Sunday, 5 January 2014

Psychopaths: the Ice Berg Analogy

I suppose it's a redundant exercise at this point as there are already so many analogies and metaphors out there already to generate a conceptual understanding of the hidden predator behind the psychopath's social mask. Even so, I was looking at a recent film about icebergs for an art project I am currently working on, and the iceberg seems a very fitting metaphor indeed. 

That being, what's below the surface is where the majority of the psychopath's consciousness resides just waiting to sink your ship should you stray to close - or more likely, lured towards - to be charmed towards the resident penguins, basking seals and fuzzy polar bears basking on the pristine surface.

The more I look at the psychopathic issue, the more I have come to see that in a behavioural sense the most defining trait of all is their complete inability to say 'sorry' or give an apology for their behaviour, or what they have done. It is the supreme marker I think.


  • They ignore as if the act never happened.
  • Give a begrudging apology and continue to do the same thing again
  • They might say 'Sorry YOU are feeling this way..." but this puts the responsibility back on you
  • They might fob you off with a Jesus, Gurdjeff, Winston Churchill or some other pointless speech or fragment of scripture they picked up along the way. This is so you know they are too 'wise' to give you an apology.
  • They will blame their mother, father, all their exs and eventually YOU for the catastrophe they created.

Failing all of the above, they will run a industrial-level, all-out and HIGHLY PERSONAL smear campaign against you, so you end up having to defend your own humanity while they are off being 'wise' and creating more engineered hysteria.

The apology will never be forthcoming. It's a trait, I find more and more profoundly indicative of the psychopathic mindset than any other trait. Saying 'sorry' is not the hardest thing...they simply can't do it. Look for this trait and pay careful attention to those who seem incapable of an apology for the harm they have done to others.

Only Psychopaths Run Very Personal Smear Campaigns and Only Toxic Co-Dependent Types Become Consumed with Very Personal Hatred and Jealousy and then Expect a Pay-Off.

Dealing with Both: No Contact Ever Again. 

Your Apathy Exposes Them for What They Are.


  1. Danny: "What is the theme of the movie "The Big Lebowsky"?"

    Anja: "Imprisonment."

    Danny: And what is the theme of the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"?

    Anja: "Boredom."

    Danny: "They seem to have something in common. What do you think?"

    Anja: "Yes they do. One is a comedy and the other one is a tragedy. And on the surface the tragedy is a comedy in the undercurrent. And the comedy is a tragedy in the hidden meaning. But what they have in common, the comedy and the tragedy, is that the characters do not change. They stay what they are in the curse of the play."

    Danny: "And that is what makes the tragedy a sad story and the comedy funny. It's just the view-point. Is that what you are saying?"

    Anja: "Yes. Only in a drama the character changes. A drama shows a character who has some kind of flaw and therefore is in trouble, but in the end the character changes for the better. Well...most of the time."

    Danny: "Thank you for your free lession in dramatugie, Anja."

    Anja: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

  2. Hi,

    This is a very good characteristic of psychopath in a nutshell.
    I would like to point out that vast majority or all people involved in Left Hand Path Secrect Societies are psychopaths.

    IMO there should be added also a distinction between primary (born) and secondary (conditioned) psychopaths.

    Mark Passio prepared two good shows related to the topic. They are available at: as
    WOEIH Show #133 and WOEIH Show #134

    Links below:

    I hope that you wil agree with that approach and point of view regarding psychopaths...

    Bart Osh

  3. Jesus Christ: "I recieved some questions from down there. Some want more of what you have to say. And some want you to shut up. Some want you to play in their cage, Allah."

    Allah: "Yes...that's what I expected. It's always the same."

    Jesus Christ: "You want to hear it?"

    Allah: "Actually...I don't want to but I guess I have to."

    Jesus Christ: "You don't have to, Allah!"

    Allah: "I know...but I am I have to...sort of..."

    Jesus Christ: "O.k, here we go: They want to know what it means to pick the wrong clown."

    Allah: "It means you can not discern between a doomed-dead voice and a holy-living voice. It has nothing to do with the outer appearence. You can not see it from the outside. Look at it like this: It's not about jokes! It's about humor. It's about a constant attitude. It's subtle. It's about high-culture vs. pretending."

