Friday, 9 January 2015

Edward VIII - When the British Monarchy Stopped Pretending to be British

Was a eugenics-loving member of the British royal family and his American socialite consort in cahoots with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists to divide up Europe among the British Empire and the Third Reich? 

Recently declassified FBI files expose a surprising twist in the legacy of Edward VIII. In 1941, President Roosevelt had the Duke of Windsor investigated for suspicion of sympathising with Nazi Germany. What the investigation found was an astonishing plot to put Edward VIII on Britain's throne as Hitler's puppet. Under different circumstances, could this relationship have changed history as we know it?

What had all this to do with Rudolf Hess' still incredibly mysterious solo flight to Scotland with an alleged Peace Deal to be delivered personally to the Prussian-blood British Crown? 

Was a back story of a 'tragic love affair' mythology of Edward and Mrs Simpson generated by Mi5 and Thames Television in 1978 as a publicity stunt by the British establishment to restore 'honour' to the Monarchy - long after World War Two had ended - just as questions pertaining to the couple's wartime activities were being brought into the public domain for the first time? A cultural and 'historical' back-story to rewrite the very real and treasonous behaviour of Edward VIII as nothing other than a 'beautiful love story' of a loving king who gave up his throne for a married American socialite, Wallis Simpson? Rather than truth of both being openly National Socialists while sitting on the British throne?


  1. I once spoke to a man who had listened to the abdication speech on the radio with some workmates. At the end one of them simply said 'the little shit'

  2. churchill had the kings brother the duke of kent murdered in an air crash for trying to be a peace broker. I knew people close to the windsors and churchill had the speech written for edward VIII with the collusion of 3 people i wont name, the duke had affairs with several married women and noone batted an eyelid, wallace simpson was used to be rid of edward as the duke of windsor was trying to make peace
    what has never come out is tha george V who died in 1936, we are told from heavy tobacco consumption, had said publicy, he had seen his country ruined in one word war and would not see another if he could possible stop it. so george V was murdered by churchill, they later admitted they 'speded his death' so as to make the morning dealine for the times newspaper in the morning. total bollox churchill had many people killed off including the peacemaker gandhi, churchill wanted his war at any cost i had a relative who was very high in wartime intelligence