Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Velocity of Now Radio Show Returns December 10, 2014

When Thomas Sheridan began his The Velocity of Now weekly broadcasts on the Type1 Blogtalk network back in 2013, few anticipated that it would attract such a large and loyal listener-ship within such a short time. Almost immediately, the Sunday evening broadcast went straight to the top of Blogtalk's Arts section ahead of the New York Times reviews. Combined listener-ship/download numbers in the tens of thousands were not uncommon. 

The Velocity of Now's refreshing blend of mysteries, mindscapes, comedy segments, along with profiles and investigations into everything from obscure history and arts movements, to the paranormal and rare old movie reviews - all delivered in Thomas Sheridan's candid and down to earth stream of consciousness - drew people into alternative radio and topics for the first time, and kept them there. 

The Velocity of Now was the live broadcast were just about anything might happen, and very often it did. Insightful and hilarious callers shared everything from their own personal stories, to adding new layers of understanding to the topics discussed. The Velocity of Now hosted by Thomas Sheridan is back on the air again with a toned-down, light-night vibe and more reflective quality, but dealing with the same topics and investigations. 

"I want to capture the spirit of old, late night alternative radio. These were the shows that inspired me to look into everything from the paranormal to the meaning of symbols. The Velocity of Now's relaunch will seek to recapture that same sense of nocturnal magic we once stumbled upon when navigating the old AM and FM dials." - Thomas Sheridan

Broadcast Times (every Wednesday):
Irish/GMT: 11PM to Midnight
EST: 6PM to 7PM

Stations and Networks:
ZTalk Radio
(more stations to follow)


  1. Late one for me tonight then!

  2. Cool. I enjoyed some of the original episodes and have them stored on a hard drive upstairs. I'll tune in.

  3. How do I get the live feed?

  4. Just caught your new show there Tom. Great stuff! I love live radio as a medium, keep it comin anyway boy. Cheers!

  5. Just caught your new show Thomas. Great stuff man, really enjoyable varied topics. Live radio is a brilliant medium too is so much kinder on to the senses as it leaves you to imagine the stories as they come at you. keep em comin anyway boy, cheers!

  6. Hi Thomas,

    Any plans to make the first episode available to download?



  7. Have listened today, informative, exciting and so different to anything else. You are a great story teller and I could listen to you for hours! Will definitely be tuning in to the next show.

  8. Thank you Thomas for sharing your late night stories, it was delicious......

  9. The area where severed feet in running shoes wash up on the beaches is the Pacific Northwest. British Columbia in Canada, Washington and Oregon in the USA. Lots of satanic child sacrifices done at sea as well as a busy area for human cargo stuffed in those shipping containers. This is probably a late response to a question you asked on a recent "Velocity" broadcast. Thank you Mr. Sheridan, when I am in dire need of hearing an intelligent human speak, it's refreshing to hear your thoughts.