Sunday, 15 December 2013

Psychopath 'Warrior Gene' Bullshit Again

Interesting dialogue from Kira Young's excellent 'Psychopaths in Charge' blog with Prof. Kevin Dutton following broadcast of the first episode of Channel 4's Psychopath Night

Kira Young: Well they certainly were not card-carrying nor would they ever admit to being psychopaths either. I have also had experiences with people diagnosed with the other personality disorders you mention and I can see the differences. I do, however, agree with Thomas Sheridan that many female psychopaths are misdiagnosed as BPD because they are better at pretending to be victims of their targets because we are trained to see women as victims. I also think we can look at psychopathology on a scale, from NPD all the way to serial killer. I work for a government agency which is rife with psychopaths and my experience as a target of one of them was so stressful that it almost killed me and certainly almost destroyed my career (the jury is still out on that). I have read every book I can find on psychopathology and I believe that targets have insights and wisdom that researchers need to look at to fully understand psychopathology, especially the consciousness and spiritual aspects of it. 

The on-going obsession with the hereditary "Warrior Gene" ignores other potential causes of psychopathic behaviour in political/business groups, cults and organisational structures. For example: human brain waves synchronise when in close proximity (even on Internet message forums). So an 'evil' place can breed an 'evil' culture. 

We also can't rule out the possibility of there being a virus or fluke, or even a Ophiocordyceps-like fungi in the brain which produces these traits in otherwise decent people and that contamination could take place at conferences, religious gatherings, shareholders meetings, inside flying saucer cult compounds etc. That the fMRI-determinable pure psychopaths might then be considered much like the primary carriers, and they may unconsciously (or consciously for all we know) contaminate others. Hence why my own No Contact Ever Again position with psychopaths currently makes more good public health sense than 'embracing your inner psychopath' which Prof. Dutton is eagerly promoting (would this also include embracing one's 'Inner Jimmy Savile' who was also a psychopath?).

There is no hard proof of a Psychopath Gene, so everything is still to play for. This is currently an undeniable fact at this point in time and wishful thinking, along with James Fallon 'Scan-a-Rama' Road Show simply does not make it so. If at any point in future hard proof came along that psychopathology is indeed a result of genetic pre-disposition then, of course I would accept it. 

Right now, invoking epigenetic 'faith' won't cut it. It also takes the focus away from looking for other potential causes/reasons - something I find more than a little worrying.


  1. In addition to what you pointed out about Dutton basically admitting to there not being proof "yet" of genetic predisposition to psychopathy, I also found it interesting that he tried to steer the conversation into the multitude of different personality disorders while simultaneously implying that we can only truly know a person is a psychopath is they are "card-carrying." In other words, we can only trust what hack like him tell us about who is and is not a psychopath. That is just silly on the face of it.

  2. How about elites interbreeding? Can it cause mental problems?

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  4. I was interested to hear your interview in DoomWatch via UK column . -- You said it would be an attempt at normalizing psychopaths
    I have now ( I really need to ) point out that it was far more than normalizing - but actuality prompting ---that these people are better than us -- and the ending of the programme resulting in the assumption that we envy then for their lack of empathy .

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  6. I was interested to hear your interview in DoomWatch via UK column . -- You said it would be an attempt at normalizing psychopaths
    I have now ( I really need to ) point out that it was far more than normalizing - but actuality prompting ---that these people are better than us -- and the ending of the programme resulting in the assumption that we envy then for their lack of empathy .

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  9. I panicked after my last encounter with a psychopath that I would become a psychopath myself!! After spending most of my adult life with toxic people it is understandable that I would be worried about this. Their influence is very pervasive. But I realise now that my depression and anxiety shows I'm not a psychopath. Some people who do get influenced by psychopaths may already be halfway there through a dampening of their emotions and moral sense.