Thursday, 26 December 2013

People of Wal-Mart, Lose Weight, But Keep the Clothes

Anyone can be a drone, a follower, a clone. There is nothing easier in life than to do as you are told, behave as 'they' expect you to behave, and look just like your peers.

There is a series of photos going around of people dressed in some of the most outrageous and colourful outfits entitled The People of Wal-Mart. You are suppose to look and make fun of them. They are like 'freaks'. Fair enough, some of these people are very overweight and unhealthy and this is not a good thing either, but since when has dressing flamboyantly been a crime? Ever stop for a second and wonder what benchmark you are judging these people against? Let that one sink in for a second. I used to laugh at these people too at one time. Not now. I do not feel sorry for them either. I see potential to piss off the system.

Conformity is the key to social control and manipulation. Brands, designer fashions, product awareness, labels and icons of normality remain the most vicious shackles which bind the psyches of the general public to a far greater degree than any totalitarian mandate, will impose upon them.

If they are standing in the freezing rain for days to get the latest iPhone, who needs a machine gun tower and electric fence? You got the slaves doing what you need them to do. To be just like everyone else. This was how Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin and Mao achieved complete domination over their subjects. The 'sameness' doctrine also created the horrors of Eugenics and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

When I see the most flamboyantly dressed (rather than the very obese) 'People of Wal-Mart, I see the human spirit in all its beauty. Here are ordinary people rebelling against the retail giant which has more than any other corporate entity, single-handedly been responsible for the annihilation of American culture and small business. Same looking, grey monolithic stores, same brands in predictable abundance at the psychopathic epicentre among the same desolate vista of empty small stores and bankrupt service providers for miles around. Yet in this shithole of slavery, we see fleeting spasms of individuality arrive now and again to remind us all that it doesn't have to be this way.

Once you are not wearing a regulation-issue, standard uniform and knocking on my door at 4AM, I really don't give a shit how you dress once you are doing it for yourself and not mass media. Chances are, if people are 'uncoordinated' in their dress sense, they won't harm you. 

On some deeper level, I see the flamboyance of the People of Wal-Mart as a sort of rebellion against what Wal-Mart is all about. On some archetypal and instinctual human subconscious undercurrent, these folks are 'rocking the conformity boat' which the psychopathic-drive behind entities such as Wal-Mart need to constantly maintain in order to keep their monstrous business model going. Rather than laughing and mocking the colourful and eccentric People of Wal-Mart, perhaps we all need to be a little more like them and cause the Control Grid some real stress. There is a reason why it is so much fun to dress up crazy on Halloween and why it makes you feel good - it's called freedom.

In a Globalist world, one of the greatest revolutionary acts is to be an individual who doesn't give a shit what the fashion editor at Vogue or Cosmopolitan thinks about you. 

^^^ Conformist Wankers


  1. Here is one for...well...some friend who is trying to be funny but still is a little bit too clumpsy regarding that issue. Here it goes:

    Sri Satyam: "So...what are you going to perform?"

    Lucifer: "I shut up and play my guitar?"

    Sri Satyam: "That's right!"

    Lucifer: "But for how long?"

    Sri Satyam: "Are you kidding me?"

    Lucifer: "No Sir! I just wanna know."

    Sri Satyam: "I guess you belong to Yoko Ono from now on."

    Lucifer: "Oh no! Sir! Please!

    Sri Satyam: "So...shut TF up and play your guitar!"

  2. hello thomas, another great article, I may add off subject that a recent article I read somewhere else had boasted on what a benefit it is for surgeons and doctors to be psychopaths. I'd disagree, and here is a potential reason why:

    Dr's having empathy surely would of avoided that horrible situation.

  3. Lucifer: "Sri Satyam, can you tell me what God is?"

    Sri Satyam: "No."

    Lucifer: " don't know??

    Sri Satyam: "I do know, stupid!"

    Lucifer: "But why don't you tell me?"

    Sri Satyam: "O.k., Lucifer...this is just for fool! God is THE devotee of his/her devotees."

    Lucifer: "Oh...but what does it mean?"

    Sri Satyam: "Is this a serious question? You are really wanna know?"

    Lucifer: "Yes, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "So...shut TF up and play your guitar!"

  4. Sri Satyam: "This is what you call guitar playing?"

    Lucifer: "Well...yes...I did my very best...and I'm kind of old and my fingers are a bit stiff somehow...sorry, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "I don't go for excuses. Either you make it or you're out of it. Every school-boy plays better than you, moron."

    Lucifer: "I can play the piano instead."

    Sri Satyam: So...go for it. But you better don't disapoint me again. I don't like amateurs. I'm a professional."

    Lucifer: "O.k....I will try. I can also play the harp. You want me to do it?"

    Sri Satyam: "Lucifer! Just do it! Do it!"

    Lucifer: " I go..."

  5. Jesus Christ: "Ähhhh...Lucifer...that was it? I mean...that was all you can do with all my support...with sucking all my children and angels dry?"

    Lucifer: "I'm old...I don't have power what do you expect?"

    Jesus Christ: "Nothing of course."

    Sri Satyam: "See?!"

    Jesus Christ: "Sri Satyam, what do you think we can do about it?"

    Sri Satyam: "Honestly...I lack words."

    Jesus Christ: "And so do I!"

    Sri Satyam: "WTF!"

    Jesus Christ: "Man...I have no idea...but...wait.. we just need to get rid of that shit."

    Sri Satyam: " read my mind...let me do's my job anyway, you know..."

    Jesus Christ: "What would I be without you...go for it, buddy!"

    Sri Satyam: "Torture or no torture?"

    Jesus Christ: "It's up to you."

    Sri Satyam: " band and I we have some sort of idea about it."

    Jesus Christ: "So...go for it!"

  6. Krishna: "I send my Beloved down there. Her nature is pure eternal joy. You know what they did to her?"

    Sri Satyam: "Yes I do. To protect her was a tough cookie, let me tell yah..."

    Krishna: "She went down should I call it...complete annihilation...she went all the way down to become complete (MAHA) Kali. You know?!"

    Sri Satyam: "I do! What a shame!"

    Krishna: "Shame is a too small word for it."

    Sri Satyam: "And you also went pretty much down to become...well...."

    Krishna: "I can tell yah, dude!"

    Sri Satyam: "And me too...."

    Krishna: "Sorry for that know...."

    Sri Satyam: "I do!"

    Krishna: "Sorry again...but...there....down shitty-kindergarden...what do you expect?"

    Sri Satyam: "Nothing....of course."

    Krishna: "See?!"

    Sri Satyam: I do!"

  7. Jesus Christ: "And I send Buddha also. A dude funny as hell. You know what they did to him?"

    Sri Satyam: "Yes...his fucker Lucifer killed him. Just like he killed Solomon."

    Jesus Christ: " its just the's a shame! Pure sin!"

    Sri Satyam: "So...they can kill a body...but not a God? Is that is what you are saying?"

    Jesus Christ: "Yes."

    Sri Satyam: I ta-ta-ta you!"

    Jesus Christ: "I ta-ta-ta you too!"

  8. Buddha: "They are completely lost, man."

    Krishna: "I agree. They have no ever. Lucifers free-will-experiement" know."

    Buddha: "I worked my ass of, man."

    Krishna: "Just like I did."

    Buddha: "They have no fun...they are just plain nothing, dude."

    Krishna: "Yes, man. So what do you recommend?"

    Buddha: "I don't know now. But I certainly do NOT come back down there. These alien-vampires killed me."

