Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Save Yourself, I Have my Own Life to Live

Of course I am only in it for myself! I am not leading a crusade. I started this work all by myself, wrote four books all by myself, stand on stages talking all by myself and deal with smear campaigns by Comet Death Cults and their Neo-Nazis allies all by myself. I am not anyone's leader and I do not want to be. I would rather have Ebola than join any 'team'. I offer no solutions, because I don't have any! Sort your own lives out you lazy bastards.

Only the mentally ill, megalomaniac cult leaders and psychopaths act like they can change the world and lead a crusade (witchhunt). Idealism is just another term for fascism.

I just want to share what I have learned and then go home and have a cup of tea and a fig roll. What other people do with the information is their own business. I give you critical evaluation and directness, not false hope or take away your own potential from yourself.

Witnessing the calibre of the 'protesters' outside the church at Hampstead: psychiatric outpatients, easily manipulated aspburgers, low level shit stirring psychopaths - all being corralled and orchestrated by Mi5 operatives posing as defenders of children, and not to mention the alien-worshipping flat earthers who support this disgusting witch-hunt - has made me feel a whole lot better about the smear campaigns directed at me.

Now I know precisely the kinds of people I am dealing with. Anyone would be insane to get involved with an idiot who wave copies of the Sun newspaper while screaming; 'people are waking up!' These people need professional medical help to lead them. Hopefully most will be arrested or sectioned before they kill someone either directly or via murder-by-suicide.


  1. Good for you, Thomas. The best any of us can do is find our own way out of the labyrinth and walk in freedom as much as we can. If others look up and take note and that helps them find their way out, that's on them. Anyone stupid enough to try to obtain "followers" is just in another bondage, because each person's path out is personally tailored for him or her.

    By the way, keep up the good work on your radio shows and books. I've read them all and recommend them to friends.

  2. I doubt they would wake up even if a copy of that newspaper was shoved up their collective jacksies. Though they might for once be correct in believing The Sun shines out of their arses! Am totally skint until next week but I will be donating and checking out your books then. Keep well Thomas and keep true to your personal path, I intend to keep true to mine, it is the only course each of us can take. Best regards, Alex

  3. Great show tonight. I'm reminded of a title to a fairly recent album by Steely Dan, "The Hissing of Summer Lawns", or maybe it was a song on an album, I'm not too sure. I am a suburban anomaly who knows his neighbors, waves at cars that pass me by as I take my daily walk, and have a "wildlife friendly" yard. I'm the guy who doesn't put poison on his lawn and instead encourage thistle and dandelion growth because bees & butterflies love it. I have thickets of bushes at either border and raised bed gardens in the back. And cats.

    Great observations about suburbia tonight. Keep up the good work.

  4. and that's why you're a true shanman

  5. Dammit, I thought you were legit... then you mentioned you were into fig rolls... thats a clear sign you are illuminati... you traitor Thomas Sheridan, totally buisted ;-)

  6. Hi Thomas,

    Great post. I have just have one question to ask.
    What should we do after we save ourselves?


    Senor A. Pril Imbrogliare

  7. Don't have a YT account but just wanted to say how hilarious the Nano Termite vid is.
    And how disgusted I am with the very sad and pathetic negative comments there too.
    But that in itself is a fascinating insight into how even some of your own "fans" think.
    Seems some people still have some waking up to do...

    1. Thanks. Almost none of them were into my stuff anyway. Just waiting for an opportunity to prove how psychotic most of them are, and boy, did they rise to the challenge.

  8. The Ork metaphor was quite useful in the sense that it points in the right direction. As long as there is time, there can be change.
    Consider the following, when thinking about any group of people.
    Honestly, how many have reached the mature level?

    Another aspect to consider is the cognitive abilities and tools of critical thinking. How many people truly know how to think clearly? Most falsely imagine themselves as great thinkers.

    How many people can distinguish arbitrary conspiratainment from a genuinely relevant conspiracy?

    It's an individual journey. 1 foot in front of the other. If you can inspire people well and good.