Tuesday, 21 January 2014


"The motivating power, then, in all magical operations, is the trained Will of the magician. All the adjuncts of Ceremonial Magic - lights, colours, circles, triangles, perfumes - are merely aids to concentrating the Will of the magician into a blazing stream of pure energy
- Francis King

The most commonly accepted definition of the term 'magic' is: 'the application of Science and Art in conformity with Will in order to create Change within the material world'.

That is the basic concept behind what we have come to know as magic; spells, incantations, sigils, charms and other trappings of the sorcerers trade are purely optional. A magic spell can be simply a manifesto, blueprint or satire designed to create a change in the opinions and psychology of those who read or are exposed to it. Magic as a means of change is rooted in Natural Philosophy, which is how Science was generally known before the Enlightenment.

As magic is referred to as a science, in that there are specific steps and procedures which must be undertaken in order to create Change in conformity with Will (see my previous book Anvil of the Psyche for a more detailed example). Magic is also an art in that some people are more talented at magic than others. In precisely the same way some people are more talented at playing the violin than others.

Think of page of sheet music, that would be the SCIENCE, the interpretation of the sheet music by the violinist would be the ART, and the CHANGE would be the emotional and psychological effect the performance of the music would have upon the person or people listening to the concert. 

Magic can also be the creation of a material object which was previously non-existent in the material world. An architect designing a building on sheet of paper or AutoCad PC program for example, and from this the house, office block or bridge is then created. The structural and engineering expertise of the architect's design is the SCIENCE, the beauty and usefulness of the structure is the ART and the CHANGE is all the new possibilities this new building unleashes. This is also magic in the truest definition of the word.


However, if a magician is possessed with a tenacity and intent (if not psychopathic traits) beyond his or her talent or will – to specifically target the deep subconsciousness layers of the mind, both personal and collective - then the very fabric of reality can be altered. New paradigms and environments can be literally constructed in real time and at an incredible social pace by offering-up panaceas of utopian expectations and fulfilled fantasies. Entirely new versions of reality can be brought into the material world which were first created as desire/insecurities (often imposed) within the minds of willing targets. 

This is the most powerful form of sorcery of all; the conformity of the Will of others, with the Will of the magician(s). Today the magicians are mainly the Lords of Perception behind advertising agencies, political spin doctors and mainstream media.

For the individual, Magic is simply removing the shackles from your cognition and allowing your Will to break free from its cage.


  1. Thanks for that Thomas.
    More on the subject of "magic" please.

  2. Another great article Thomas, explaining magic in the modern sense. i like it a lot, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thomas ,great article as all your works are thank you, George Carlin I am sure would agree!

  4. Thomas, great article I am sure George Carlin would agree we was on the same alignment I feel you are, your low key approach wins

  5. You mentioned 13 and 11 as "lucky numbers". Not unfamiliar, but could you expand your take on them a bit. Would be very thankful for any hint.
    What about the 9? Very shamanistic number and usually in pair with 11.

  6. Thank you, I am just learning about magic. If one was under the spell of a dark or psychopathic magician, what would you suggest for removing it? Will power is no issue, only direction is needed here.