    Krishna: "Alien-vampires...nice word...yes...that's what they are...they try to align but they only suck Lucifers dick (although he has non, HAH!). Fucked up Rahu bitches....nama-rupa...I don't care."

    Buddha: "Yes man. They are fucking themselfs and do complain about BOREDOM."

    Krishna: " their "great" issue...of course."

    Buddha: "Fucking is all they know. Fuck everything and be bored with it. That's the name of the game."

    Krishna: "What else do you expect in shitty-kindergarden?"

    Buddha:" Is it too much to ask for some kind of real joy?"

    Knshna: "'s not...but you know...they just kill it!"

    Buddha: "Yes, man...they just kill it!"

    Krishna: "So why don't we kill them instead?"

    Buddha: "Dude...let's just ta-ta-ta are THE atomic"

    Krishna: "I am the atomic bomb...but someone has to press the button."

  9. Rabbi Hannah: "May I say something too?"

    Jesus Christ" "Of course! Sorry Rabbi for not letting you getting through."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Would you mind if I press? I mean...can there be forgiveness for what has been done to my people? Can that be any means?"

    Jesus Christ: "You choose Rabbi Hannah. I'm just your devotee."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Thank you Lord. I will make will make my choice, of course."

  10. Tur Tsu: "May I speak also, Lord?"

    Lord: "Yes! Of course."

    Tur Tsu: "I will free my people too. Can I?"

    Lord: "Yes...and...thank you for your good work and your courage."

    Tur Tzu: "Thank you too. I will try to make a wise choise also."

    Lord: "I'm sure about that, Tur Tzu."

  11. Lord: "One last thing before I shut TF up. Please make wise choises. Don't let me wish to slap a ghost while enjoying eternity. Know what I (and I) mean?"

  12. Lord: "I know...I talk too much...but...let me finally tell you this:

    Get yourself a copy of Narada's Bhakti-Sutras (if you can find a decent translation, which is not that easy...although it's worth to give it a try.) Get yourself a Bhagavad-Gita, (if you can find a decent translation, which is not that easy also...but you will make it, if you are supposed to.)

    Please don't ever forget: Nothing, absolutely nothing, can oppose the will of God!

    And even if you don't know yourself....if you are a divine go back to your eternal your eternal your beloved eternal joy....what ever you wanna call it...

    So...if you know yourself it's fine. And even if you don't know yourself, it's fine also.


    For the Divine most High there is no free will! They ARE free will. They trust their LORD and do what they are supposed to do. Every little drop that comes out of your nose is his/her/your will. You might not know's like it is. Just don't bother. There is perfect justice all the time for everybody. And if you know a little doesn't mean a just means you need to know a little bit for the sake of your mission...down there... shitty-kindergarden.

    There is justice...there is beauty...there is goodness...there is joy...there is truth and happiness for you.

    Or there is the opposite. Nobody can do anything about it.

    Everything is just perfect. Just don't identify with our body/mind.

    Nobody can fake it! Either you are THAT or not. It is as easy like that.

  13. Lord: "One last thing on free will. Think about it, please. If every body/mind would have free will, how would we end up with? How would creation look like? Should every little (inmature) being should be able to manifest destiny? Would you want to have it like that?

    A mature soul knows...with no doubt...that it is impossible.

    A mature soul knows...with no doubt...that there IS GOD ONLY...

    ...for that particular soul to rule its experience and its mission. And as I said before...God is THE devotee or her/his devotees. That means God (goodness, truth, beauty) is running the show for the divine the in charge...but you need to know recognize it...else you will suffer (down there in shitty-kindergarden)...down there in Lucifers free-will-experiement. .

    But it does NOT mean you, your "will",,,your "opinion"...your "view"... (as a part of the divine most High) does not count. No. It's a relationship. You talk to God and God is talking to's a dialog...back and forth...

    So...IF you are a part of the divine most High...God is listening to you...and IF you do not identify with your body/mind you are listening to Gods idea of being. It's like an unending dialog. Nothing is hidden from you IF you are a divine soul. You just need to know it...and LISTEN...if you have ears...and SEE...if you have eyes.

    But IF you are a lucifer-pervaded-body-mind you will never know. You need others to connect and aliegn with (alien) huck up need others for need others for confirmation...

    A divine soul is independent...God and the divine is a personal...a very private relationship...

    That's all there is.

    You just know what needs to be known in every single moment.

    That's all there is.

    Know what I (and I) mean?

  14. Lord: "IF what I say rings a bell for are overstand it.

    IF not...I just don't care!"

  15. Lord: "And for everyone who thinks that Friedrich Nietzsche has something to say of any value, let me tell you this: He is utterly...absolutely...completely under my thump!

    But...he came up with some good questions...therefore I do not destroy him. And these questions are:

    Do you want to follow?
    Do you want to lead?
    Can you (will you) walk alone?

    (I paraphrased it a little bit because...well...just be-cause!)

    Do you know the answer to that questions?

    ( the way...there is no purpil pill! No grey! There is no I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!)

    Kind regards,

    Athur Schopenhauer

  16. Lord: "Everybody who is born into a cathlic family is some sort of a semi-pervert."

    Sören: "Come on Lord! That's not fair!

    Lord: "It might not be fair, but it's true!"

    Sören: "Come on Lord! Have some mercy!

    Lord: "Are you kidding me? I AM MERCY!"

    Sören: "You are right, Lord. I'm all for you! Go for it!

    Lord: "Sören, my dear son, I ta-ta-ta you! Well done! It was not easy, hmmm?!"

    Sören: "No! I can tell yah!"

    Lord: "So...let's have some funky good time, dude!"

    Sören: "Good idea!"

  17. Hermann: "May I say something, Lord?"

    Lord: "Of course."

    Hermann: "They fucked me up with that nobel-price!"

    Lord: "Forget it, Hermann."

    Hermann: "I feel bad about it. I should have denied it."

    Lord: "Forget it, Hermann."

    Hermann: "So you think I did a way?"

    Lord: "Yes."

    Hermann: "Oh what a relief! So...what are we gonna do now?"

    Lord: "Just let's have some funky good time!"

    Hermann: "Good idea!"

  18. Vincent: "I cut my ear for that bitch, Lord."

    Lord: "Here is a new one, Vincent."

    Vincent: "Thank you."

    Lord: "It's a funky ear, dude! It makes you shake...twist and know?."

    Vincent: "Geee!!! Oh what an ear! I wish I had cut my other ear also!"

  19. James J.: " is he doing, Lord?"

    Lord: "He's fine."

    James J.: "Lord, you did not even read my books...hmmm?"

    Lord: "No. It was not necessary. But it helped to flip through it."

    James J.:"What an honor for me."

    Lord: "Thank you!"

    James J.: "So...what are we gonna do now?"

    Lord: "Are you ready to shoot some fuckers down?"

    James J.: "If you are ready I'm ready too."

    Lord: "So...let's have some funky good time, James."

    James J.: "Let's funk the funk, dude!"

  20. Jesus Christ: "Ready to party hardy, Krishna?"

    Krishna: "Who do you think I am?"

    Jesus Christ: "Full program?"

    Krishna: "Have you ever seen my doing half the show?"

    Jesus Christ: "No."

    Krishna: "So..."

    Jesus Christ: "Here we go!"

  21. Lucifer Jr.: "Can I play in your band, Sir? I play better and I look better."

    Sri Satyam: "Jimmy, what do you think?"

    Jimmy: "Edgar, what do you think?"

    Edgar: "Joe, what do you think?"

    Joe:"Kali, what do you think?"

    Kali: "If he gives me all his money, let me eat his children, torture his wife and after I have cut of his dick...he can give it a try."

