Friday, 25 March 2016

Flat Earthers and Away with the Fairies

How do Flat Earther experience the Big Bang?
 It is the sound of the front door being slammed as the wife takes the kids and moves back to her mother's place.

In Irish folklore, to say that someone is "away with the fairies" is a common expression, and a far deeper one than simply implying that someone is acting eccentric or talking nonsense. 

When you look into the actual folklore itself, it is literally describing a person who is no longer fully within this reality any more. The William Butler Yeats play The Land of Heart's Desire portrays a very good example of this when a newly-wed bride named Mary is taken to the land of the fairies by a supernatural child who spellbounds her with this spoken enchantment:

You shall go with me, newly-married bride,
And gaze upon a merrier multitude.
White-armed Nuala, Aengus of the Birds,
Feacra of the hurtling foam, and him
Who is the ruler of the Western Host,
Finvarra, and their Land of Heart's Desire,
Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood,
But joy is wisdom, Time an endless song.

I kiss you and the world begins to fade.

Upon hearing these words, Mary is then unable to exist within this reality and leaves it all behind. The cries of protest by her family and new husband fall upon deaf ears as Mary cannot be 'reached' by the conventions of this earthly world any more. To the old Irish folk, the expression "away with the fairies" means that someone has changed their personality structure to such a degree, that they are not really fully within this world as they once were. That they were moved into the 'fairy world' and only a part of them came back. They became strangers to themselves and all who knew them. That they could not literally reset their minds and consciousness back to this reality, and then spent their lives in an almost semi-autistic state.

Flat Earthers are a perfect example of this. The absurdly ridiculous You Tube videos which have been used to literally transform them into strangers to themselves and to the people that knew them, have indeed enchanted and spellbound them. Their own memes proclaim statements such as 'once you go flat, you can't go back' and none of us can get through to them any more - as if it is almost like talking to an alien - they are outside any ability to reason with their flat earth delusions.

They are often can be very hostile, and this was also noted in Irish folklore. The attributes of the Sidhe is that of arrogance and hostility. Those who were taken into the fairy world and returned, would often become hermits and eccentrics living in the forest, or in later times, placed in sanatoriums.

I can now see, and I am sure that many of you who have been aghast as I have at the virus-like growth of the revived Flat Earth movement, how they are indeed the modern epitome of being 'away with the fairies'. All the traits laid out in Irish folklore are present also within flat earthers.


  1. And you can prove the globe earth how? Without being absurd of course.

    1. Just for your information, I don't think Thomas should present you any proof of anything. It's your own damn job to figure out the world, and if you lack the intent to find and understand information you should just keep on keeping on with the fairies.

      You are just pissed off that someone with more wisdom and knowledge talks your illusion down.

    2. Its been proved over and over AND OV ER AGAIN ... AND AGAIN ... AND AGAIN LOL... GO FLY WITH THE FAIRIES BRUHG

  2. Are you serious, the flat earth theory was put out there to prove conspiracy theorists would believe anything. Your letting the side down
    Choose know

    1. The flat earthers are often those who believe that 911 was controlled demolition. They will claim no planes hit the buildings, it was all a hoax of immense proportions .

  3. The flat earth theory was put out there to prove conspiracy theorists would believe anything, you left letting the side down chose know

  4. Hmmm... why go all that way to just say the obvious thing you really wanted to say;
    "Flat earthers are mental nut jobs."
    It's all such a trivial and childish put down either way, I suppose. No evidence, no argument; just touted opinion.
    By the way, I'm on the fence not believing either side as fully correct. Science and "proof" have been abused and there are holes everywhere.

    1. No, evidence has been presented to flat earthers but they dismiss everything. At that point, there really is no option of dealing with them other than to call them nut jobs. It would be like arguing with a person who says air does not exist.

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