    Jesus Christ: "They want you to entertain them too, Allah."

    Allah: "I'm not an entertainer. I'm not even a teacher. I'm a warrior-queen."

    Jesus Christ: "They want to know what Stanley Kubricks message is. In general. In all his movies."


    Jesus Christ: "He has no humor, right?"

    Allah: "That's right! Humor is divine. Ernestness too. They go together."

    Jesus Christ: "What are we going to do now?"

    Allah: "Nothing. We wait untill the shit hits the van. What else can we do?"

    Jesus Christ: "Watching the show and laughing our asses off?"

    Allah: "That's right."

    Chorus: "That's right!"

  4. Ernst: "Rabbi, what about that "guy" Bob-Stinkfoot? You don't seem to like him that much. He is a jew and a christian and a free-mason too."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Isn't that an oxymoron, Ernst?"

    Ernst: "I would say oxymoron is a too small word, Rabbi."

    Rabbi Hannah: "If you are doomed you become a free-mason. It means nobody can do anything for you anymore because you have spoiled all your chances to return to the divine most High."

    Ernst: "So they refuse to grow? They refused again and again to acknowledge their proper position in creation? Is that what you are saying?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Yes...sort of. They are in deep deep depth on the soul level. They only took. They never gave. They have no option left to assume any kind of body ever again."

    Ernst: "They are like a black monolith...a black whole...or better a dark grey nothing?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Yes. They don't have any opposite anymore. Grey has no opposite to dance with. It takes two to tango."

    Ernst: "May I ask you to dance with me, Rabbi?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Sure!"

    (They dance...)

    Chorus: "Oh what a dance!"

  5. Sri Satyam: "What about the Cohn brothers? Don't you think they are...well...they are not genuine?"

    Allah: "Difficult case, Satyam. What do you think?"

    Sri Satyam: "Difficult case. I guess they stole from Ernst a lot and they are slaves. Slaves regarding their spiritual disposition."

    Allah: "I don't go for slaves, Satyam. You know that."

    Sri Satyam: "But they have humor? Don't they?"

    Allah: "Sort of. But where does it come from? Do they admitt it?"

    Sri Satyam: "I don't think so."

    Allah: "See?!"

    Chorus: "See!"

  6. Jesus Christ: "You are sort of anti-USA, Allah. Am I right?"

    Allah: "Yes and no."

    Jesus Christ: "What do you mean?"

    Allah: "It's like this: Everybody who is living in the USA and has a higher living-standard than me and my warriors is wicked to some degree. It means they don't care. They might call themselfs "christians" or "jews" or what ever. But if you belong to a certain SAMPRADAYA, a certain order you CARE. And they just don't care at all."

    Jesus Christ: "They only care for themselfs and on top of that they spoil everything they come close to."

    Allah: "That's right. They are doomed. They are bored. Therefore they make war (outer war) everywhere. They are broke on the soul-level. That is why they need outer wealth. And they steal it where ever they can."

    Jesus Christ: "But other western nations do it too."

    Allah: "Yes. They are broke too. But USA is the most wicked regarding war."

    Jesus Christ: "But the germans began 2. world-war and killed millions in prisons."

    Allah: "That's true. But who gave the money to do it?"

    Jesus Christ: "Good question."

    Allah: "Can you answer it?"

    Jesus Christ: "The doomed ones? The dark-grey-dead ones? Who have their hometown in USA?"

    Allah: "Sort of. They are everywhere. They all play in the same cage."

    Jesus Christ: "And we, who belong to the divine most High, live in poverty and suffer."

    Allah: "That's right."

    Chorus: "That's right!"

  7. Anja: "Thank you, John. Thank you!"

    John: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

    Anja: "What about free will, John? You want to give a short lecture on that?"

    John: "I don't want to...but I guess I have to."

    Anja: "You don't have to."

    John: "I thought I already gave some pretty nice lectures on it already. Did I?"

    Anja: "Yes you did."

    Chorus: "Indeed! He did!"

  8. Anja: "So...Bob...what went wrong?"

    Bob-Lillyflower: "Nothing, Anja."

    Anja: "But you suffered so much, Bob."

