about conspiracy theory all the time.

The Realist
The Magazine John Lennon was Murdered For

"The Realist was the first satirical magazine to publish conspiracy theories. It was the first magazine to carry Mae Brussell's work on conspiracies, which covered the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, the Watergate scandal, the assassination of JFK and other conspiracy theories.

When the magazine ran into financial difficulties in the 1970s, it was the conspiracy theory element that attracted ex-Beatle John Lennon to donate; saying, "If anything ever happens to won't be an accident."[1]

The Realist Magazine Archive HERE >>>

Confidential Magazine
Blew the Lid on Hollywood Sex Rituals and Cults More than Half a Century Ago

On the other end of the scale, the Hollywood Entertainment Industrial Complex/Rituals was comprehensively covered in Confidential Magazine. One of the reporters of CM's regular helping of the Tinseltown's insider filth was Kenneth Anger - the OTO guy of Lucifer Rising fame - who wrote the first conspiracy book I ever read, Hollywood Babylon, and which was banned in the USA when I was reading it here in Ireland when I would have been around 17 or so. It is still a 'must have' for all bookshelves to this day. The Fatty Arbuckle horror sex and murder silent screen horror show - as conveyed in Hollywood Babylon - put me right off the idea of ever becoming a Hollywood actor when I read about it at the time, and it is still horrific and shocking nearly 100 years later.


Now please continue to bare in mind that the magazines I mention within this article were completely mainstream, news-stand publications anyone could purchase or easily subscribe to at the time. The path down this rabbit hole had been there since the late 1950s, and even much earlier, in some cases as we shall see, and it was not 'hidden knowledge' by any means. Anyone who wanted it, could easily get their hands on it.

Electrical Experimenter
The Holographic Matrix and Tesla before the BBC was even Created

So in concluding our tour of Vintage Conspiracy, we have already covered the social and political conspiracies with The Realist (which ceased publication in Spring 2001, oddly enough..), and the Hollywood Industrial Complex/Rituals conspiracy scene with Confidential, and so now we turn our attention to the Holographic and Hidden Science end of the conspiracy world.

The Electrical Experimenter magazine started life about 120 years ago and was an interesting hybrid of an electronics construction hobbyist-style magazine, which also included articles dealing with the more philosophical nature of the electron and sub atomic world, considering what they knew at the time. 

Articles ranged from speculation that the US Navy were developing an anti-gravity machine to lift warships into the air, to governments and police capturing people's thoughts on radio-vision screens. Also included in the EE, were some of the earliest English language translations of the new 'German' science of Quantum Physics and something called 'The Matrix' and it implications for the nature of reality. We are talking very early 1920's now.

If you are to look at Facebook today you will often encounter memes concerning how Tesla was buried, forgotten and destroyed by historians, while claiming he was unknown during his day. Sorry, but that is not true at all; Tesla was on the cover of Time Magazine as the greatest scientist in the world at one point and even has a unit of magnetic flux named after him.

The Electrical Experimenter magazine itself treated Tesla like a sort of electronic living god/magi for many years. They covered all the aspects of his work by dealing with everything from wireless transmission, to communication with 'spirits' (a major field of research back then), including even other dimensions and realities. All very seriously approached and matter of fact in nature. Again, this was a mainstream magazine which you could pick up in your local store and see this 'unknown' fellow on the front cover. The Electronic Experimenter went as far as utilising an almost religious image of Tesla's 'free energy' transmitter at his Wardenclyffe plant on Long Island as their masthead graphic.

So there you have it. Millions of people in generations past have already read about all kinds of conspiracies and 'secret, hidden knowledge' all over the world long before the X-Files and the Internet messed it all up and turned it into a circus...and I haven't even got to publications such as Lavie Mysterieuse, Fate, Ostara, The Orecle, Lucifer Magazine, New Age, Omni, Weird Tales, True Strange and Fortean Times and other English and non-English, readily available (at the time), publications, all relaying to the world the so-called conspiracy/hidden knowledge topics we think we are so clever discovering for the first time these days.


  1. Call me a conspiracy nut if you like........................
    Bertrand Russel
    Russel Brand
    and now we have................
    Mae Brussel

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  2. Know-Things New Under The Sun...........Temet Nosce - Ousia Nosce - In lak'ech ala k'in.......Must be a Glitch in the Ma-Trix.................

  3. i love this vintage conspiracy piece .......... and if only could be a fly on the wall throughout the eons sure pre=technology it was as rife with in their smaller confines of no interweb :) as it is now world wide ........

  4. The humour in The Realist is readily apparent. Quite unlike conspiracist circles today, which are marked by rancour, paranoia and hysteria.

    1. I have been using satire since the early 90's to take down fascists, problem is that the Troofers, Dead-Eyed Comet Death Cult Members and Bunny Boilers are so retarded and pathetic, they can't tell it is satire. Stupid vicious fuckwits think I am being serious.