Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Just Another Asshole, Or Something More?

The PEA: Primary Entity Accumulator. 

The individual at the center of a religious cult, political establishment, workplace, organization or social circle who is the nest of demonic entities which eventually infects others within the group dynamic. Usually people of low psychic defenses, but with a narcissistic self inflated sense of spiritual, political or enlightenment importance. 

Signs or Symptoms: sense of darkness or unease felt by non members of the nest when in their company. Talks big, but delivers nothing in term of creative output/generation. Victim/hero complex, heroic rescuer persona. Mono-tonal voice without emotional inflection. Mystical quest platitudes. Smear campaigns. Bullying. No sense of humour. You never really get to know them. Plays secondary infected off against one another. Seems two faced, but strategic.

Secondary infected tend to be of low intelligence, shallow, naturally socially parasitic, smug, arrogant and highly passive aggressive. All end up destroyed. Can't be ever trusted again, as they possess a low level entity themselves. Spiritual gangster/criminal type non-clever entity. Impulsive and easily becomes unhinged.

Prognosis: Destruction and continual infestation of others within circle or organization. Deflection through lies and targeting of individuals outside the nest.

Treatment: No Contact Ever Again. Ghosting

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  1. Brilliant!

    Personally, I have steered clear of groups myself, life seems a lot less complicated that way. It will be interesting to see your terminology 'Ghosting' being expounded by - shall we say - less inspired practitioners of the alternative media scene...

    Original thinkers are in short supply my friend.