Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Inspired by the success of the KeK Chaos Magic phenomena, I have created the hashtag #nativegods2018 to piggyback onto the Papal Visit to Ireland in 2018 so as to increase greater awareness and acceptance of pre-abrahamic spiritual traditions. Not just the pagan gods and goddesses of Ireland, but of all nations and cultures. 

Add the hashtag to any articles on indigenous spiritual traditions, culture and ancient sites.

This is not designed to attack or protest the papal visit to Ireland or Pope Francis himself, but to remind humanity that we don't have to worship, give veneration or be inspired exclusively by Middle Eastern gods, when we have our own local spiritual archetypes. It's time to welcome them back into our lives and homes. What better way to bring them forward in this age of inclusion and tolerance than in the spirit of friendship and understanding.


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