Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Thousand Hangover Reich - Guinness Stout's Nazi Advertisements

Every so often you come across a real life story that sounds more like a comedy routine but is in fact real. If, like me, you live in Ireland it's a daily occurrence. The Guinness brewery never one to miss a chance to exploit human misery and misguided patriotism, planned a marketing campaign targeting Nazi Germany back in 1936. The advertising Blitzkrieg, which was to be aimed at the German Wermacht was cancelled for reasons we'll never know. Oh wait, the Germans lost...No profit there. The  posters were created by the Dublin artist John Gilroy, are featured in a new book called Gilroy was Good for Guinness. The 'Goodness' of the 'Irish' stout being entirely dependent on which side of the 1935 Nuremberg Racial Hygiene Laws one found oneself, which were passed a year before Guinness cashed their chips on the Third Reich winning.


  1. Good to read, among all the love for Guinness. Now, about that high fluoride content...

  2. It's all devious planning behind the curtain.

  3. Bob "Stinkfoot" Dylan: "Even I'm more interesting than him, hmmm?"

    Radha: "PENG!"

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    So...come here, Shiva, if you can...if you want to...if you can manage it. Only directed by the holy-spirit. If you are pure...we will meet soon.