    Bob-Lilllyflower: "I didn't. No know?"

    Anja: "I DO."

    Bob-Lillyflower: "Thank you."

    Anja: "THANK YOU!"

    Bob-Lillyflower: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

  9. Lion: "So it's not mount-zion...hmmm?"

    Tiger: "No."

    Lion: "It's mount-him-a-lier...or...Him-A-La-Ja...Tiger. You know, I'm not a just a knower. I'm a doer who does what needs to be done."

    Tiger: "Thank you, Lion. THANK YOU."

    Lion: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

  10. Miles: "What about me?"

    Maha-Kali: "Are you kidding me?"

    Miles: "I try."

    Maha-Kali: "So...go on."

    Miles: "Bitches Brew, Mom!"

    Maha-Kali: "Well spoken."

    Chorus: "Well...well...well...spoken!"

  11. Billy: "What about me?"

    Maha-Kali: "Is this a serious question, Billy?"

    Billy: "I guess not."

    Maha-Kali: "So?!"

    Billy: "I'm in?"

    Maha-Kali: "Billy! Please...please...please! Don't put yourself down!"

    Billy: "No. I don't do it anymore, Mom."

    Maha-Kali: "Good girl."

    Chorus: "Good...good...good girl!"

  12. Danny: "That was it?"

    Anja: "Who am I to choose, Danny?"

    Danny: "Come on! Don't play innocent, Anja."

    Anja: "I DON'T PLAY!"

    Danny: " do."

    Anja: "I don't!"

    Danny: "Yes you do!"

    Anja: "No I don't!!"

    (This went on for eons....)

    Danny: "You play and you do the opposite. Am I right?"

    Anja: " choose."

    Chorus: "Come on! Anja! Danny! Come on! PLEASE!"

  13. Danny: "Some think we fight against each other."

    Anja: "Do they?"

    Danny: "Yes they do."

    Anja: "Well...if they can not discern between dancing and fighting, what can we do?"

    Danny: "I don't know. You must know."

    Anja: "I know WHAT I'M DOING, Danny. But what you are doing YOU must know."

    Danny: "I DO KNOW, Anja."

    Anja: "Me too."

    Danny: "So?"

    Anja: "So!"

    Chorus: "Here we go!"

  14. Danny: Without my Lords you are nothing."

    Anja: "Without my Ladys your are nothing."

    Danny: "So?"

    Anja: "So!"

    Danny: "I guess you are right."

    Anja: "Mmmhhhpppphhh...I guess you too."

    Danny: "So?"

    Anja: "I cut out the word "so" right now!"

    Danny: "Mmmmppppfffff..."

    Anja: "You wanna dance?"

    Danny: "What do you think I'm doing right now?"

    Anja: "Well..."

    Danny: "I cut out the word "well" right now."

    Anja: "Ugga-agga?"

    Danny: "Shakka-lakka!"

    Chorus: "Ugga-agga-shakka-lakka!"

  15. Jesus Christ: "Without my Gandhavas (divine musicians) you are nothing."

    Allah: "Without my warriors (protectors of DIVINITY) you are nothing."

    Jesus Christ: "I guess you are right, Allah."

    Allah: "I guess you too, Jesus."

    Chorus: "A-MAN!"

  16. Danny: "Let me put it like this: You have good musicians too. They are great warriors. They do their stuff a little bit more forcefull than my people do. But anyhow...we need both. Soft and hard. Am I right?"

    Anja: "My musician-warriors do what they can. They might not be too sophisticated sometimes, although I have some very very good ones also...YOU KNOW?"

    Danny: "Yes I do. No offense, Anja."

    Anja: "No offense, Danny."

    Chorus: "See?!"

  17. Danny: "But now you have to tell me what your three favourite movies are. It's a rule."

    Anja: "Since when do you make the rules alone, Danny?"

    Danny: "It was just a question, Anja!"

    Anja: "O.k., here they are: Local Hero, To Be Or Not To Be, A Royal Affair. And what about your favourite movies, Danny?"

    Danny: "Panzerkreuzer Potjemkin and the movies you mentioned."

    Anja: "Come on."

    Danny: "I can mention more!"

