Monday, 6 October 2014

When the Irish were ISIS, and then later the Germans..

As with everything else cultivated and socially engineered by the Anglo-Romano-Prussian aristocrats, the Irish seemed to be the first indigenous tribe they successfully experimented upon before exporting the results to other parts of the globe. This included developing psychological warfare techniques/dehumanising tactics in order to 'justify' a mass military invasion of the country in order to seize the national assets.

Early printing presses of 1600's flooding Europe with images of English Protestant missionaries and their families being ethnically cleansed by the native Irish. Images designed to bombard the psyche of the average European towards the popular mandate that 'something had to be done' about the barbaric Irish. 

This was a psychological warfare tactic which has since become known as Atrocity Propaganda. The mass production and dissemination across Europe of woodcuts portraying scenes of the Irish peasantry beheading English settlers (now universally accepted by historians as completely fictional) eventually led to an invasion by an international coalition army of 36,000 troops led by the Romano-Prussian King William of Orange ('of German noble blood he' as the Dutch National Anthem announces) comprising of troops from from Holland, England, Scotland, Denmark, Prussia and France to finally 'civilise' the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. An event which Ireland is still recovering from to this day. 

In 1914, the same tactics were brought to the USA by Edward Bernays to incite Americans to support a war with Germany. In both the Irish and German cases, seizing the assets of the both nations for aristocratic and banking agendas (French Huguenots created the Bank of England and needed Irish agricultural exports to back the concern) was the primary aim. Both nations were raped of their assets and dignity following their 'liberation'. 

Interestingly, the aristocratic elements of both Ireland and Germany were not subjected to this Atrocity Propaganda compared to the average Irish and German person. Likewise, in both cases, the German and Irish aristocrats held onto power and were essentially unaffected by the social, cultural and economic disasters brought about following the Battle of the Boyne and the Versailles Treaty respectively. The Atrocity Propaganda's main objective was to dehumanise both Irishness and the Germanic personality as being utterly alien to outsiders to the point were the average person looking at these horrific images feared and despised these barbarians and wanted rid of them

Can you see where this is going?


  1. Hi Thomas, I like your work,
    It is sad truth that history often repeats in different settings. The Nazi learnt much from the British WW1 propaganda and used many of the tactics to propaganda Germans. One the main tactics by the ruling class to get people on their side for war doesn’t matter if it is either domestic or international is to dehumanise the opposition. The common way to achieve this in history has been to compare the target to some beast, evil, animal, or even lesser form of life such as a virus. Hitler often compare Jews and Russians as lice, or the Gypsy as a plague. In the Rwandan genocide, Tutsi were often portrayed as cockroaches. The Crusade, I am sure many other religions crusade and other ideologies operated much the same; Christians crusaders often compare their enemies with the devil or daemons from their holy book. They were probably told something like these people will poison the minds of their friends and family unless they reform their way, if not torture is aloud, death for those who repeated the “lies”. In Communism the enemy is the bourgeoisie (rich), an evil class of people who profit over the proletariat (poor working class). Death, torture, stealing, rape and other crimes are made much easier to commit to different groups of people, if a large enough of the populist in area believes the propaganda.
    From John

  2. As someone who has in recent times been likened to a virus and a 'blood and soil' Nazi, I fully understand this. I no longer believe a word that any of the official media tell me about any of these situations. Especially in the case of ISIS.

  3. re the above comment i feel the same . i like this site and your way of thinking thomas i totally understand and feel that i have had a few psychopaths in my life though im ok to a degree now . i don't believe a word the media tells though my partner thinks im a nutter and that i have been brainwashed .. i have told him many a time to look for the truth himself but unfortunately his head is buried in the sand , its so frustrating !!!!