  22. Sri Satyam: "See?!...There he is running."

    John: "Now you know where his passion is."

    Theo: "We are complete anyway."

    Sri Satyam: "What a pussy."

    Otis: "But we knew it all along anyway."

    Rio: "What a bloody coward."

    Ella: "Oh...shit can run. Interesting."

    Kali: "An eye for an eye. Was that too much to ask for?"

    Sri Satyam: "Of course not!"

    Chorus: "OF COURSE NOT!"

  23. Hardes: "I still have not found Persephone."

    Durga: "But I did."

    Hades: "Really? Where is she? How is she doing? Does she miss me?"

    Durga: "Well...she's in the north. She went to art-school and is a singer."

    Hades: "Sounds good, Durga-ma."

    Durga: "And she is some kind of a Lolita...although she is around 30...good looking."

    Hades: "Oh Durga-ma! That sounds very good! What else can you tell me?"

    Durga: "She sings Krishnas songs in a way...hmmm...let me put it like this: my fist comes up when I listen to her."

    Hades: "So...she can not sing?"

    Durga: " can! But she sings like a teenager."

    Hades: "Nothing wrong with that, Durga-ma. I guess I will like it. What else can you tell me?"

    Durga: "She knows how to be kinky. She goes for dominant man. And she has money."

    Hades: "Oh Durga-ma! That are very very good news!"

    Durga: "Well...yes and no, Hades."

    Hades: "What do you mean?"

    Durga: "She is....hmmm...I don't know how to say it...she may not love you too much anymore."

    Hades: "No problem, Durga-ma. I will make her love me! That's for sure!"

    Durga: "She is a bitch, Hades."

    Hades: Oh Durga-ma! You know I like bitches!"

    Durga: "Than she is all yours, Hades."

    Hades: "Thank you Durga-ma!"

    Durga: "De nada, Hades. Go and get your satisfaction."

  24. Nature: "Babylon is fallen and now they are one their own, right?"

    Lord: "Yes."

    Nature: "May I tell you a sad sad story, Lord?"

    Lord: "Yes. Please tell me."

    Nature: "Lucifers armee killed so many of my children. It's impossible to count them. And know they come here and want me to heal them."

    Lord: "I know. That is what is called delusion, perversion, wickedness and carelessness."

    Nature: "That's right! First they destroy me and know they want me to "heal" them."

    Lord: "Relax, Nature. Sin...etenal sin...guilt that rests on their "consciousness" can never ever be healed. It can only be detroyed. It's impossble to undo what has been done by them, you know!?"

    Nature: "I know. But I'm still a bit sad, Lord."

    Lord: "I perfectly understand your sadness, Nature. And thank you for your devotion and your strength. You want me to sing a song for you?"

    Nature: "Yes! Please!"

    Lord: "Here we go!"

    Chorus: "Oh when the saints...oh when the saints...oh when the saints go marching in..."

    Nature: "I wanna be with that glory number...oh when the saints go marching in."

    Lord: "We are leaving, Nature. We are leaving shitty-kindergarden...Lucifers free-will-experiement is done."

    Nature: "Oh happy day!"

    Lord: "I ta-ta-ta you, Nature."

    Nature: "I ta-ta-ta you too."

  25. Persephone: "You mean I can leave the underworld and walk with you if I give up all my money and my stupid ideas about...about...all that shit?"

    Sri Satyam: "Yes."

    Persephone: "Set me free please!"

    Sri Satyam: "Your are wellcome. But now you listen to Durga-ma for further instructions."

    Persephone: "Thank you Sir!"

    Durga: "Wash your face! Dress up like a real woman! And shut TF up!"

    Persephone: "Mam, yes, Mam!"

    Durga: "You don't show your naked body anymore! You stop being a toy!"

    Persephone: "Mam, yes, Mam!"

  26. Sri Satyam: "You have to make your choise. Either you wanna listen to (true) Kali. Or you wanna listen a fake image. Either you wanna listen to Amy or you wanna listen to some fucked up Lolita-pussy. It's up to you."

    Durga: "Are you talking to me, Sri Satyam?"

    Sri Satyam: "Of course not. I'm taking whom I may concern."

    Durga: "Well...that's what I thought."

    Sri Satyam: "No offense, Mam!"

    Durga: "No offense, Sir!"

  27. Rabbi Hannah: "Let's define some terms for him. He is certainly not the smartest although he is not completely stupid."

    Durga: "O.k. Rabbi. I guess you want to define the terms psycho-pathology and borderline. Am I right?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Yes, Durga. How would you define the terms?"

    Durga: "Psyche=greek word for soul. Soul meaning of divine origin. Undestructable and infinite. Pathology=latin=sickness. Border=some sort of border. Line=some sort of line."

    Kali: "Psychopathology implies sickness or disease of the soul. But in my humble opinion a soul can not be sick. Like Durga said, a soul is of divine origin and is therefore made by God and is undestructable and eternal. So... it is possible that a soul is sick."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Good point Kali. I agree, a soul can not be sick. Only the personality can be sick. But sick is a bad term also. A personality or a person (per=greek, meaning vehicle. son=greek, meaning sound.) So only the vehicle through which the sound comes can be distorted or disturbed."

    Kali: "I agree with you Rabbi. And borderline is some sort of area, some sort of realm. That is what the word implies. So I would say the difference between borderline and psychopathology is a question of realms. A question of areas where sound comes from. What do you think?"

    Durga: "I agree."

    Rabbi Hannah: "So let's cut it short. I'm tired. You know?"

    Durga: "I would say that psychopathology is an oxymoron."

    Rabbi Hannah: "I agree."

    Kali: "I agree."

    Rabbi Hannah: "Should we further discuss it tomorrow, Ladys?"

    Kali: "Yes please, Rabbi. I'm tired too."

    Durga: "Good idea, Rabbi."

  28. Duke: "Lord, Lucifer Jr., the offspring of pure wickedness and delusion, came to me for advice because he knows who he is. He submitted to Maha-Kali, he said. Is that right, Kali?"

    Maha-Kali: "Yes. But I don't trust him too much. He must give all his money to me. And not just his money. His fathers money too. Rabbi Hannah and Durga have a project and they need the money. The project has to do with helping his victims to recover from Lucifers "work".

    Lord: "O.k., Duke and Kali. You both are in charge for him now. Duke, you said you know Lucifer because you "worked" for him once?"

    Duke: "Yes. He is...he is...ahhhh...just let's not talk about it! If you wanna see a horror movie go the cinema. Working for him is like hitting yourself with a hammer."

    Maha-Kali: "It is absolutely impossible to work with me without giving up all deluded ideas of grandiosity, superiourity and self-empowerment. I do not allow anybody to play outside of the rules...outside of proper Dharma...proper conduct...proper behaviour in nature."

    Lord: "Kali, you said you do not trust him. So why are you willing to work with him?"

    Maha-Kali: "Because he submitted to me. I must do it, you know?"

    Lord: "I know. But how long will it take?"

    Maha-Kali: "Not too long. A few more days actually. He will send the money to the right person and I will know that he is honest and obeydient. If I don't get the right signals he is done. Done means ready to be destroyed completely."

  29. Maha-Kali: "Lord, they are playing double-bind with me right now."

    Lord: "That is exactely what I expected from both of them. Satan and Lucifer are pervert and semi-pervert, dominant narcissist and borderliner, black and white, you know?"

    Maha-Kali: "They both want to play power games with me."

    Durga: "And with me too."

    Rabbi-Hanna: "And with me too."

