Monday, 13 July 2015

The Shared Sleeping Beauty

"Dreamland is an eternal dimension accessible through a person's dream. Earlier in life people can enter dreamland at will, but as adulthood approaches the gateway closes for the majority of those dreamers. Only a few adults can be able to enter into dreamland again through certain use of narcotics, or starting to search their Dreams" - H. P. Lovecraft

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PHENOMENAL BREAKTHROUGH in the Sleep and Dreaming project since the Sleep Special show last week. Without me even requesting, several people I am friends with in real life and via Facebook, were in my dreams at more or less the same time as I was in theirs. It is almost as if just the mere act of considering this topic has opened up some increased participation into the sleeping/dreaming process ever since I suggested we 'Liberate Sleeping' from just being an exclusively restful engagement.

Andrew Wyeth ~ The Revenant 1949

I am so excited about what has happened that we will be continuing with this idea of 'what Sleep really is' and how, since last week's show, some of us have had a serious shift in our perceptions and insights. It was as if the actual broadcast of this show caused a fracture in my own reality-construct and that of others. Potentially incredible stuff! We may now have a powerful tool here to enhance our lives to a whole new level. The feedback to the last show was off the scale and thank you for embracing this project so enthusiastically.

Dream On Somnamunauts.


  1. Dear Thomas, the last time I listened to your show, all the lightbulbs in my house exploded one by one. Now my tablet screen just blacks out on me all the time. I'll just switch off the main power supply before I listen to the new instalment of your show! Thank you for uploading it on youtube and sharing it on your blog. Kind regards - EM, South Africa

  2. Very good show! Sleep is the soup where we cook the ingredients of experience. We will return to dreamless sleep when we die...and wake up for our 'day' to reprocess what hasn't 'settled and dissolved'. It's all vastly metaphoric. Figure/ground relationships. Thanks Thomas....I may be in disguise in dreamland....but my cat cOOkie will be with me and she doesn't give a fuck. She'll hiss at you but that's just her form of sarcasm.

  3. Fascinating your video today July 21, 2015 on Pluto and dreams. Last night I had a most disturbing and strange dream that I will share a bit. Strange because it continued even though I awoke several times. I was on this ?island fighting animal , demon looking creatures that were statues that were coming to life. There were others there also fighting this come to life statues as well although I do not know these human looking folks from this life. I also know I killed one of these four legged in the dream with a gun I shot at it several times...this is a first experience of killing anything ever for me. When things calmed down and these creepy ancient looking things went back to statue form I was walking around this dark island by myself trying to find my way out. It seemed like a city of old that had been abandoned with huge stone buildings with wooden doors and locks...I felt in a maze of sorts always coming up on water with no way out. Then a lady appeared and realized I was trying to leave and pointed out a hidden doorway beneath a street . She said that all exits from this place were under water tunnels and opened the door and went through herself. I heard her say come on ...Panic struck me and a claustrophobia came over me that I stood there motionless unable to move. Then I woke up...still breathing heavily. It felt like I had been in a movie. Incredible experience. .