Friday, 6 December 2013

Jimmy Savile and Bruce Bailey: Surgeons and High Rates of Psychopathy

The lure of high salary, universal praise, risk-taking with the life of another, and inability to feel squeamish (viewing others as just objects or devices) is among the reasons some psychopaths are drawn into the profession. Surgeons score among the highest rates of psychopathy. The phony altruism of public adulation for their 'good works' hiding the predator beneath the surface has also been a common mask of the charitable/healing chameleon psychopath.

Jimmy Savile an Honorary Guest Inside Irish Government Buildings with the 
Irish Prime Minister the Now Disgraced Charles Haughey in the Late 1970's.

Former surgeon at hospital where Savile had an office accused of sexually abusing four-year-old girl while reading her bedtime stories by Leon Watson

  • Bruce Bailey worked at world-renowned Stoke Mandeville Hospital
  • He is also accused of raping girl when she was 11 as she waited for op
  • Bailey, who died in 2001, is believed to have known paedophile Savile
  • He is second doctor at Bucks hospital accused of abusing patients
A former surgeon at the hospital where Jimmy Savile had an office has been accused of sexually abusing a patient from the age of four.

Bruce Bailey, who worked at the world-renowned Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, allegedly attacked the girl while reading her bedtime stories.

She says the plastic surgeon, who died in 2001, then raped her when she was 11 as she waited to have an operation.


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