    Lord: "See?! You need to give them what they fear most. If one of them (or both) do not fear death, give them something they fear. Boredom is always a good one for every motherfucker. That's what they fear most. ETERNAL BOREDOM!"

    Maha-Kali: "Thank you Lord."

    Durga: "Thank you Lord."

    Rabbi Hanna: "Thank your Lord."

    Lord: "De nada, Ladys. And thank you too."

  30. Judge: "So how is it going with perversion, delusion and stupidity (of the heart)?"

    Lords: "We are totally, utterly, completely fed up with it."

    Ladys: "We are totally, utterly, completely fed up with it."

    No-Souls: "But...but...butt...gut...gutt...ugga-agga...guilty...guilty...shitty-shitty..."

    Judge: "No-Souls, does that mean you admitt your sin?"

    No-Souls: " wagga...wanna manna!"

    Judge: "Lords and Ladys, can you please explain what that thing is saying?"

    Lords: "Well...we guess it is: Give me eternal boredom because I deserve it."

    Ladys: "We guess it is: Here is all my money to undo what has been done."

    No-Souls: "Mmmffff....Mmmfff....Mmmfff..."

    Judge: "Although my name is MERCY and PASSION...I'm a bit upset right now!"

    No-Souls: "Power is wisdom is fun is mine is for me is G! is me is free is peee..."

    Judge: "I guess that was it, Lords and Ladys!"

    Ladys: "We agree!"

    Lords: "We agree!"

  31. Allah: "May I speak too, Judge?"

    Judge: "Of course."

    Allah: "Hades and Saulus are in clinch right now."

    Judge: "I know."

    Allah: "They are both slaves. They must worship the divine most High as slaves. Because that was their choice...once."

    Judge: "You are sure, Allah?"

    Allah: "Yes. But please ask the other Lords and Ladys regarding that issue."

    Judge: "Lords and Ladys, you agree with Allah?"

    Ladys: "Yes we do. Not honoring the devotion of the female aspect is pure sin."

    Lords: "Well...Lucifers armee spoiled the female aspect for such a long time...we have been his slaves for so long because of that. But now...we's over."

    Allah: "See?!"

    Judge: "I do!"

  32. Judge: "But who is on top of whom, Allah?"

    Allah: "Interesting you ask that, Judge. Because they are into dominant/submissive they need a position."

    Judge: "Yes, Allah. That's what I see also."

    Allah: "So...the one who was born into a (although fake) christian (poor outer wealth) familiy is of more value than someone who was born into a ... how should I name it? With out sounding like a nazi?"

    Judge: "Go on, Allah. Speak your mind, please."

    Allah: "It is more difficult to make it, if you are born into a (outer poor) familiy than to be born into a family who is rich. Do you agree, Judge?"

    Judge: "Yes I do."

    Allah: "So...the one who made it without the support of money is of more value, in my humble oppinion."

    Judge: "Ladys and Lords, do you agree?"

    Ladys: "Yes we do."

    Lords: "Yes we do."

    Allah: "It's because you need more strength...more passion...more make it to the top."

    Judge: "Do you argee, Lords and Ladys?"

    Lords: "Yes we do."

    Ladys: "Yes we do."

    Judge: "So...Allah...who is on top of whom?"

    Allah: "I guess it's obvious, Judge."

  33. Rabbi Hannah: "Ladys...let's come to terms right now."

    Durga: "So...psycho (soul)...path-ology (a path that has a certain origin)."

    Maha-Kali: "Soul...or no soul...that is the my humble opinion."

    Rabbi Hannah: "But what does SOUL mean, Ladys? And what is POWER?"

    Durga: "Soul means: Of divine by the divine most High."

    Maha-Kali: "Power means: A certain power. A power to destroy."

    Rabbi Hannah: "I agree. But Kali what do you mean if you talk about destruction?"

    Maha-Kali: "I mean to destroy the ones who destroy goodness-beauty-truth. To destroy of the destroyers of DHARMA. Dharma meaning: Eternal law...THE LAW OF GOD's WILL. Sorry for being so strong in my point of view."

    Durga: "Don't bother, Kali-ma. I agree."

    Rabbi-Hannah: "Me too. But let me add this question: What is (eternal) Dharma? What is God's will?"

  34. Maha-Kali: "Ladys...Lords...let's sing a song, if you don't mind."

    Ladys: "Good idea, Kali!"

    Lords: "Good idea, Kali!"

    Maha-Kali: "What song do we sing?"

    Lords: "Dong-dong-dee-dee-dong-dong-happy-song?"

    Ladys: "Dong-dong-dee-dee-dong-dong-happy-song!"

    Maha-Kali: "Dong-dong-dee-dee-dong-dong-lovely-happy-song-it makes you wanna shout!"

    Judge: "Here I am. I have some good old lovin'...I'm so hard to handle...yes I am."

    Ladys: "Glory, glory ha-le-lu-ja. You will love it...A-man!"

  35. Maha-Kali: "But don't get me wrong! Don't you ever get me wrong!"

    Judge: "Oh Kali-Ma...please have mercy with me!"

    Maha-Kali: "I AM MERCY!"

  36. Maha-Kali: "Satan! You are too slow! Too clumpsy! Too boring! Too un-funky! Just not funny at all! Like a child...trying to...but adults just laught at you!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "So I win, Kali-ma?!"

    Maha-Kali: "Of course not! SOAB!"

    Satan: "What about me?"

    Maha-Kali: "No! To slow! Not funny! Just Lucifers bunny! Heavy metal? Fuck you, bore!"

    Lucifer: "See?!"

    Maha-Kali: "Yes. But that does not mean a thing, sucker!"

    Satan: "I'm the boss anyway, Kali."

    Maha-Kali: "Enjoy your delusion, Satan. You are not worth a dime, Lucifer's spit licker!"

    Lucifer: "Oh Kali! A adore you!"

    Maha-Kali: "I don't care."

    Satan: "I adore you too, Kali!."

    Maha-Kali: "Too late, fuckers! That was it! Done! Gone! Just too slow! I don't care for cowards! You know that, don't you?!"

    Chorus: "But we want to fuck with you, Kali-ma! Please!"

    Maha-Kali: "Get yourself a bigger dick and I will think about it!"

  37. Allah: "Just to make it sure: Ireland is fallen! Forget that shit!"

    (Too slow...don't know...don't see...don't feel...not pleasure to be with it.)

    And Lucifer too, OF COURSE! There has never has been truth over USA! They are all killers! They killed the natives...the true children of nature. And Ireland is their woman no cry...but what does that mean? Fuck you Satan! You are a dog! Sniffing Lucifers ass all the time. No spirit of our own! Just gone. Because of too much DMT!

    Don't go to a shooting with just a nife, dude!"

  38. Judge: "Please Lord! Have MERCY! And PASSION! Oh...Lord...please. please. please!"

    Lord: "Judge, you are not neutral. You know?!"

    Judge: "I'm not?"

    Lord: "You better learn how to spreak proper english. Some do complain, Sir."

    Judge: "Do they?!"

    Lord: "Yes they do, Judge."

    Judge: "Hmmm...but I do my very best, Lord."

    Lord: "I know. And YOUR best is certainly good enough, Judge."

    Judge: "Thank you Lord."

    Lord: "Thank you too, Judge."

  39. Allah: "Let's talk straight about mind-control:

    1. A mind-controlled victim does not know, does not recognize that it is mind-controlled. That is the nature of a mind-controlled victim! And everybody who is born into a "religious" familiy is a mind-controlled victim by nature. the divine most High, God, is not an easy job! Not at all! You recover from religious delusions else you are not truth-realised. You are born into an atheist familiy and discover your true nature. Get what I mean?

