Friday, 2 January 2015

Planet Gaslighting

The Lords of Perception have you totally confused and bewildered, and their agenda is to keep you this way. 

Their Psychopathic Control Grid survives only because you can't make sense of it. It is designed to not make sense and the Merchants of Nonsense are the media pundits churning out this purposely-engineered confusion so as to keep you continually mind-fucked with contradictory 'infotainment'. So eventually, in time, you surrender your psychological and intellectual autonomy to an 'expert' class for no other reason than you come to not trust yourself any more. This is known in clinical psychology as Gaslighting, and it is a term I have spent several years trying to make as many people as possible understand, and what it means for them and their own sense of 'reality'. 

So where then do you run to when you realise you live on Planet Gaslighting? Activism? Protesting? Even the main activists groups are created for you to put your confused hopes within, and you have no idea why you have put your trust in them. Look at the Occupy Movement: the majority of the 'protesters' had no idea what they were protesting. They were not supposed to know. How many people who decide join protest groups, go to fringe festivals, or follow their latest pied piper even bother to check on the main individuals behind these media sensations and who, and what they are precisely? 

For example, the 'state sanctioned' anti-Water Charges group here in Ireland Right2Water bears all the hallmarks of an engineered 'protest' group comprised of 'interesting' individuals who seem to have just magically arrived as the spokespersons of the anti-Water charges protest. LIGHTS...CAMERAS...GASLIGHTING!

There is nothing grassroots about them. They are well-organised, funded and slick operations which just magically arrived out of nowhere as the main voice of the Anti-Water Charges movement. Why do people believe they are the main voice of the Water Protest? Because they are the ones who get all the mainstream media coverage. That's why. The mass media is not interested in legitimate protest groups. Look at your own country and you'll see the same 'preferred' protest groups and leaders who also get all the mainstream coverage.

The view of 'reality' presented to us is all a giant piece of pathological theatre in order to keep every last one of us confused and bewildered so that in time, only apathy and distraction (sports, Black Friday, Celebs) remain the non-Gods of social and cultural salvation. Truly, we are now living on Planet Gaslighting.


Using mass media as an event unfolds in order to prove a point - one way or the other - is like trying to build a house with a hammer and rubber nails. 

The above video is vital viewing in order to understand how this all came about. Nobody can save you, but yourself. Civilisation is not even a monster any more, it is a psychopathic demon feeding on your consciousness.


  1. "The Shock Doctrine"

  2. I have recently started to watch old episdes of the Teletubies. The only source of truth out there.

  3. What I find interesting is that a group of people working for the BBC (Brooker et al) are able to openly expose how the BBC manipulate us.
    Is it because most people who see this video just won't have the capacity to do anything about it?
    Or will they just be so confused that they turn, once again, to apathy?
    Brooker's show takes the piss out of the craziness, but it also shows it to us in minute detail. I hadn't learnt so much pointless info about celebs in a long time before seeing the entire episode.

    Are things so tied-up now that they can just show us the "truth" on a plate and we still do nothing?

  4. @Mike
    Humour and satire can give us a false sense of knowledge.
    We're in on the joke....we know what's going on....
    Or, a fools paradise perhaps.
    Maybe the joke is on us.

    The hipsters this christmas with their jumpers...irony + deconstruction + smug satire.

  5. My last post disappeared?....This is really important info but you can figure the truth about the agenda and if you harp on it it really makes them mad because it slows them down😈👀🔺

  6. My post just disappeared too without loading :( I had made some terrific comments too! :)
    Important video and reflects my feelings about today and how many false starts one can make only to be brought up sharp by an inconsistency. Too many also follow one splinter group as they're are desperate for a rock to cling to. They want certainty so find something that looks good and cling to it like death. Shame so many turn on each other like rabid dogs. Undignified and repellent. No one has all the truth, no more than the six blind men story who all felt only part of the elephant but then thought they could preach to the other five with confidence the truth of what an elephant was, with no concept at all that they maybe they only know but part of the truth.