Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Conspiracy Theories or Not - C*nts Still Run the World

It is really interesting to observe this fashionable backlash against all conspiracy theories by former ardent conspiracy theorists. 

On one hand, I welcome it, because most conspiracy theories are just massive oak trees which have grown out of tiny acorns of truths, abundantly fertilized with mountains of bullshit. On the other hand, I find it sinister how almost how fanatically they are now gleefully throwing the entire baby out with the bathwater, as if there are no conspiracies and never was, nor ever will be. Essentially now endorsing all authority and executive powers as infallible and completely trustworthy.

Before the 1990's, conspiracy theories were not considered nuts at all, and were generally taken as perfectly common discourse pondered by educated adults. The theories presented were often based on social and political speculations concerning possible holes/mysteries left within the historical record, as well as investigation of possible cryptic cultural dynamics/emergence, and thus, served a very useful purpose in bringing about a holistic understanding of human history in much the same manner historical 'What If's" debates present us with. 

When I was growing up, conspiracy theories were considered fun to ponder. They were never to do with aliens (X Files invented that) and there were certainly not fear based (Alex Jones). Back then, conspiracy theory was just a form of colourful discussion and alternative insights. They could be found in magazines such as Mother Jones, Utne Reader, Private Eye and many, many broadsheet newspapers. Respected authors such as David A. Yallop and Terry Maury were not considered 'whackos' for their well read conspiracy tomes during their day. 

More than any smug college professor or civil servant will ever admit, some 'wild' conspiracy theories did turn out to be substantially factual, and became accepted history; the Mafia, Locked Away Deformed Royal Children, Irish Catholic Child Abuses, BBC Sex Scandals, the John Profumo Affair, the framing of James Earl Ray, Watergate, the Process Church, Jim Jones, Bloody Sunday and the influence of Thule Society on Pre-Nazi Germany being among the most notable examples of many factual events which began life as conspiracy theories. 

What is happening now in 2014, is the growing assumption/backlash; that ALL conspiracy is nonsense and every government, corporate and university press release should be accepted as unconditional fact. This is a very dangerous road to go down, and this is where these 'recovered conspiracy theorists' - who were often the most irrational and hysterical types of all  when they were 'awake' - are leading us.

The world is still run by cunts. Deal with it.

Thomas Sheridan will be speaking in Manchester 14 th (stand up comedy and spoken word) Sept, St Anne's: New Horizons, 15th Sept, Marcos Cafe Hebden Bridge 16 th Sept and Hull on Thursday 17th Sept.


  1. "We are winning, but they have one more trick up their sleeve" Well isn't that freaking enticing, but mostly scary.

  2. Lol! Whenever I'm feeling scrunched by all the shite out here....i can count on this site to make me howl with laughter!

    The whole freaking world is ruled by them! And we psycho survivors got a front row seat to watch the show.

    love your site.

  3. The world is most definitely run by cunts.. We have given our power away to oppressors & so we reap what we have sown!! In over 5000 years of written recorded history there has been 16 000 wars!!!
    Have you seen 'Calvary' movie??
    Enjoy ya upcoming talks!
    Kind regards! Phil

  4. David Yallop really had a nose for the big ones - the Yorkshire Ripper murders and the Vatican murder of John Paul I.

    It may well be that the source of Satanism in that time (maybe all time) was JP II himself. He knighted Savile as a Knight Commander of the Order of St Gregory. The body language in the photo ops says it all.

    And JP II absolutely glorified Marcial Maciel founder of the Legion of Christ which enabled Satanist bishops like Levada and Mahoney to traffic children for across all borders of the Americas. Maciel was the preferred companion on a lot of the 'most travelled pope's' junkets. Only when the proofs of Maciel's unspeakable crimes so incontrovertibly 'out there' did Benedict retire him to a life of prayer and penance. Apparently didn't make a very good job of it as the Vatican sent an exorcist to his death bed just to be on the safe side. Fr Malachi Martin wrote a book about Lucifer's enthronement in the Vatican and was murdered just as Pope John Paul I was murdered - Yallop's inescapable conclusion.

  5. History is built on conspiracies, with government as the most frequent perpetrators. So as long as you can support you 'conspiracy' theory with certifiable facts, which in many cases can be done without much effort (laws of physics spring to mind), there's no reason to back down when the tin-foil-hat accusers come around again, as most of the time they'll turn out to be Delphi Technique Agent Provocateurs. If unfamiliar with that, look up Beverly Eakman on YouTube.

    The other question to always ask is: Cui Bono? Who benefits. Apply that to MH17, and the US/EU propaganda story is turned on its head. Remember how that all started: $ 5 billion into Ukrainian destabilization, and the Victoria 'F*ck the EU' Nuland coup d'état that followed. NATO's been expanding aggressively, but now Putin suddenly is the 'expansionist'? MH17 was the false flag in order to gain popular support for the sanctions against 'guilty' Russia, starting the current economic war in an attempt to destroy the Ruble.

    Pleased with 'low' oil prices? Think what caused them; nothing to do with a sudden 'world surplus'. Once they've served their purpose, they'll skyrocket back, to further exploit the serfs.

    Governments are evil and should be abolished. 'We' thought Gadaffi was a dictator? Think again. Gadaffi was a smart man, didn't want to play along American dictates, and paid the price. Gadaffi was a 'benign dictator', when compared to the 'democratically chosen' dictators of western governments. Gadaffi actually 'served' his people; it's just that the Middle East culture is not really compatible with Western culture. Which of course is why barbaric islam is imported into Europe on a vast scale: to destroy Western culture and civilization.

    People should stop voting for their smooth-talking sociopathic hostage-takers and thus remove them from power. Voting is nothing more than exploiting people's fear that other people will keep voting even if they don't, and thus render them without influence at all. But when has voting (I'm talking elections, not referenda) ever turned things in favor of the people? When has it ever made a difference? And even with referenda, should you vote 'wrong', as the Irish did with the EU, you just get to vote again, until you get it 'right'.

    Don't vote them, f*ck 'm. If you think 'm to be c*nts, as Thomas does, that should make it a fun experience as well. As long as you stay aware that the REAL c*nts are above our level of visibility, with the likes of Bilderberg, Trilateral Commisson and Council of Foreign Relations. Governments are becoming/have become the armed forces of corporate Big Business.

    As George Carlin famously said: "It's a big club, and you ain't in it!"