Sunday, 23 October 2016

THE EXORCIST Movie Review with Thomas Sheridan, Themes & Memes Ep41

Published on 22 Oct 2016
this installment, we welcome artist and author Thomas Sheridan from to discuss the 1973 classic-horror film 'The

The film introduces Washington D.C Actress 'Chris
MacNeil' as her 12 year old daughter 'Regan' begins to exhibit
increasingly disturbed behaviour. Despite a number of tests and
treatments, Regan's condition continues to deteriorate amidst a series
of shocking paranormal events. After the medical establishment concedes
defeat, it is deemed that a metaphysical approach may be the only option
left, and so Chris consults the local Jesuit order to exorcise the

We discuss the historical relevance of the film, in terms
of its mythos and cultural significance at the time. The film is widely
regarded to be one of the most disturbing horror movies ever made, and
traumatised audiences throughout the 70's and beyond.

We look at
the social critiques being made in the film in relation to science,
rationalism, the medical industry and religion; whereby the backdrop of
trauma and crisis leaves both the characters and the audience in a state
of conflict. We also explore the occult story being told in the film
relating to the nature of evil, before looking at why this film is less
shocking now than it was in 1973.

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