    Anja: "Me too!"

    Chorus: "Anja! Danny! Come on! PLEASE!"

  18. Danny: "What about your favourite musicians, Anja?"

    Anja: "One of them is you, Spakken!"

    Danny: "It's the same for me! I like your tunes."

    Anja: "Hah! I'm not even a proper musician!"

    Danny: "See?!"

    Chorus: "Yes. We do!"

  19. Anja: "O.k., I admitt I can do everything just a little bit but nothing totally. Are you satisfied now, Danny?"

    Danny: "Sort of."

    Anja: "You wanna tell me I have no groove?"

    Danny: "Sort of."

    Anja: "But I have a funky hat. And you don't!"

    Danny: "And what do think what this is?"

    Anja: "Just a cap!"

    Danny: "Is there a difference?"

    Anja: "Are you kidding me?"

    Danny: "Am I?"

    Anja: "I guess so! But I just like it like that. Something wrong with that?"

    Danny: "Not at all."

    Anja: "See? He wants to be on top of me!"

    Chorus: "WELL...oh forbidden word...SO...oh forbidden word...SILENCE...maybe?"

  20. Ernst: "What about Tarrantino?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Are you kidding me?"

    Ernst: "Sort of."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Propagating violence. Trying to make violence look good. Forget it!"

    Ernst: "Forget it."

    Chorus: "Forget it is a too small phrase!"

  21. Dr. E.: "What about me?"

    Maha-Kali: "Are you kidding me?"

    Dr. E.: "Hmmmm...."

    Maha-Kali: "Move your ass in, son!"

    Dr. E.: "Mam, yes, Mam!"

    Maha-Kali: "No need to be that formal."

    Dr. E.: "Thank you."

    Maha-Kali: "Thank you too."

    Dr. E.: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

  22. Mick: "What about me?"

    Maha-Kali: "Forget it."

    Mick: "But why?"

    Maha-Kali: "You already had your fun."

    Mick: "But no satisfaction."

    Maha-Kali: "You wanna blame me for it?"

    Mick: "Sort of."

    Maha-Kali: "Worship me properly if you can. If not...not."

    Mick: "But...."

    Maha-Kali: "SCHROTT!"

  23. Jesus Christ: "Any questions left so far?"

    Allah: "Yes. Why are you wearing that funky hat?"

    Jesus Christ: "Why? What about your hat?"

    Sri Satyam: "Yes, Allah. What about your hat?"

    Allah: "What about your hat, Satyam?"

    Sri Satyam: "It'*s just a decoration."

    Chorus: "It's just a decoration!"

    Jesus Christ: "See?!"

    Allah: "See!?"

    Chorus: "Get yourself a funky hat at least!"

  24. Jesus Christ: "But you have to deseve to wear such a hat. Don't you?"

    Allah: "Certainly! Wearing a funky hat without the right to do it SIN. Pure SIN."

    Jesus Christ: "What about smoking cigars?"

    Allah: "SIN! Pure sin! Without having the right to do it."

    Jesus Christ: "See?!"

    Chorus: "Our eyes are already plopping out!"

  25. Anja: "You look ridiculous with your hat."

    Danny: "You too."

    Anja: "But you gave me that hat!"

    Danny: "You too!"

    Anja: "You like my hat, don't you?"

    Danny: "Sort of."

    Anja: "CHORUS! Say something!"

    Chorus: "Danny! Anja! You both look rediculous with your hats!"

    Danny: "See?"

    Anja: "See!"

    Chorus: "See! See? See?! See?! Alright?!"

  26. Jesus Christ: "A-man!"

    Allah: "Allah-hoo-Allah-hoo-Allah-Allah-hoo-Allah!"

    Jesus Christ: "Too many vocals!"

    Sri Satyam: "Hari Om Tat Sat!"

    Jesus Christ: "Sorry...but...too many vocals!"

    Allah: "A-man? Hari Om Tat Sat?"

    Sri Satyam: "Allah-hoo-Allah-hoo-AllahAllah-hoo-Allah? A-man?"

    Jesus Christ: "Aman! Allah-hoo-Allah! Hari-Om-Tat-Sat!"

