Thursday, 27 October 2016

When Pete Burns and Micheal Barrymore Encountered the Same Demon

Every so often the universe presents us with a synchronicity that proves we are not living in an accidental or random universe. We are given warnings and experiences at the psychic level which are as relevant and potentially life-saving as our biological instincts and sensory awareness.

This week, Pete Burns passed away: here he is in the clip below, and by his body language we can see he is clearly aware of what Jimmy Savile was. Also in the same clip, is Michael Barrymore; a man who had his life ruined by false accusations of being an accessory to a possible murder and he is clearly frightened by Jimmy Savile. Barrymore was cleared today of any wrong doing.

While also in the clip is the repugnant sack of shit politician George Galloway, who practically makes love to the beast. The hierarchy and games of the 'insiders' is revealed for all to see. Galloway fawning over Jimmy Savile is proof of how the game is ordered and who is above the law. Savile was, Barrymore wasn't.


Cycles of Energy.

All you need to do is learn how to read the world (and people) as Energy Systems and it becomes a whole other place of awareness and insights. Watch the clip and you will understand what I mean.


  1. What are you going on about? Barrymore never got sentenced for the death of some floater in his pool. A floater who had his bare and bloody ass floating on the surface of the water. Like a 'n' shape. I guess everyone must have had a go. Fuck sake, the guy still creeps me out. He was still a millionaire. Still was on TV. Imagine that, hey? Drowning someone in water for a bit of kink, and still getting TV deals, now that is what I call a professional.

  2. Pete Burns was obnoxious as fuck on Big Brother, a nasty piece of shit who was a one hit wonder of crap-camp music. He was only famous because he dressed like a poofter. He was nothing like David Bowie, who had style and wasn't just a bit of a proof.

  3. Why did they put so many poofters into one house? Were they hoping for a bit of a man-sandwich? Was that how Barrymore did it, suffocated the lad in a bit of man o' man action? Then threw him in the pool to kill the evidence. Pure evil, if you ask me. And is he worse than a murder? The man is a fuckin' genius...get it, 'fucking' genius? Well, at least Barrymore was.

  4. OMG, what a perfect example of such things: a bunch of sick and perverted creeps being visited by the scum of the earth.

  5. And this is what the sorcerers attempt to prevent us from doing. With all the shite and bombardment of confusion and distraction. Distract from listening by creating visual spectacles and distract us from seeing with words. In the clip Savile says something to the effect of I always tell the truth even when I'm lying. And that is always how he went on "maybe I am, maybe I'm not" muddy muddy muddy. Him and Galloway seemed well acquainted. There's other bits of that big brother where he says some dodgy things.

  6. Oh frig, I missed my point. It was related to reading world and people. This is an evidence based society here. And little weighting is given to observations and actions based upon reading people and situations in this natural way. If someone looks good on paper as it were but you read them as a Bollix you're not getting listened to. Vibes mean nothing. I can't explain it quite yet. But I suppose what I mean is that if someone has a fancy title, be it job given or Queen given then the vibes don't matter because " no, you can't say that, you must be wrong, they wouldn't have the fancy title if they were such a Bollix, you're being crazy, your imagination is carried away.
    I've a little vibe going on about someone where I'm working at the mo
    Someone with a fancy title whose behaviour and manner is very reminiscent of a person I worked with many years back, again with a fancy power title. The one I worked with previously can never work with children again, if you get what I mean. I always disliked him due to his vibe and some out and out nastiness to me. Kept him at arms length. There were others I worked with at the time constantly schmoozing around him. It's quite surprising that there are do many folk who either cannot pick up these vibes, or do pick them up but would prefer to ignore them as they want a bit of a fancy title for themselves.
    Anyway, back to the new person giving off the dodgy vibes. I think he has read me as a vibe reader. He has cut very short the few conversations I have had with him and quickly moved away from me. They have been small talk conversations in the main
    . I'm not going so far as to say this man will be banned from working with kids like the other one. At the mo I'm reading him as just a pretend pleasant person who would very quickly knife you and belittle you for his own ladder climb. Life experience helps us to read all this stuff.

  7. Big brother can fuck right off and every single person who appeared on it or was part of making it can fuck off to!! I mean it,i truly do!!

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