Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath by Thomas Sheridan

Not quite a Greatest Hits Part One. Someone suggested I put my early videos into hour long format with a few surprises as they have gone down in YouTube history at this point and they might help another generation sort out puzzling encounters in their own lives. Worth it just for the evolution of my mad hair if nothing else.

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  1. Dear Mr Sheridan
    I have just read your article on female psychopaths ..Thankyou I've not laughed so hard in ages
    My god what an ignorant piece of utter nonsense
    I've been diagnosed as a high functioning sociapath was diagnosed when I was 11 I'm now nearly 50
    I've studied with obvious interest a lot of papers and medical journals about female psychopaths..But never have I read such utter crap as from your article
    According to you . We have too much testosterone. Nup! Mine is normal we have large clitores.Nup!...none of your business! We bully other women . Nup! I detest bullies
    I could go on but you will probably dismiss my thoughts anyway
    It's quacks like you that give mental health such a bad reputation
    Jezz they call me damaged