Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Angels Selected Obama for President

Naturally, I can see all the clever types laughing at this woman's delusions. To be honest, she is no less deluded than the educated 'progressives' who saw Obama in the same light. I personally witnessed educated 'atheists', civil servants and newspaper journalists talking about Obama in essentially the same kind of messianic/supernatural context back in 2008/09. Some still do. Delusion isn't just for New Age types.


  1. I was listening to some of your older stuff today.

    "Calling a Psychopath a Narcissist is like calling a Rapist a Selfish Lover"

    I burst out laughing on the train to work hehehe Thanks Thomas :)

  2. I voted for him the first time, but now, I don't vote anymore. I recently found out about your work and I am almost 3 years out after being involved with a psychopath. Thanks for all your insight. It has really helped and explained so much,