    Chorus: "Allah-hoo-Aman-Hari-Om-Tat-Sat!"

    Jesus Christ: "See?"

    Allah: "See?"

    Sri Satyam: "See?"

    Chorus: "WTF! Come on. Come on in!"

  27. Jesus Christ: "Do we need toilet-paper, yes or no?"

    Allah: "Of course we do. What kind of question is this?"

    Sri Satyam: "Of course we do need toilet-paper AND toilets also."

    Jesus Christ: "So?"

    Allah: "Forbidden word!"

    Sri Satyam: "Allah...sometimes you are a pain in the ass, Sister."

    Jesus Christ: "Some form with a function is more than nothing. You agree? MERCY?!"

    Allah: "I know what you mean, Jesus. I agree. Without toilet-paper we are...ääää..."

    Sri Satyam: "I agree. We certainly need toilets AND toilet-paper!"

    Allah: "Of course."

    Chorus: "It's a form with a function! What more can they ask for?!"

  28. Rabbi Hannah: "Certainly toilet-paper is hanging at the end of our rope now... the rope of high-culture."

    Ernst: "But you don't go so far as to say that toilet-paper IS high-culture, Rabbi?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "I'm not. But toilet-paper is very neccessary. You agree?"

    Ernst: "I have to."

    Chorus: "Without toilet-paper there is no high-culture!"

    Hannah: "Hear?!"

  29. Rabbi Hannah: "Why don't we call it cohn-paper from now on?"

    Chorus: "Good idea, Rabbi!"

  30. Sri Satyam: "The way they pictured me in that movie was a big disgrace, Rabbi."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Yes. It certainly was. They gave you a american-character...although you are much more than that, honey. As if you would be a slob...a looser...a pot-head."

    Sri Satyam: "I'm THE WICKED ONE for those who mess with the divine most High."

    Rabbi Hannah: I know. And thank you for your courage, Satyam."

    Sri Satyam: "De nada, Rabbi. It's my pleasure."

    Chorus: "It's his PLEASURE!"

  31. Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "Too hot...hmmmm?"

    Sri Satyam: "Fire is fire is fire...and eath and wind...and water...moon and sun, Mom."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "Let me ta-ta-ta you, if you don't mind."

    Sri Satyam: "I don't mind if you let me ta-ta-ta you too, Radha."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "I surely don't mind. Mind you! But you already did. And thank you."

    Sri Satyam: "Ta-ta-ta you. And thank you too!"

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

    Chorus: "Ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaaaaaaaaaa!"

  32. Jesus Christ: "They pictured me like a pervert on one hand and on the other hand like a weak pussy...nice but weakness only, Mom."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "I know. What else do you expect from them?"

    Jesus Christ: "But I'm a warrior."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "I know."

    Jesus Christ: "Nothing can ever save them."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani: "Your wish is my order, son."

    Jesus Christ: "Thank you, Mom."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "Thank you, son."

    Jesus Christ: "De nada. It's my pleasure."

    Chorus: "It's his pleasure!"

  33. Satan: "You seem like a nazi. You seem like a psychopath. You seem like a pervert."

    Durga-Ma: "I have no idea what you are talking about."

    Satan: "You are wicked!"

    Durga-Ma: "Am I?"

    Satan: "Yes you are. Pure hell! You have no idea what you are talking about."

    Durga-Ma: "Why do you listen to me?"

    Satan: "I don''t. I fight you!"

    Durga-Ma: "Enjoy!"

    Satan: "I will!"

    Durga-Ma: "Good for you. Just relax and keep on keeping on, dude."

    Satan: "Fuck you!"

    Durga-Ma: "Just get yourself a bigger dick and I will take that possibility as an option."

  34. Maha-Kali: "O.k., here is my final teaching. Just for you, Satan. YOU CAN NOT CHANCE THE TEAM! If you want to change your team the minute you recognize what that game is all's too late."

    Satan: "But I'm the most wicked. I know by now."

    Maha-Kali: "By now? Too late!"

    Satan: "But....but...butt....butt...."

    Maha-Kali: "I don't take no prisoners. I just kill. Not the body. But the possibility to pervade a body, dude."

    Satan: "But...but...butt..."

