Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Memories Triggered by Frank Underwood Quotes - Psychopathic Philosophy

This montage of Kevin Spacey reminds me of a boss I had at one of the banks I worked at named Frank B_. He took a shine to me (asset) as the women in the office liked me and he knew I was useful, making him more popular with them via what he called 'that fucking scorched earth Irish charm of yours...".

One of my tasks was to sit in the office with Frank B_ , and listen to him talk in that same neo-philosophical style. He would randomly quote Goethe, Shakespeare and Shaw. Often incorrectly stating the quote, but my job was NOT to correct him and I knew this. 

He was the most devious man I've ever known and I was absolutely terrified of him even if he took me out to eat at expensive places and got me drunk in bars. While in his company, most of the time I was waiting for him to unleash his thermonuclear - but very strategic - temper of his upon me. Constant game of 'Cat and Mouse' which fed him energy and fired off his smirk.

At first I assumed he was just insecure with his Third Person Philosophy, as he was the only senior manager in the bank who did not go to any Ivy League School or MIT . But it wasn't insecurity; he truly believed these grandiose narratives about his special role upon this earth. He had gone to a technical college like myself, and worked his way up ruthlessly to the boardroom level over the years. His observation skills were like nothing I have ever seen, before or since. He 'monitored' and strategically analysed everyone around him.

He could be anything that any of them needed him to be.

Spooky watching this Kevin Spacey montage, as that was Frank B_. Very spooky actually. Just business.


  1. All the Kevin Spacey films contain the twilight language of the Illuminist Code.

    Here he is talking about knowing which way 'the wind' is blowing. That's what they call themselves: the invisible force, La Force - they even named one of their prisons after it during their French Revolution, the Force, the wind. They call The Wind (themselves) Moriah

  2. "fucking scorched earth Irish charm." Ah, so that's it. Pint of Guinness to that human flame-thrower over there.