Thursday, 12 March 2015

Facebook Account

As you may know, a major part of my work is exposing and sharing information pretaining to psychopathic cult leaders, serial killers on the loose, death cults; both comet/flying saucer types as well as Neo-Nazi mind control cults.   

In order to protect the privacy of people on my Facebook friends list, I have to deactivated my account every so often when a Neo-Nazi or Comet Death Cult leader issues an Internet fatwah on me.

The hysterical and unstable fanatics - in an attempt to serve their leader - either by proving how much they hate Jews, or wanting to be saved by ascending to another dimension/planet when the 'comet cluster' arrive, begin compiling dossiers on my Facebook friends in order to attack them to get back at me.  

Therefore, in the interest of my Facebook friend's safety from the wildfire mass hysteria of these cult fanatics, I have to occasionally deactivate my Facebook account now and again to protect people's privacy and safety.

Hope you understand this is a safety precaution to protect innocent folks. Thanks. 


  1. Wow! Glad i read this. i was having some fun on your page yesterday...hahaha...and i was TIPSY (to put it mildly)...

    And today you were gone! Thought maybe i offended someone...

  2. Hi Thomas. You binned me on FB a while back. Not entirely sure why. Doesn't matter - I probably deserved it.
    Just wanted to say that although binned, I still follow your FB posts and enjoy the comments. You have a rich commentary on there which you wouldn't have unless you had interesting and pertinent subjects to discuss. Which you do - regularly.
    I applaud you for your stance on the satanic panic/Hollie Greig stuff. Less so on your refusal to explore the Jewish question/Holocaust mythology. Doesn't matter.
    Love the metaphysical stuff and your artwork.
    What has most stayed with me from your work and commentary is your not giving a shite, and just throwing your thoughts out there. That really is art to me, and I respect that.
    If you are ever in Scotland for a speaking event, I would be keen to attend.
    If in the interim it turns out that you are in fact a Mackenzie friend, Belinda Mackenzie friend that is, your reception may not be that warm. From me anyway, UK Column deluded groupies excepted!
    John McCracken

  3. Personally I deactivated MY Facebook account because I discovered Facebook was a load of absolute shite...

    Having been online since the days of acoustic modems and dial-up BBS I have to say that all these 'computing for eijits' social media platforms have done in recent years is provide an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of highly sophisticated typewriters... Even applying the 'six degrees of separation' rule; I had NO idea there were so many absolute fuckwits in the world! - That some of them are actually dangerous should come as no surprise...

    It all makes the Timecube look quite cogent, well considered and user-friendly! ;-)

  4. Got a bit of a fright weren't there! Thought you had unfriended me or worse, maybe something had happened to you. Anyway you are alright so thats grand.
    Maybe a rest would do you good.......I think dealing with negative people takes its toll? So take care and maybe you'll come back at some stage. If I can ever be of any help give me a shout........finished my course in 5 weeks and Im free!! Yippee!! Take care. -Tricia Carr

  5. I miss your posts on fb. I hope you come back soon. Ivana V

  6. Haste ye back but enjoy the break!

  7. One more trait I have been thiniking of:

    psychopats seems to be obsessed to know what is happening next. they cant relax if for example they dont know who is coming to a party they themselves will be attending, an unplanned holiday is out of the question.
    this is an observation from own experience,

  8. Yea I was one of those people you block a few months back still unsure why because I really tried to stay low key and not make too many comments on your posts but bingo you were gone at first I thought that the brain police had shut you down but then I figured it out sorry if I offended you but really that your business and I only wish you the best with your work,when I friended you on FB I at first thought I would just follow you because I post a lot of music and surf stuff which is not for everyone....but no problem I still have listen to all your radio and Videos stuff from you youtube channel which is complete genius and an eye opener on how these evil people who ruins lives with not a care in the world and how to spot them and once you do how to deal with them which is not to deal with them Cheers and I look forward to your next radio broadcast


    Please make a presentation about this intervju. The grin on his face when he says "Greece is going down the drain" is remarkable.

  10. Look at "Scrubs" and examine the different modalities of psychopathy/mind-set and the alterations of these and the consequnces of these behaviours.