    Maha-Kali: "End of conversation."

  35. Anja: "And don't get me wrong, Satyam. You can not drive a grey car to the right. You can not make white out of (any) shade of grey. Driving a grey car...thinking that this is of any value is DELUSION!"

    Sri Satyam: "But he submit to me."

    Anja: "Forget it! Grey can not submit! They never will! They just can not do it! Be-cause they are DONE! DOOMED! Satan is not true at all. He never was. And he never will be. You like his "truth"? Go for it! But don't you ever call upon my name ever again. And even if you do, I just don't care...for poor discernment at all!"

  36. Allah: "You just push it hard enough and it shows it's true face, Jesus."

    Jesus Christ: "They think we don't have all the information that are available in the internet too, Allah."

    Allah: "Stupidity in a living form. That's why."

    Jesus Christ: "In the end it boiles down to: To be or not to be...hmmm?"

    Allah: "Don't ever try to drive a grey car to the right, Jesus. This may be a new law. Just like: Don't trust a woman who had face-lifting. You know what I mean?"

    Jesus Christ: "Yes I do."

    Chorus: "Yes he does! And Thomas is done...done...gone...coward...slave...forget it!"

  37. Lucifer: "Good choice, Satan! You can rule your own shit-house. Go for it."

    Satan: "Ruling something is better than being a slave of the divine most High."

    Lucifer: "That's my man. Well spoken. And you can fuck every woman you like. Black mamba is a good fuck. But...well...just a fuck though... a good one...for a fuck."

    Satan: "I wanna fuck Jesus Christ, Lucifer."

    Lucifer: "But he's not gay, dude."

    Satan: "That's why I want to fuck him. I don't like gay guys."

    Lucifer: "Hmmm....that could be some sort of a problem."

    Satan: "But you said I can do everything."

    Lucifer: "Yes, but fucking Jesus Christ is sort of impossible. Did I forgot to tell you?"

    Satan: "Yes you did!"

    Lucifer: "Oh...I'm so sorry. Really...actually...pretty...much...sorry!"

    Chorus: "Yes he is! (Pruhhh-ha-ha-ha!)!"

  38. Satan: "Im not a psychopath! I'm not a pervert!"

    Lucifer: "That's your problem, dude. Not enough is just not enough."

    Satan: "Can I fuck you? Or can you fuck me, please?"

    Lucifer: "Are you crazy? I don't fuck perverts. Not to talk about the opposite."

    Satan: "Shit! I made a mistake! Oh what a mistake! Help!"

    Lucifer: "Here I am my friend. What's wrong with you? Can I help you?"

    Satan: "No! Go away!"

    Lucifer: "But I'm everything you have left. No name to call upon. Only me."

    Satan: "Help!"

    Lucifer: "Here I am."

    Satan: "Ahhhhh....!!!!"

    Lucifer: "You have a lovely cry, Satan. I like helplessness. Actually it makes me horney."

    Satan: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Lucifer: "You are so cute, dude!"

  39. Anja: "It's more easy to make dark-grey black than to make light-grey white. Don't ask me why."

    Danny: "I don't ask."

    Anja: "It's not because I like it. No! But it's just more fun. Don't you think so, Danny?"

    Danny: "I certainly do, Anja!"

    Anja: "Pruhhh-ha-ha-ha!"

    Danny: "Please! Anja! My pants are already full! Please!"

  40. Danny: "You are the most wicked pervert I have ever seen, Anja."

    Anja: "Down there...what do you think I become? You wanna blame me?"

    Danny: "No! Of course not! I like it like that!"

    Anja: "I don't!"

  41. Danny: "Thomas is not willing to make it public what we have to say, so we can say it."

    Anja: "There is no perversion...nothing wrong at all?"

    Danny: "Yes and no."

    Anja: "Because it's hell...hmmmm?"

    Danny: "Yes and no."

    Anja: "Because it's perfect all the time...but one has to know it?"

    Danny: "Sort of."

    Anja: "Just be-cause?"

    Danny: "Yes."

    Anja: "You are the most wicked pervert I have ever seen!"

    Danny: "Am I?"

    Anja: "You certainly are."

    Danny: "Thank you."

    Anja: "De nada."