Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The "Roswell Incident" and the Application of Black Magic for Social Control

The 1947 Roswell Incident was a Cold War propaganda psychological operation to calm the very real terrors of Americans shocked that the Soviets had successfully obtained the blueprints for an Atomic Bomb from certain Manhattan Project scientists who had leaked the plans out through a network of Bolshevik sympathizers to the NKVD's 'Ministry of Machine Building' in Moscow. The potential for massive widespread panic and mass hysteria among the US population had to be quelled before the USSR detonated their first atomic weapon. Therefore, Roswell was devised to make it seem - to first and foremost the US public - that the US Military had 'spaceman' technology so the population could still feel that they had the edge over the Reds.

This plan was devised by the same Nazis brought to the USA with Operation Paperclip, and who had been coaching the US authorities on the weaponised occult control of the American population as had been so successfully achieved in Germany from 1919 to 1945. The US Administration had to make the American population believe that they would never lose against the Russians, as the US Military had an alien 'Wonder Weapon' or at least alien defence technology.  The Roswell Incident was to take place in tandem with other high profile flying saucer sightings, as well as using Hollywood to industrialised the concept of aliens from outer space visiting the earth within the minds of population. It was vital for Americans to believe that 'flying saucers are real' and that the aliens would somehow leak their fantastic technology exclusively to the God-fearing and freedom-loving Americans.

Towards the end of the Second World War, American military was greatly surprised and impressed with the devotion that the German population retained for the Third Reich right up until Walpurgis Night 1945, believing Hitler had a last minute 'Wonder Weapon' to save them. When Germans had lost everything, the majority of them still retained a fanatical belief in a Wonder Weapon to be unveiled at the last moment. Tens of thousands of German military and civilians died in the final days of the Second World War believing that a Wonder Weapon was about to be unleashed to save the Fatherland.

As a result of witnessing the power of such a socially-engineered mythology first hand, the US Military wanted a 'Wonder Weapon' of their own and Roswell was to be it. A weapon which exists purely in the minds of the population and one which millions of Americans and other people around the world to this day still firmly believe in. The ultimate black magic spell. To create a fanatical devotion to something which is not materially real, yet designed to hold the target within a purposely repressed state of consciousness.

All this black magic spell required was a few bits of tin foil on a military base. Photos of military looking guys holding these pieces of nothing. Something or other to do with "Flying Saucers" in the news headlines. Then act like it is all very TOP SECRET and the military is trying desperately to hide what crashed at Roswell from the public - and ultimately the Reds from finding out - until American GIs are running out of flying saucer with guns blazing towards the Kremlin to teach the commies a lesson. A major aspect of this psychological operation was the continuous and often repeated tales that the alien metal found at Roswell was indestructible, and therefore, only the Americans had the ability to be indestructible.

The terrified and near-psychotic population's wild imagination will fill in the rest. All Hollywood had to do was keep making movies about how powerful alien technology is in defeating conventional weapons, while major publishing houses set up authors to write books - which were to be widely distributed - that Flying Saucers are indeed Real. The rest is history and for countless millions to this day the 'Truth is Still Out There' and  'They still Want To Believe'.

The very essence of black magic in action.

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