Sunday, 5 October 2014

2001: A Space Odyssey - The Wernher Von Braun Connection

Just over a decade after Walpurgis Night 1945, Nazi war criminal (mainly as a result of horrific human rights violations which took place during the 'V' weapons construction phase using slave labour) Wernher Von Braun was already the darling of the US media and establishment.

Wernher Von Braun's 'V' weapons killed an estimated 2,754 people in London alone during a relatively short campaign, with another 6,523 injured. 2,917 service personnel were also killed as a result of the 'V' weapons. 

However, Wernher Von Braun was the magician the US establishment required to spellbound the world with NASA's brief to relieve the American 'public' from their Dark Night of the Sputnik trauma. When a simple Soviet satellite, the size of a basketball, traumatised the American politicians and elites as they watched it crossing the skies above them like a Commie Demon. It is interesting to note that the only demographic - where a sense of terror and doom surrounding the appearance of Sputnik in the American night sky - was mainly experienced by the US establishment, while many average Americans were impressed by the achievement of the Russian space program at the time. This trauma experienced by the US political and social establishment, once again had them running to Nazi scientists as they had previously done so in the 1930 with eugenics.

"If there was any trauma following the Russian sputnik, it occurred in Washington and not among the general public. Washington, for its part, took its cue from the newspapers and other issue makers. The misevaluation by leadership of the extent of public interest, as measured by the amount of news, coverage and the words of the issue makers, led to words and actions which further confused the issue. This situation points up the general problem for a democracy of: who is the ³public² to which leadership attends and who in fact do the issue makers represent?"

Source: International Affairs Seminars of Washington, "American Reactions to Crisis: Examples of Pre-Sputnik and Post-Sputnik Attitudes and of the Reaction to other Events Perceived as Threats," 15-16 October 1958. MORE HERE >>>

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