Thursday, 12 December 2013

Banned in Italy

I love Italy and the Italian people. One of my favourite countries to visit. However the Italian government has bestowed an indirect honour upon me:


From a friend in Italy - Italian government shut down a website pointing psychopathic traits in politicians there based on my work.

"Thanks for the last video must know that today Italian government shut down the website of my friend researcher Emanuele Nusca for security reasons. He interviewed us friends and we all made a podcast episode each one on a subject of our choice. It happened that I chose for the importance of these information to share your researches mentioning you and your work for almost 3 hours! Check his website and see for yourself what does it say!!!!!"

I consider this among my greatest achievements. Censored by a government. Up there with James Joyce, George Orwell, Brendan Behan, Martin Scorsese and Salman Rushdie now.

Forza Italia - (the people that is)


  1. What an honor. I told you that you were one of the greats. : )

  2. What an honor. I told you that you were one of the greats. : )

  3. HIGH!

    It's A-nja.

    Honey, you must be really dangerous. What threatens the lie most? Truth!

    They shit their pants now. They know they are pretty much done. But it's like's good for the underground and the people drink even for than before.HAH!

    What a victory! It's like a medal of honor. Or like winning an oscar. Congratulations!


  4. Well done.....just confirmation that your work touched a nerve! :-)

  5. Imagine this:

    After physical death one reaches a plane that looks like a judgement-hall of some sort. But it is not really a room. It's more an athmosphere.
    There are 5 judges in it: Bill Hicks, Hannah Ahrendt, Frank Zappa, Thomas and me.
    The room is filled with laughter-bubbles like as if you are in a glas of champagne. And then there is a question that is been asked by all of us together:


    Will you know the answer?

  6. Fantastic..well done Thomas! Enjoying psyche of the anvil!

  7. Thomas.. perhaps you could do me the honour of liking my Facebook page .. its something to be banned by a country.. but when your 'community' seek to destroy you it is quite another.. I tried to flee this town for a big spread of land in northern ontario .. it didn't work out .. so i had to return .. only to find the pile of poo was even larger here than when i left ... i call myself shitstorm if people want to know what is wrong with their towns .. all they need to do is put up posters about agenda 21 .. its highly inappropriate work.. but someone has to do it .. i had 3 accounts disabled/removed from facebook.. that's censorship... but then again, i have also been called an 'agent provocateur' by cari-lee miller, a cdn. truther, and banned by the occupy movement here .. so .. its all in good fun ~ if you aren't havin fun you are doing it wrong ... -sally cunliffe, new brunswick canada

    1. 'ban sodium fluoride rinse in nb schools' Facebook page and blog .. really hope you can help me by sharing the link with others who want to help to raise awareness too .. for the kids .. thanks thomas .. [i'm with 'the girl against fluoride in ireland' - her calendar is awesome ] - i am non-profit, no donations required...

  8. Ooopsy daisy - I was told/instructed not to talk about the little 'darlin Cari' to any of her friends .. I was to be 'flushed' [her words] and was harassed by her pal 'Dolores Illuminates' .. too funny .. sadly, that's such fun for her and according to the high priestess herself I am an 'actual' psychopath ..... what I want to know is this: does she have any sense of humour at all [or just a donate button?] I think she does not have a sense or humour or a sense of right and wrong [must be that oppressive catholic upbringing and parental rejection she experienced]... I prefer to read books, keep it real, and do my own research rather than skype and gather a fan base on Facebook.. the truth is I [before my hacking/fraud/online attack which I know came from her team] had read and blogged about your book ages ago .. nothing has changed .. but I do recognize how sometimes even the best people can be lied to, manipulated, for money and fame, and never get the proper recognition for their work.... that's life. People are strange.. her calling me a zeitard [for previously following what the TZM was up to] while herself sucking up to Ben Stewart friend of Peter Joseph hasn't gone unnoticed .. not at all .. its a clusterfuck of 'shills' in the new-age-truth-movement...

  9. Please let me tell you this, Thomas:

    Martin Scorsese does NOT belong to me! Why? Because he belongs to the other party. Isn't that obvious for everybody who is floating in the fluffy-toughy-muffi-cutey-giggling-priggling-bubble? He's a jerk! A hellywood high-priest. Just like Bob-Judas-Dylan. Forget it! Martin Scorsese? Shit-face-boy. Forget it! He's disgusting!

    And C.G. Jung too. Why? Have you ever seen his "Red Book"? Well...I did. O.k., the drawings are nice, but the language is vain as hell...sort of old-testamentish and vain...vain...he was into Adolf Hitler's ideas untill...well...and yes...Freud had some pretty nice flaws too...for example: he removed most of the stuff that was pointing to child-abuse from his work... he just could not belief it because it was sooo extremely disturbing. But at least he was not into nazi-racist-stuff as much as C.G. Jung was. C.G. Jung was deeply involved in the occult-shit. And, by the way, there is no such thing as syncronisity, of course. There is only the divine plan...perfect...and never failing..."nothing, absolutely nothing can oppose the will of the divine most High!"

    'And on top of that...there are not round about 5% of the popularity psychopaths. It's much more. Sorry to say that. And what is "below" the psychopath is also pretty wicked. You can call it borderline or you can call it Satans little helper. I don't care. But if you want some sort of a number, here it is: allmost 80% are deluded and there is nothing that can be done about it. It was (and is) their choice. Who eats with the devil will go down with the devil. If somebody thinks there is anything to gain in this (fucked up) realm, they are pretty much done.

    The ones who are the real deal are very few. Very, very few.

    If one has some investment in the lie, the lie will win. That is the nature of the lie. Every little impurity will be the hook that sends one back into delusion.

    "Walk tall!"

    But it's not for the masses. It's not for everybody. It's only for those who knew right from the beginning that this world is as fucked up as possible. One can not jump on the fast train if one is not quick enough. And to be quick means one did training for a long time.

    Words have no meaning at all. Words are just sound. ONLY the intention behind the words have meaning. And if one can not discern the good from the bad intentions, one is deluded. And delusion is self made. It is the consequence of the wrong use of ones free will.

    So...a pure heart can not be fooled in the long run. It is impossible. A pure heart will ALLWAYS find it's way home.

    It's a question of: Why am I angry? Do I have the right to be angry? Or am I angry because I refused to do the good work and refused to grow?

    And, by the way, the third-eye is not between the eye-brows alone. If one is has not a loving heart one will be fucked with untill the end of time. Because ONLY the heart knows. The mind is blind although it thinks it knows something.

    Without self-knowledge nothing is gained and nothing will ever be achived.

    But what is "Self"?

  10. They also banned David Duke from speaking. Gladio C ?

  11. Censorship... its a bitch.