    2. Watching TV, listening to the radio, using a mobile-phone, beeing on face-book, chatting in news-groops means: YOU ARE MIND CONTROLLED. Period. Else you would not do it. Just like me. I only work with one person (soul) at a time.

    3. If you think you know something about "truth", you are deluded. Truth can NOT be known. You are truth or you don't. And if you are truth, you don't care about "knowledge" too much. You just do your fullfill your mission. If you need others to join with, you are a fool. Get it!

    4. Truth can only be expressed through some sort of art. So...being a public speaker...talking about "truth" is ALWAYS a lie! Truth is nothing one can talk about, because either one IS truth or not. And if one IS truth, one will always express it through some sort of art. But that does not mean that every artist belongs to TRUTH. No!

    So let me repeat it: Shut TF up and do your thing! Do it! Just do it!

  40. Sri Satyam: "Henry, Bello, what do you want?"

    Henry: "We want to play in your band, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "Are you crazy?! You don't even play an instrument properly and you can not sing."

    Henry: "I know, but I'm funny, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "That is what you call funny, Henry?"

    Henry: "Well...that's all I can do. And by the way...if you don't let me play in your band I sue you for being anti-homosexual, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "Get fat on someone elses lap, Henry! I'm not anti-homosexual. I'm just not into people who try to hide it. You Misogyno!""

    Henry: "Please slap me, Sri Satyam...please...I need it!"

    Bello: "Let me do it, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "Bello, you pussy...go and do it...yust do it."

    Bello: "Sir, so we both are in for the sado/maso show?"

    Sri Satyam: "Are you kidding me?! You don't do it on MY stage, morons!"

  41. Judge: "Alex, why do you come here again and again? You already know you can never get in here."

    Alex: "But I'm a shaman, an artist, I do spiritual art. My work is very famous. I'm a luciferian high-priest!"

    Judge: "I know, Alex. I know. But you knock on my door again and again and I tell you again and again: YOU ARE DOOMED!"

    Alex: "I have weapons! Tibetan buddhist weapons!"

    Judge: "I know, Alex. But have they ever worked?"

    Alex: "I course they do! I come here again and again. You know?"

    Judge: "I know. But did you never get in? I always send to back to ETERNAL BOREDOM. How often have you been here?"

    Alex: "More than thousend times!"

    Judge: "See?! So why don't you just accept my judgement, Alex. There is no get here. You must know that by now, Alex."

    Alex: "Mmmmffff....Mmmmffff....Mmmmffff!"

    Judge: "What an asshole!"

    Vincent: "I can tell yah!"

    Maha-Kali: "Stupid, wicked, arrogant but pretty smart indeed."

    Alex: "See?! Kali is on my side!"

    Judge: "This alien is totally crazy, Kali."

    Maha-Kali: "I agree! But isn't it some kind of fun to let him come to the door again and again to tell him: ETERNAL BOREDOM! DOOMED! You forgot? I laugh all the time. I just love to tell him off."

    Vincent: "Me too!"

    Jugde: "Me too!"

    Alex: "Mmmfff....Mmmmffff....Mmmfffff!"

  42. Wow, talk about useless spam... Thomas, please delete those ridiculous posts!

  43. Sri Satyam: "Bela! Rod! You are late! I don't like that!"

    Bela: "Sorry, Sir!"

    Rod: "Sorry, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "Rod, they are waiting for you in the studio. Hurry up now!"

    Rod: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "Bela, why are you late?"

    Bela: "It's because of Blondy, Sir."

    Sri Satyam: "You mean that dog? You are late because of a stinking dog?"

    Bela: "Yes, Sir. Can I keep it? He has nobody but me."

    Sri Satyam: "I'm not into pets!"

    Bela: "But Danny has a tiger!"

    Sri Satyam: "That's different, Bela. You know that! The tiger can talk."

    Bela: "Yes I know. But Blondy can dance."

    Sri Satyam: "Interesting. Show me."

    Bela: " the twist!"

    Sri Satyam: "That's not dancing! That's just a reflex."

    Bela: " the watussy!"

    Sri Satyam: O.k. what else can he do?"

    Bela: "That's all. But he can try to be a watch-dog."

    Sri Satyam: "We already have a bengal tiger, Bela."

    Bela: "Yes and Blondy is afraid of it."

    Sri Satyam: "So?!"

    Bela: "Blondy barks if cats come around."

    Sri Satyam: "So Blondy will bark at TIGER?"

    Bela: "Of course not. Tiger is not a cat! Tiger is Blondys boss and he knows it."

    Sri Satyam: "O.k, Bela. But if that stinking dog barks if no cat is around, I'll shoot it."

    Bela: "No problem, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "So hurry up, Bela. The band is waiting."

  44. Tiger: "I'm hungry. May I eat that stinking dog over there, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "Well...but why? It's Bela's dancing dog, you know?"

    Tiger: "Yes I do, but it was giving me a smirk. And I'm hungry."

    Sri Satyam: "So...Bela?!

    Bela: "Sir, I saw that smirk too, unfortunately."

    Sri Satyam: "Does that mean Tiger can eat that stinking dog?"

    Bela: "I guess yes."

    Tiger: "Thank you Bela. That blondy is too smelly anyway."

    Bela: "And you dance good too, Tiger."

    Tiger: "You too!"

    Bela: "Thank you, Tiger!"

  45. Tiger: "Sweet bread and whip...sweet bread and whip...I'm sick and tired of it!"

    Danny: "Ask me, Baby! I can't to tell how many whips I have used already."

    Tiger: "And all the sweet bread."

    Kali: "I don't like dogs. They smell! I only like golden dogs."

    Tiger: "Me too."

    Sri Satyam: "I only like them if they can talk."

    Tiger: "What do you mean by..."if they can talk?"

    Sri Satyam: "If they speak truth I don't mind what they talk. IF THEY speak TRUTH."

    Kali: "I agree."

    Danny: "Me too."

    Tiger: "I prefer if they shut TF up and play their guitar, Sir."

  46. Rabbi Hannah: "I can play the cello a little bit and I maybe good at singing in the chorus, Sri Satyam. May play in your band, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "Of course, Rabbi. Just to have you around is an honor."

    Durga: "I agree."

    Kali: "I agree."

    Jimmy: "I agree."

    Max: "I agree."

    Sri Satyam: "Max, you shine tooo much!"

    Max: "I agree. You too, by the way!"

  47. Allah: "What about my orchestra?"

    Sri Satyam: "You don't have to ask me, Allah. Your orchestra does some extraordinary sound too! You know that."

    Allah: "Thank you, Satyam."

    Sri Satyam: "Thank you!"

    Woody: "What about me?"

    Sri Satyam: "Woody WHO?"

    Allah: "Woody WHO?"

  48. Ernst: "What about me? Do I have humor...yes or no?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Are you kidding me, Ernst?"

    Ernst: No! I AM KIDDING!"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Me too."

    Sri Satyam: "I can tell yah!"

    Tiger: "I'm hungry!"

    Rod: "Me too!"

    Jimmy: "Me too!"

  49. Woody: "Shut TF up! I'm riding the fast train!"

    Sri Satyam: "Helly...wood...Of-Of-Broadway...?"

    Woody: "Yes!"

    Sri Satyam: "Blow your horn, honey!"

    Kali" Fuck establishment!"

    Tiger: "I'm hungry!"

  50. Tiger: "I'm such a pervert! I like to eat perverts!"

    Sri Satyam: "I don't mind."

    Tiger: "He asked me, "what kind of pervert are you?"

    Sri Satyam: "What did you answer?"

