Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Middle East: the Only Reason why Half your Knob is Missing

The Abrahamic god of the Middle East was created in a dry land of poor resources. Life was always going to be a matter of kill or be killed. Cain murdered his brother Able and so on.

This psychosis is the underlying foundation of the religions from the Middle East. They may 'work' for these people in that part of the world, but most of the planet is not dry and dusty...our foreskins do not need hacking off as there is no sand to get caught in it, and there are abundant flowing waters to wash it clean.

This can never change, as these Abrahamic philosophies are rooted into an eternal 'rat back into a corner fighting for scraps of fertile soils' mentality. Thus, Christianity was foisted upon Europeans by the likes of Constantine and Charlemagne because the 'evangelical' nature was ideal for Empire Building.

'Onward Christian Soldiers' as these eternal crusaders say as they butchered our European folks from the Saxons to the Cathars in the name of their 'one true' Abrahamic god.

The 'Revelations/Rapture' psychosis also gave birth to psychopaths creating doomsday cults and offering up salvation to their mindless, dead eyed, Abrahamic-primed morons from imaginary and highly profitable 'Comet Clusters' invented by the cult leader who also constantly reminds them 'we are like the new Twelve Apostles...".

If you understand this, you understand why Europeans - whose gods and goddess were born in lands of green changing fields and fertile soils, deep forests, flowing vast rivers and many bright colours - are made inferiors by worshipping the god of the barren dry lands.

Our gods and goddess only work for us, and their 'one true god' only works back in the sand folk lands. From Ulster to Yugoslavia it has always been about the filthy god from the Middle East being the spark that lights the fuse. We are dealing with a 2,000 year old infection.


  1. We are still living in the stink of the Roman empire how we will ever rid our true selves of the reek of this cancer i dont know but rid we must ... timely post Thomas ... thank you ............

  2. You're right; these religions and their practices contain so much violence, and yet we overlook it as we're so used to hearing about them our entire lives. I'm curious how these aspects (genital mutilation of both sexes, the murders and rapes in the ''holy books'' etc) would sound to someone who hasn't been exposed to these cultures. One has to step outside of a religion in order to have an honest look at it, without using it as an emotional crutch. While you're inside that bubble, you still overlook or justify almost anything.

    The video of Britain First parading crosses around in a Muslim majority neighbourhood was painfully embarrassing to watch. You could tell they were just using a motif and were not psychologically involved in the slightest; they could've walked around with pints of English ale in the same spirit. It was visibly awkward.

  3. I think it actually runs deeper than the desert. There have been rich paganistic beliefs that were born in the deserts of Asia, the Americas and Africa that had a deep reverence for nature in all of its many forms. So, I am not sure whether the desert has anything to do with it.

    I know that Babylon comes from the Middle East like the Abrahamic faiths do, and that was a psychopathic system like the Abrahamic beliefs. So, who knows?

  4. " The 'Revelations/Rapture' psychosis also gave birth to psychopaths creating doomsday cults"

    It's the other way round.

    The origin of the Abrahamic fake-religions were psy-ops by psychopathic mafias. It has nothing to do with 'dry land of poor resources' but everything with con artists bullying the local population by deceit and brute force to bow down to their one and only Jehovah who is nothing but a figment of the bullies depraved imagination. The rest is (Western) history.

  5. Would this be the psychopathic smirk you have been referring too....


  6. What a phenomenal and magnificent piece of broadcasting on your last VON about brussels ( sorry for hijacking) but comments closed on your tube , what a well needed breath of common sense , love it , Thomas Sheridan at his best , Thank You.