Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Waking Up is Becoming Who You Were Meant to Be

There seems to be an assumption that people who are woken up are also somehow eternally paranoid, miserable and depressed. Nothing could be further from the truth. My life is filled with more magic, wonder and the need to explore and create, which is even more powerful now than when I was a young child.

The books I have read, beautiful people I have met and incredible places I have been, would never have happened if I was still in the system waiting for some politician to save me. I am surrounded by attractive smiling faces, REAL artists who are on the cutting edge, interesting people following their own grove and the amount of genuine affection and respect that we who have (properly) woken up share for one another is something one will never find in a pub, church or shopping mall.

Once woken up, your life becomes a kind of mini-epic. You become the lead player in your own life story and not just an audience member waiting for the curtain to close and then the show is over. You are centre stage and following your own script. 

"People who question the government, mass media and top experts are fucked up, conspiracy whackos living in fear and terror!!!"

Really? Is that why you lot, voting for HOPE AND CHANGE, living in fear of TERRORIST, along with believing the latest Media Hype Armageddon are consuming billions of psyche-meds, anti-depressants and anti-psychotic pills every year? 

Make sure you, the wife and the kids haven't missed your Ablify (aka Thorozine) dosage while you are making these statements about people like us who see through the bullshit? You know what happens then... The pain of your 'normal' and 'rational' life become unbearable.

Doesn't it? You know it does oh smug one...when that black mass of terror, keeping up with the Jones' anxiety and despondency washes over you when the TV sports game is over or the 'must see' TV drama has ended and you begin to start to feel edgy and so very, very alone... is the rational solution you more slice of pizza is not doing it oh Smug ever compliant one??? Maybe this next election the politician/political party promising to deliver your salvation like benevolent angels fluttering with gossamer wings during the campaign won't lie once elected...No, this time, they'll follow up on their promises. 

A Reminder of What You Left Behind

For the rest of us, who see through the scam of 'normality', It is so true that once you see that the world is a pantomime created by large corporations, and that the performers are religions, politicians and media; then your days among 'normal' people are over. You feel like you are trapped on an alien planet at times. Sad, but true. We are the new witches for the burning in many ways. (see Smug Asshole on the psyche meds above)

We would be fine with the ridicule and would welcome healthy debate - except for the snide attacks by Smug Assholes who only read the Murdoch papers and watch Sky/Fox thinking they have it all figured out and there is nothing more to anything else. Even an obvious statement such as 'war is big business and that's it' sends so many people into convulsions.

So what. You are free now. Let the your own Monomyth flourish. They got frozen pizza and psyche meds, you have a epic to partake in...and no American Idol judge to hold you back.

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