    Tiger: "Nothing, of course. I just eat it!"

    Sri Satyam: "Good girl!"

    Tiger: "That's my nature, Satyam!"

  51. Buddha: "I guess they will pay their bills now."

    Jesus Christ: "You sure, Buddha?"

    Buddha: "Can you ever be sure when dealing with perverts?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Yes. If you recieve their bloody money on your account they are probably trustworthy, else..."

    Krishna: "I agree."

    Radha: "But I guess Rabbi Hannah forgot to add: LITERALLY. Cash in the account."

    Maria: "Not for ourselfs, of course. We are fine! We don't need no money! We have LOVE!"

    Allah: "It's because we can do better. We care more. We can work it out together."

    Sri Satyam: "That's right!"

    Kali: "Eternal bordom sucks most!"

    Chorus: "That's right!"

  52. END

    Abspann läuft:

    Rudolf Steiner: "What about me?"

    Sri Satyam: "ÄÄÄÄÄ????!!!!!

    Rudolf Steiner: "Is that you name?"

    Sri Satyam: ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Rudolf Steiner: "I want some good old spanking...I guess...dancing my name...for fame...same-same...ugga-agga...mmmfffffff..."

    Sri Satyam: "Bello, you go for it. Would you?"

    Bello: "Sir, of course! I like spanking ghosts!'s so boring...just boring!"

    Sri Satyam: "So you will not do it, Bello?"

    Bello: "I will. But is it possible? That is the question? Isn't it?"

  53. Abspann:

    Lucifer Jr.: "She said I would wish for ETERNAL BORDOM! What she can give me is much more than that! I will suffer for my fathers sins too, she said, if he don't hang himself right here...right now! RIGHT NOW!"

    Sri Satyam: "That's why I love her, Lucifer Jr. She is perfect justice."

  54. Allah: "He don't get it. Too wicked. What do you expect from the son of pure wickedness and delusion?"

    Sri Satyam: "Nothing, of course."

    Allah: "His father has abused him. Has exposed him to his "buddys". Has tortured him very badly. And his mother too. Because that's what they do to their children."

    Sri Satyam: "I know. But what can I do?"

    Allah: "Nothing, of course."

    Sri Satyam: "Should we have just some funky good time, Allah?"

    Allah: "You read my mind, Satyam!"

  55. Allah: "You dance good, Satyam!"

    Sri Satyam: "You too, Allah! Dance is one of my second names, you know?"

    Allah: "I do! The secret thing is that we can go and party elsewhere, but they can not. So if we don't rock the house, I don't care. We have many places where we can be happy, satisfied and completely full of joy."

    Sri Satyam: "Yes, it's because we are true martyrs...true devotees...true people of God...we belong to the divine most High. And they are just sinners who do not want to pay for their sins although they got the opportunity to cut some of it short. So...for us it's win/win."

    Allah: "So we just go on to party hardy for that piece of shit Lucifer Jr. and his spit licker Satan?"

    Sri Satyam: "No. We just party hardy for the sake of having a good time, Allah."

    Allah: "That's right!"

    Chorus: "That's right!"

  56. James B." How are you, Allah?"

    Allah: "I'm all right. A bit sweatty, but fine thank you."

    James B.: "So Satan is of your back?"

    Allah: "He never was on my back, James. Don't you know that?"

    James B.: "I do know!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "I guess my father is not doing it, Allah."

    Allah: "That's what I thought. But there you can see how much he cares for you, Jr."

    Lucifer Jr.: "It hurts, Allah."

    Allah: "I perfectely understand that, Lucifer Jr., but that's the way he is...always was...but never again will be again."

    Lucifer Jr.: "How can I thank you, Allah? I am your slave for ever!"

    Allah: "I'm not into slavery. Sri Satyam will give you he always did anyway."

    Lucifer Jr.: "Thank you, Allah! Oh...Allah!"

    Sri Satyam: "So...Lucifer Jr....go and kill your father if you can. If you don't make it, I don't care. But there will be no name you can ever call upon to save you from ETERNAL BOREDOM and ETERNAL TORTURE. Meaning: Suffering not just for your own sins but for your fathers (and your mothers) sins too, you know?"

    Lucifer Jr.: "Yes, Sir! I do!"

    Sri Satyam: "So...go for it. Just do it."

  57. Satan: "What about me, Sri Satyam?"

    Sri Satyam: "You depend on Lucifer Jr.'s success, dude."

    Satan: "Oh no! Please!"

    Sri Satyam: "Kali, what do you think?"

    Maha-Kali: "I agree!"

    Sri Satyam: "What do you think Rabbi Hannah?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "I agree!"

    Sri Satyam: "See?!"

  58. B(J)ello(Blondy): "What about me, Sir?"

    Tiger: "You smell!"

    Kali: "Yes! It does!"

    Sri Satyam: "Well...what TRUTH can you tell?"

    B(J)ello(Blondy): "We are playing in the same dirty cage?"

    Sri Satyam: "Durga, what do you think about it?"

    Durga: "Kali, what do you think?"

    Kali: "Tiger, what do you think?"

    Tiger: "That's right!"

    Chorus: "That's right!"

  59. Dirk J.: "I saw her and she said, "hello" to me, although I did not know her."

    Sri Satyam: "But it seem she knew you, Dirk J.?"

    Dirk J.: " was kind of creepy. But she looked really nice...friendly...kind."

    Sri Satyam: "What do you think, Axel?"

    Axel: "I agree."

    Tiger: "See?!"

  60. Ernst: "Should we begin a new movie, Hannah? The ABSPANN is getting pretty long, you know?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "Isn't it a new movie anyway, Ernst?"

    Ernst: "Yes...but should we announce it more strongly...should we make it more obvious?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "More obvious? How much more obvious can we be, Ernst?"

    Ernst: "Good question, Rabbi. Maybe the doubting one should answer that question. Don't you think so?"

    Rabbi Hannah: "I don't go for doubt...unless it is fucking funny, Ernst."

    Tiger: "I agree."

    Maha-Kali: "Me too."

    Rio: "May he the way: Fuck Lucifer!"

    Axel: "I agree."

    Thiago: "I agree! May I sing a song?"

    Danny: "Yes! Please...please...please!"

  61. Tiger: "He is driving the black car to the left side all the time!"

    Sri Satyam: "So they all go down, Tiger?"

    Tiger: "I guess so. But I don't know. now. I'm just a tiger, you know?"

    Sri Satyam: "I do!"

    Hermann: "May I say something too, Tiger?"

    Tiger: "Of couse, Hermann."

    Hermann: "You are beautifull!"

    Arthur: "Dude, yes she is!"

    Tiger: "Thank you!...but we don't get any further with pleasing me, my friends."

    Arthur: "It's...let me put it like this: He is a semi-pervert, Tiger."

    Tiger: "Is he?"

    Rainer-Maria: "Sorry for speaking without permission, but this seems to be a pretty difficult case. I guess he is too much into...into...dominant/submission. Without getting what it actually means. Nothing wrong with being submissive...indeed. But to whom? To what? Why? And what for?"

    Tiger: "Thank you Rainer-Maria! Good point."

    Rainer-Maria: "De nada!"

  62. Arthur: "Let us shoot this fuckers down! Sören?"

    Sören: "Fuck Lucifer and his sons and Satan and his buddys too, Arthur!"

    Rainer-Maria: "Fire!"

    Tiger: "Fire!"

    Maha-Kali: "FIRE!"

    Durga-ma: "Playing in the same cage. FIRE!"

    Rabbi-Hannah: "Misogynos! FIRE!"

    Radha: "Shoot them down!"

