Friday, 10 January 2014

Spiritual Motherfuckers and Shit

I think it's cool when people are sincerely spiritual (you can tell when they are the real deal). There is no bullshit about them, and they have no need to look down on others who are not as 'enlightened' as they are. They most certainly do not want to convert or recruit them to their way of thinking.

It's all still a great mystery to me coming out of years of being a hardcore atheist. But I am learning. I am also very glad I was an atheist for many years, as it kept my bullshit brakes on when they were needed. However, then I discovered that Atheism - especially since the arrival of Richard Dawkins - is just another religion in of itself. Currently, I assume myself to be a Provisional Agnostic. Yes, another fucking label I guess, but there ya go.

I am not 'enlightened' and I am certainly not Mr 'Spiritual' and I have no desire to be. I wouldn't feel right thinking of myself in these terms. I'd rather have a good time and a bit of craic with decent and grounded people regardless of their 'beliefs' or not. 

I am just some confused artist trying to solve a few puzzles is all and sharing my theories with others. If people are interested in what I have to say, then great, if not, then good luck to them, it's not my business to convert them. They are not 'sheep', and neither are they 'sinners', they are people of a different opinion to mine and that's their right as human beings once they mind their own business and leave me alone.

At the same time, I often find the 'spiritual' ones are often the most judgemental of others when they are often the most fucked up of all. If you are sincerely and confidently 'all spiritual and shit', why care about what others do, or feel the need to pass judgement upon them?

I still do not believe in 'higher beings', alien gods, nor even a God himself as such and I am fairly certainly I never will either. You need proof, not faith to make a case. Likewise, I  view channelling and other forms of 'communication' as the domain of the deluded and the deceivers. Even if people are sincerely hearing voices (vices?), they may well be just have created within their psychology a kind of Dissociative Identity, and one of their personalities is bullshitting the other in order to boost their own ego.

If you channel you are just about the most egotistical a human can possible be, as you have declared yourself the 'special one' - you are not. You are just as much an asshole as the rest of us. Deal with it. That's another thing...this idea of killing your ego. Only a psychopath could of come up with such an idea. You need your ego just as much as you need your soul...whatever a 'soul' is.

Provisional Agnostic...yeah that just about covers it for now.


  1. Whatever a soul is..exactly! Believe has lie in won't go there.. Consider everything has con in fuck that!
    Where does that leave 'me'..
    Answers on a postcard please!

  2. I understand "ego death" as a metaphor for those moments when agency passes from the adapted personality, (ego), to the deeper Self or, when consciousness crosses the threshold from the logos to the mythos. I think its fair to say, (mostly), that in order for this crossing to take place, the ego has to release its sole rights to consciousness and surrender its monopoly on personal agency to a deeper sense of Self.

    The Hero, (ego), on entering the mythical journey, (universal round), is subjected to trials that cause him, (him, metaphorically), to enter the abyss and undergo a humbling personality dissolution. This is to temper his ego, remove egocentricities and return him to a state of grace that allows him to rejoin the rite, pass the dragon, (threshold guardian), and merge with the Self/soul, (goddess).

    Most of the time when I hear the term "ego death" this is what I understand it to mean and some good people mean exactly this when they say it. I also think that malign forces use and co-opt the processes involved in the first half of the Hero’s Journey to dissolve a person’s personality, not with the intention of facilitating a merger with the Self, but to enslave them to various external contingencies.

    Probably it is people or organizations that are looking for acolytes to exploit that are the people saying “kill the ego” that you mistrust, and rightly so! As usual we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water when reacting against unscrupulous forces and realize that it is not the processes, (like ego death), themselves that are wrong but, rather the twist that those who would manipulate people’s consciousness for selfish reasons put upon them.

    The PTW, popular culture, the spectacle society in general as well as other dodgy sects and organizations, have become very sophisticated at manipulating natural, meta processes and they have learned that if they engage people in the universal round but then terminate the journey at the point of ego dissolution they are able to entrain people’s attention on their own objects in profitable ways… or so it seems to me! Having said this, in its uncontaminated form, the journey and its process remain fundamental and sound imo. As a metaphor, "ego death" works for me but I don't literally want that part of me to die, just be cleansed of some of its less useful contents. Thats my two penneth!

  3. Could it be that the ego and the soul are holding us up (metaphysically speaking), and working in tandem?...say like a battery needs a connection/connection needs a battery to work a system...or like a clothes hanger, the main part of the hanger being the ego, the hook part the soul (or vice versa!?) and sometimes the clothes hanger breaks and that's your ego becoming out-of-balance or the soul in chaos (if that can happen?) and needing to 'fix' or 'replace', if you know what I mean, to bring back into balance.

  4. Maha-Kali: "I have no idea what the word "ego" or "soul" means. Is that wrong, Rabbi-Hannah? Am I wicked"

    Rabbi-Hannah: "No, Maha-Kali. You just do what needs to be done. Nothing wrong with that. And on top of look pretty scary! I like that!"

    Maha-Kali: "Thank you. But boredom...I mean being involved in some...ähhh...MONOLOG-SHIT...putting out words without any meaning...isn't that some fucked up activity?"

    Rabbi-Hannah: "What is the sound one hand clapping?"

    (Maha-Kali is hitting Rabbi-Hannah in the face.)

    Rabbi-Hannah: "Autsch! But...YES! That's it, Kali! But I don't mind. Im used to it!"

    Maha-Kali: "Sorry Rabbi! But you asked for it. Am I right?"

    Rabbi-Hannah: "You certainly are, Maha-Kali. And pain is nothing to me anyway."

    1. are you a retard trying to spoil other peoples work? being new to the net you are whats called a troll? i guess so that means there is something of value here that you try to obscure or are you simply a psychiatric patient having a relapse