Wednesday, 14 January 2015

1908 Report of Psychic Deterioration within the Romanov Court

During research for the second instalment of my Walpugis Night project, I happened to come upon this fascinating newspaper clipping, which appeared in various forms during the Spring of 1908. The initial source/intelligence having almost certainly been 'leaked' by spies within the Czarist inner circle concerning the prevailing conditions of psychic and psychological chaos reigning within the Royal House of Romanov in the years leading up to their eventually liquidation by the Bolsheviks, just under a decade later on 17 July, 1918. 

One gets the impression that on some level, the Romanovs 'knew' the end was coming for them and they were frantically desperate to avoid the fate which their subconscious minds had already informed them of. Hence, the Romanov's (along with most the Russian ruling and upper middle classes) obsession with mystics, seances and other paranormal activities. If one places oneself inside the Romanov's psychic state at the time, it is easy to see why this level of superstition and hysteria infected the Russian court; unabated and without any pause, and devoid of rational, objective analysis. 

Prior to 1917, the Russian Royal family were literally considered to be living gods and goddesses by all social classes of the Russian population, and therefore, any sense of impending doom, was not just viewed as a matter of a royal dynasty losing its power, but the very spiritual nature of Russian life was also doomed. God himself was dying, as he held the corpse of Mother Russian in his arms. 

To illustrate the hold this mythology of the Czars held over their subjects, as late as 1896 a million Russian peasants sold all they had in order to attended the coronation of Tsar Nicolas II at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow. The devotion to their Czar as a supernatural deity was so intoxicating (if not hysterical) to the masses, that 1,389 people were stampeded to death - mostly women and children - when a small number of cheap commemorative drinking mugs (sacred relics literally) were being given away as a gift by the new Tzar to thank the peasants for their attendance.

Nowhere else would this sense of earthly-godliness have been more deeply felt than within the Romanov's inner circle itself. The very survival of the infallible dynastic Prussian bloodline (via Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp infusion of 1742)  was not only in danger, but the universe and even reality itself was - by default - also in grave danger of being destroyed. The Czarina especially, had been completely taken over by this overwhelming sense of impending doom, terror and desperation. Her expectations of life in the Romanov court had taken a grave turn for the worst in the years following her arrival there as Princess Alexandra of Hesse-Darmstadt (Prussian), having had this 'sacred union' arranged by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany (Prussian) thus finally creating a completely Prussian aristocratic European nobility to which the 'fallen' of the Great War were to be sacrificed - starting in 1914 - when George V of Great Britain (Prussian) moved the first pieces on the grand chess board towards his first cousins in Berlin and Saint Petersburg.

However, in Russia this game did not initially go to plan as the Romanovs became increasingly psychically infected, and from this, set about to seek a solution as to why the God-King of the Russians was failing. This situation is what led to the psychic wildfire within the Romanov family at the turn of the 20th century, and this ferocious inferno of the mind, would have raged constantly and engulfed their entire beings, especially in the years following the defeat of Russia by Japan. In was also this rampaging psychic fire-storm which brought Rasputin into the Russian court...and one in which he was called to step into. Only then, would the very nature of reality, be finally altered.



  1. you might find this of interest this is a very recent 8 hour Russian Doc about the Romanov's the last episode go into detail about what you have been talking about it blew my mind how deep the whole thing was