Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Spiritual "Awank"ening versus the Real Thing

I am getting really bored with this idea that shamanism, spiritual development and consciousness awakening is some kind of positive experience. 

I know not one single person who had a meaningful conscious awakening that was positive. It is mainly traumatic, miserable, full of a desperate sense of trying to hang on to... "something"...anything. It tears your entire sense of self and soul asunder - while during most of it, you wish you were dead - and at certain times you are hardly aware that you are even alive anymore. The universe will gorge upon your being within its apathetic jaws, and then shit you out the other end as if you are nothing.

And that is precisely what gives it value and makes it magnificent.


  1. I had a terrible time, my whole world was turned inside out, didn't want to live anymore. I'm on the other side of it now but it really was a struggle. I find naming it a spiritual awakening hard as the term 'spiritual awakening' has a happy, everything is great vib going. I didn't experience that. I walked through the gates of hell and back again.

  2. Your insights are extraordinary, the amount of subjects you cover are mind blowing. Where are you getting your information from Thomas?

  3. Indeed, the new age 'Namaste' crowd are really on the magical mystery tour bus, with no real conception of the forces at work that have led them to adopt a set of pre-determined be-leafs - not their own - enacted to keep them within the parameters of a constructed reality.

    As well, Pavlovian type conditioning processes have enshrouded them with the Be-Happy mantra, and this has resulted in a type of stasis, with the end result being that they will never really know themselves in a meaningful and transformational sense.

    Wisdom brings sorrow and great wisdom, even greater sorrow, it is part of an on-going process of development that encapsulates the entirety of the human experience, both good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad, for how are we truly to 'Know Thyself' unless we incorporate every facet of our own manifested experiences.


  4. The Hippy trip tour around the pink clouds got a little tiring very quickly! Their spiritual armour is penetrated with minimium effort, the slightest hint of challenge (cold dark hard facts) they crumble and run away shouting over their shoulder "your negative. I help people my own way. Love and light."

    5 minutes later the statement about helping people soon tends to self pity "I'm never coming back to earth again. Gaia, raise up a and destroy us all."

    Another 5 mins later, they realise world destruction will really, really hurt! And they start praying to the whatever part of the zodiac they weep towards every night begging for a lift home before it all happens!