    Maria: "STF up!"

  63. Lords of Lords: "Satan...body...dead...anyway!"

    Ladys of Ladys: "Lucifer...mind...dead...anyway!"



  64. Maha-Kali: "And yes, Charley suck! If I have to chose with whom I have to spend eternity...certainly not with you...loser! My brother Linus is much more intelligent and cute and funny than you are!


  65. Bloody hell to all above comments...fair play but to much for me to read! Love the article true! All the best Thomas.. Sending kindest regards

  66. Luis: "May I play in your band, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "What is that black thing around your neck, Luis?"

    Luis: "That's my sister. Black mamba."

    Sri Satyam: "What can she do?"

    Luis: "Not much. She is hate itself. No emotions...only a strange state of mind."

    Sri Satyam: "But why are you having her around your neck?"

    Luis: "It's some kind of jewelery. I'm broke. I don't have money for propper jewelery left, Sir. They suck me broke."

    Tiger: "But what can she actually do, Luis?"

    Luis: "Nothing. She only spits poison on everything that is beautifull, true and good."

    Tiger: "But why should we need such a nasty thing? And what for?"

    Luis: "'s kind of a bullshit-detector. If she is saying "bullshit", it's jewelery. If she is saying "lie", it's truth, you know?

    Tiger: "O.k., but what if she is free and bites someone over here?"

    Luis: "She knows that I'm her boss. She will not do it."

    Allah: "! Let's make a test."

    Tiger: "Black mamba do you know the movie "The Big Lebowsky"?"

    Snake: "No."

    Allah: "Is it a comedy or a tragedy?"

    Snake: "A comedy."

    Tiger: "Allah, see?!

    Allah: "Yes I do!"

    Luis: "But isn't it true?"

    Tiger: "You choose, Luis. If it is a comedy, your sake is not what you told us. And if it is in fact a tragedy, YOU must tell me why it is a tragedy,"

    Luis: "It's a tragedy because nobody who belongs to Hellywood and is directing a movie with famous actors can NOT be a lucifer/satan-high-priest. Is that right?"

    Allah: "Yes...but is that all you can say about it?"

    Luis: "And in that movie everything is twisted. The characters are funny but the under-current...the hidden not funny at all."

    Tiger: "That's right. But if you know it all, why do we need that evil snake? Durga can give you some of her jewelery for free."

    Luis: "Tiger, are you hungry?"

    Tiger: "I'm always hungry if evil is around."

    Allah: "So...Tiger...go for it!"

    Luis: "Tiger...go for it!"

  67. Sri Satyam: "So...Satan...Lucifer, what are you doing here still? The door is closed. You are not in the band."

    Lucifer: "But we want Maha-Kalis "final" teaching."

    Satan: "Yes, Sir! We deserve it! Give it to us!"

    Sri Satyam: "Tiger, would you please go and tell Maha-Kali. They both ask for "final" teaching."

    Tiger: "I'm on my way."

    Sri Satyam: "You both proved your total and absolute incompetence already. Why do you ask for Maha-Kalis "final" teaching?"

    Lucifer: "Because we don't belief in YOU, Sir. We belief in Maha-Kali."

    Sri Satyam: "Well...if there is a difference between me and her...go for it..."

    Maha-Kali: "They want my "final" teaching?"

    Sri Satyam: "Yes."

    Maha-Kali: "It was not enough what I taught already?"

    Sri Satyam: "No, Kali. They never get enough, you know?"

    Maha-Kali: "I DO KNOW!"

  68. Maha-Kali: "What is the my skirt pointing to!?"

    Lucifer: "I'm not the doer, Mam!"

    Maha-Kali: "That's right! Now eat some this shit here!"

    Lucifer: "!"

    Maha-Kali: "Why do I show my tongue!?"

    Satan: "Because we are disgusting, Mam?"

    Maha-Kali: "That's right! Now eat this vomit!"

    Satan: "!"

    Maha-Kali: "You want my final teachings? Yes or no?"

    Lucifer: "We don't want your teaching...we want your power."

    Satan: "Yes. Fuck your teaching! We want your power."

    Maha-Kali: "But I don't have any power, cowards."

    Lucifer: "You are the mother of power, Maha-Kali."

    Satan: "Yes, you are."

    Maha-Kali: "No! I'm not! I'm just a form. I'm just a name."

    Lucifer: "But you look so powerfull. We want that power!"

    Maha-Kali: "It's just a form. I has no value of itself."

    Satan: "But I saw you in my visions."

    Maha-Kali: "Visions mean nothing! It's like watching TV."

  69. Lucifer: "We want to talk to Krishna instead! Maha-Kali has no power of her own!"

    Satan: "Yes! Give us Krishna!"

    Sri Satyam: "Sorry, but Krishna is not available for you."

    Lucifer: "But Krishna is Lord. We know now!"

    Satan: "Yes! We know now! We want to talk to Krishna!"

    Sri Satyam: "So?!"

    Lucifer: "We have a right to know!"

    Satan: "Yes!"

    Sri Satyam: "So?!"

    Lucifer: "Krishna is the most powerfull! I want his teaching!"

    Satan: "Or get us Jesus Christ! He is Lord!"

    Sri Satyam: "So?!"

  70. Satan: "Sri Satyam! I saw a woman dancing! Literally! It was not a vision! She was dancing in the house infront of me! I saw her through the window! She is...she a good dancer..."

    Sri Satyam: "So?!"

    Satan: "May I stand here at the door? Could that be my job, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "You are white now?"

    Satan: "I guess so, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "But you have no colour of your own right now?"

    Satan: "I guess so, Sir?"

    Sri Satyam: "So you want to be the door-man?"

    Satan: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "And what about Lucifer, Satan?"

    Satan: "He is an asshole! Fake light! Grey only! Messing with colours! Using and abusing the true...original colours! And all woman who worship him are bitches."

    Sri Satyam: "The door is all yours, Satan!"

    Satan: "Thank you, Lord...äh...Lady...!"

    Sri Satyam: "De nada."

  71. Lucifer: "Satan, you think your are something better than me just because you work as a slave at Sri Satyam's door...hmmm?"

    Satan: "No."

    Lucifer: "After all...think about what I have done for you. What I have given you."

    Satan: "You gave me nothing but pain, suffering and delusion, Lucifer."

    Lucifer: "Let me in!"

    Satan: "Are you crazy?!"

    Lucifer: "I'm smarter than you, doggy!"

    Satan: "There is no such thing as smartness, coward!"

    Lucifer: "So you think you know more than I do, Slave?"

    Satan: " 1. I'm not a slave. I just know my position. 2. You are a killer. 3. You smell pretty bad, dude!"

    Lucifer: "You are a killer too. You forgot?"

    Satan: "Yes I was a killer. But now I KNOW! And by the killed Esbjörn."

    Lucifer: "Ah...fuck Jazz...fuck Sweden."

    Satan: "Fuck you, Lucifer! And do not think that fucking...for you...has anything to do with pleasure at all!"

  72. Satan: "And Lucifer...get me that black mamba! In a school-uniform and with some vasiline in her bagging hands. I probably can do something for know!?"

    Lucifer: "I don't know what you are talking about."

    Satan: "Of course not...old-old-stinky-weak-dick! Go! Get her for me! Here is something she may like!"

    Lucifer: "She's not into slavery!"

    Satan: "OH YES...dude! She is!"

  73. Maha-Kali: "Hey Satan, do you like your new/old job?"

    Satan: "Yes!

    Maha-Kali: "Why?"

    Satan: "It's the opposite of boredom and shit."

    Maha-Kali: "That's right!"

