Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Psychopath’s Sleep of Death

The following question was posed during interviews I did with various people targeted by psychopaths back in 2011.

When a psychopath goes to sleep they literally close their eyes and they are out. While the psychopath sleeps, they may as well be dead. However, if  even gently approached during their ‘Death Sleep’, they instantly wake  up—similar to a feral animal in the wild might do when they sense danger. When they wake up, it is instantaneous and they step out of  their bed with no sign of fatigue or a sense of ‘easing into the day’— as a normal person would. It is akin to a machine literally switching on  and off. 

Did you personally experience this?      

Target A:  “Switched off! Not a care in the world. Which I could not understand how someone did not even toss and turn when there were so many problems.”    

Target B: “Used to talk in his sleep, often, but not all the time. Couldn’t really understand what he was saying. Didn’t think of it being another language, but anything possible with these  things. I didn’t listen closely. Oh and if I woke him up, he would  awaken as if he was in the middle of a tornado or something. Never woke  up peacefully unless on his own. No matter how gentle I did it, either. I  mean, jumping out of bed freaking out kind of shit. Like he was ready  for a battle.”    

Target C: “This is interesting. He would fall asleep in an instant, at anytime of the day. However, when he did go to sleep at night, it was was intermittently broken up by his urge to smoke  every 2-3 hours.”    

Target D: “Death sleep. He would fall asleep instantly. Guess with having no conscience there are the benefits too!”     

Target  E: “It could fall asleep so easily, and I remember how it could jump up  out of  bed and be wide awake! I too found myself quite envious of this ‘ability’ as I struggle to fall asleep.”


  1. What is this supposed to be? An article? I don't even know where to begin with this.

  2. The phychopath's death of sleep is
    sooo accurately described here. Like a machine they switch on switch and off no fatigue like a robot instant sleep instant wake up. You don't believe it unless you experience it. I did! Also they need short sleep and at times they wake up at night pace up and down drink a coffee even workout and then mechanically drop off. There must be a different circuit in their circardian rhythms. So true

  3. Falls asleep in an instant and can sleep anywhere, airport chair, b much at Disney, etc but if gently wakened startles, screams and practically leaps out of bed. I can't do that no contact thing because we have kids. I live in fear every day. Afraid to leave, afraid to stay.

  4. I have to keep saying this, because its like trying to break down decades of crap information and programming from dud sources. Thomas does occasionally get things wrong.. yes...BUT...I would be worried if he didn't! Thomas comes across as a very real/raw individual who deserves respect and thanks for what he's done for people struggling with many issues. This character assassination that seems to be all over the web regarding things such as: Thomas's narsassism/his jokes are inflammatory and the worst one ive heard.... that he himself is a psychopath. Thomas has done more for my emotional health than anyone else has, with his profound and authentic insights and escape routes from toxic people. Seems to me that everyone on the net wants some perfect individual who never makes mistakes and says everything that popular culture expects. The world and people are never like this, unless they are as fake as a mannequin dummy perfecting their role and image to such a degree that they would be classed as a psychopath themselves. People are sooo lost in this alternative movement, and a year or so ago I was victim to this skewed way of thinkin g myself. Thomas is a reasonable and mentally sane individual who clears the woods and trees in front of us. My deep respect and reverence to Thomas. Andy, UK.

  5. Falls a sleep no conscience, after doing psychopathic actions, micro sleeps eberytime sits on lounge in car even when driving, goes to peoples house sits on their lounge falls asleep within 30 seconds flat, startles gets up leaves, its creepy

  6. I sleep the death sleep. No movement at all, have been watched right through the night. I do not have empathy. I would say that I sleep like this because there is no conscience as such

  7. I have learnt to live within society. I wear my mask as I call it and now act appropriately in most situations. It is learnt behaviour. It has nothing to do with feelings. People are no more than the kitchen table to me. However, I function well within this society. A person is generally judged upon their actions because people feel their actions show their feelings. Not true