Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why all this Human Infant Themed Food Lately?

Coming on the back of the Baby Thanksgiving Turkey Costume madness from last week, this week, my good friend Kira Young forward to me a most bizarre and unsettlingly realistic image of a new born baby, made entirely in cake. 

You do have to wonder why this creepy 'Human Food Baby' synchronistic archetype has suddenly raised its head in recent times? One hopes that a major story of aborted foetus finding their way into the human food supply isn't on the horizon... Either way, in the next few months some major story involving human cannibalism and babies will likely emerge. 

The collective unconsciousness never lies. Considering that the mindless masses find all this stuff 'cute' and 'adorable', we should expect something fairly disturbing coming down the line.


  1. I was thinking the same thing Thomas! re: human baby cannibalism down the road.

  2. Connected....?

  3. I need to vent, hope you don't mind. I showed this cake picture to my friend and she thought it was so cute! This same friend has gone from being a very aware person to some kind of Stepford wife, she is currently busy cleaning her house, baking cakes and mince pies for Xmas. She has recently bought enough decorations to fill 10 large boxes in preparation of Xmas. I am at a loss to know what happened to her, she thinks I should 'get into the spirit of Xmas as it will make me feel better'. I am not a fan of this time of year, the energy surrounding the 'event' makes me feel like I'm wading through treacle! It feels like I'm becoming a stranger in a strange land, I've been 'awake' for most of my life, thankfully, but I'm feeling the divide more strongly than ever before and I'm finding it quite sad.

  4. Some cultures and folk don't eat pigs believing that once they were an equal people that became separated somehow. God knows why but either way they ended up getting farmed for a use and slaughtered for food, and still do today. You know what they say about pig flesh. Errghh.
    That aside, the whole baby as a "turkey" thing is well odd. A real chin stoker. And a little bit of a cause for a bit of concern regarding the minds of the manufacturers and the "parents" that would not only buy them, but actually use them.

  5. I've been listening to pod casts of One Radio Network recently for positive health information. Along with that I listened to today from a guest, Daniel Vitalis who sparked my interest to update my negatives that connect to this discussion. Vitalis has many areas of interests in health. I noted that his interest in Colostrum was negative. I had to learn what it is: Milk for babies - from Wikipedia: "Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, as well as being lower in fat[3] and higher in protein than ordinary milk." I found this obsession disgusting as I checked further and found that whey protein can provide the same effects. What disgusted me, is we already have too much abortion and I thought, hmm is the aborted babies milk being sold? Also, I checked out another podcaster on this show who is not of this disgusting genre, and want to spread the news from their blog about how we should not allow butterball etc. turkeys to monopolize the turkey market because the turkeys are over bred and are not healthy to eat. Atom's School of Time Conscious Living at
    November 24
    Jim Hightower (There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos, 1997) wrote ...

    "Ninety percent of the half-billion turkeys sold in the world each year are derived from only three breeding flocks that are maintained on secretive, highly guarded farms surrounded by chain-link fences. Owning these three flocks, and thus controlling the world market of breeding turkeys, are Merck & Co. (the pharmaceutical giant based in New Jersey), Booker PLC (the British food conglomerate), and British Petroleum (the world's fourth-largest oil company). All three flocks are of the white breed, assuring such dominant commercial grower as ConAgra Inc. (owner of Butterball) that each and every one of their turkey chicks will uniformly develop those pumped-up breasts. But such genetic uniformity has its ugly side. Not only can these hapless birds not mate, they also are bred to be so heavy and are so disfigured that they can barely walk more than a few feet, and many cannot even stand on their own two drumsticks, so they spend their abbreviated lives mostly squatting in the sawdust or dimly lit turkey houses, jammed wingtip to wingtip with hundreds of their genetically altered siblings. This breed cannot survive on its own, so the birds must pass their entire existence in environmentally controlled buildings, where machinery automatically dispenses a steady ration of feed that is rich in artificial growth stimulants, but often denies them such basic minerals as iron. (To create 'a whiter white meat,' iron is eliminated from the diet because it imparts a healthy reddishness to turkey flesh and, well, this is not what the marketing department ordered.)" I copied the entire entry because it took a while to find it again.