Monday, 3 November 2014

SFR 116: Thomas Sheridan returns

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In this episode Mr Lens welcomes Thomas Sheridan back to the programme for the second time this year.

Many topics are covered including possible escalation to world war, the Danzig effect, mental illness in the alternative movement, psychic attacks, class divides, anti immigration Americans being shouted down by an American native, strange cults plagiarising ancient cultures, the misinterpretation of the Sile Na Gig and the Green man by new agers, reconnecting with powerful archetypes, how people shouldn’t be spiritual until they get to their 30’s, students brainwashed by political agendas such as Socialist Worker, the dangers of not acknowledging the shadow side of our culture, and much more.

Music: Ozric Tentacles - Aramanu


  1. I just discovered your site, videos and books this week and I wanted to say thank you. This is a master class in thinking clearly, as opposed to fighting crazy with more crazy. The decades of time I could have used more profitably if I had learned all this sooner. PS...I, also, am one of those very sensitive individuals who picks up way too much energy ...and I noticed immediately that your work emanates a strong light. Thanks for the lighthouse warnings.

  2. The Gorsedd of an Druidh Breathrecas had a saying: y gwyr yn erbyn y byd - the truth against the world.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Another great interview. In my dim and distant past (emphasis on the dim) I was a member of a "revolutionary" hard left organisation Militant Labour. How you describe the left's mindset was spot on - I too was crippled by that sort of thinking. The person who was in charge of the local division of ML, I later found out from a very reliable source, was quite a violent man who used to hit his partner. Although I only lasted a year in the organisation, it was an interesting time. Years later I found out that a sister organisation of ML, Youth Against Racism in Europe (ML's version of the SWP's Anti Nazi League) was infiltrated by the police. Looking back I wonder how many other state agents and actors I may have met. My guess would be quite a few.

    Leftist thinking is a more legitimate mental illness than all "conditions" listed in the DSM.

  4. Another fascinating discussion from you Thomas!! Nice one!!