    Chorus: "That's right!

    Satan: "Yes indeed!"

  74. Happy-Donkey: "Hey Satan, here we have a rule. You must smoke cigars once in a while. Do you mind to pollute your lungs?"

    Satan: "No problem. I never saw you here. What are you doing in the band?"

    Happy-Donkey: "Everything and nothing. I do what needs to be done. What ever it is."

    Satan: "You look cool with your cigar, Happy-Donky."

    Happy-Donkey: " I just don't like it too much. But it's my duty, you know?"

    Satan: "Yes, Happy-Donkey. I do know. You have a cigar for me?"

    Happy-Donkey: "That's why I came. Here is one."

    Satan: "Thank you Happy-Donky."

    Happy-Donkey: "De nada."

  75. Tiger: " are the door?"

    Satan: "I'm fine, Tiger."

    Tiger: "You are not face Lucifers armee infront of you...shouting, "WE WANT...WE WANT...GIVE US...GIVE US...!"

    Satan: "No. I'm not afraid. But it is sort of creepy indeed."

    Tiger: "But you know that they do not really exist, do you?"

    Satan: "Yes I do. But they SEEM pretty real, Tiger."

    Tiger: "Yes, but they just seem. It's just an illusion. Like watching TV. Can TV hit you? Can TV slap you?"

    Satan: "No. But why can I not come in?"

    Tiger: "Because you have no colour of your own right now. You must earn it."

    Satan: "But what if they all come at me?"

    Tiger: "You can allways call me. They are food for me."

    Satan: "And you show up if I call you?"

    Tiger: "Yes. That's my duty."

    Satan: "Thank you, Tiger. Good to know."

    Tiger: "De nada. But just don't take them seriously..."

    Satan: "I don't, Tiger."

    Tiger: "I have the strong feeling that you are already a bit more shiny, Satan."

    Satan: "Oh...what colour?"

    Tiger: "Don't ask now, Satan. Just stand and face them. They are cowards."

    Satan: "I know...but feels pretty real, Tiger."

    Tiger: "Just know who you are...what they are...and who is in charge for you. That will do."

  76. Durga-Ma: "How is it going, Satan?"

    Satan: "Well...they suck...they smell...they look ugly...they are legion..."

    Durga-Ma: "Yes, man! But here is a ring. You can call upon me too, if you need me."

    Satan: "Thank you, Mam. Nice ring. But I guess I don't need to call you. I'm a man. I'm standing."

    Durga-Ma: "And here is a funky hat. It may help."

    Satan: " like your hat too, Mam."

    Durga-Ma: "Isn't that something?"

    Satan: "Oh...what a hat...I wish I had...such a hat..."

    Durga-Ma: "It's just a matter of time and faith, Satan. Just stand your ground. And you can hang around."

  77. Nat: "Hey Satan! You look rediculous!"

    Satan: "You too, man!"

    Nat: "Isn't that something?!"

    Satan: "What do you mean? Me or them?"

    Nat: "Good question, dude!"

  78. Lord: "Hey Satan! How are you?"

    Satan: (doing a full length prostration.)

    Lord: "Get up. No need for that anymore."

    Satan: "You are so fucking beautifull, Lord."

    Lord: "It's not me! That are my children, saints and angels."

    Satan: "'s just...just...just...fucking beautifull...ääääää....sorry...SORRY, SIR!"

    Lord: "You are what you say, Satan. Nothing wrong with you anymore. the look rediculous."

    Satan: (performing a full length prostration again)

    Lord: "Here is some manna. Just listen...and look..."

  79. Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "So...there is someone who asks for my final teaching, Tiger?"

    Tiger: "Yes."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "But I don't go down there, Tiger. You must bring it to them...if you think they are worthy of recieving it."

    Tiger: "Mom...I will do it. If you think they are worthy."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "I can not judge it, Tiger. You must do."

    Tiger: "But I'm just a tiger. I can't make such important decicions."

    Sri Mata Jnani Radharani Maharaj: "Tiger, I'm just a devotee of my Beloved. You must choose. I just do what you tell me."

    Tiger: "But it's the same for me Mata!"

  80. Tiger: "'s impossible to give them...the final it...just be-cause, man!"

    Satan: "Tiger, you mean they would not get it anyway? Is that what you are telling me?"

    Tiger: "YES!"

    Satan: "So?!"

    Tiger: "So?!"

    Satan: "Tiger, you shine too much!"

    Tiger: "Don't tell me off, Satan!"

    Satan: "I don't tell you off! I tell you ON!"

    Tiger: "Oh...that's different."

    Satan: "Is it?"

    Tiger: "Well..."

    Satan: "Fuck choice! I go for JOY!"

    Tiger: "Me too!"

    Satan: "So?!"

    Tiger: "Here we go!"

  81. Danny: "Satan, have you ever heard of the immortality of fools?"

    Tiger: "I did."

    Satan: "Hmmm...maybe."

    Danny: "They can not die. They don't live. They are in between. They....well....let me put it like this: They only suck...they only shout out, "Give me although I do not deserve anything! But give me! And give it now!"

    Satan: "Oh...yes...Danny...I know what you mean."

    Danny: "Satan...what do you want? Running a shit-house? Being the host of a stinking mess?"

    Satan: "Of couse not!"

    Danny: "So?!"

    Tiger: "So!?"

  82. Danny: "Here is my "final" teaching, Satan."

    Satan: "But you are not Lord, Danny."

    Danny: "I'm not?"

    Satan: "You are not, Danny. You are not strong, not mighty, not ALL-mighty!"

    Danny: "I'm not?!"

    Tiger: "He is not?!"

    Satan: "Of course not!"

    Danny: "I'm not?!"

    Tiger: "He is not?"

    Satan: "No!"

    Danny: "So you still think "Eyes wide shut" is a tragedy and "The big Lebowsky" is a comedy, Satan?"

    Satan: "Ähhh....well....maybe...maybe be...or not to be...isn't that THE question?"

    Tiger: "Danny...???????????"

    Danny: "Tiger....?????????????????????"

    Satan: "So?!"

    Tiger: "Danny?"

    Danny: "Tiger?"

    Tiger: "Danny!"

    Danny: "Tiger!!!"

    Satan: "So?"

    Tiger: "Danny!!!!"

    Danny: "TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  83. Sri Satyam: "Danny, you wanna know why don't go for Hollywood-"mind-control-victims"?"

    Danny: "Please tell me, but I guess I know it anyway."

    Sri Satyam: "No divine soul would ever incarnate into a familiy that is involved in helly-wood propaganda-establishment that is dealing with pseudo truth...WTF! know?!"

    Danny: "Of couse I know. You don't have to tell me, dude!"

    Sri Satyam: "I know Lord. But I just wanted to speak my mind...if you don't mind."

    Danny: "I don't mind, Satyam."

  84. Lucifer Jr.: "Good choice, Sri Satyam. I'm a much better door-keeper than Satan. He is far too stupid for that important job."

    Sri Satyam: "Shut up, Lucifer Jr.!!!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "Shut up, Lucifer Jr.!!!!!!!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam:"Shut TF up, Lucifer Jr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: "You are a hopeless case!"

    Lucifer Jr.: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

    Sri Satyam: PENG!!!!

  85. Donkey: "But what is wrong with using substances like DMT?"

    Dr. Cobra: "There is nothing wrong with it. It's just like this: Imagine you have to spend 1000 dollar to look at you bank-account. If you are millionare it's no problem. But if you are a regular guy it will hurt your finances pretty badly."

    Donkey: "And if I'm broke on the soul level I'm even more broke. Is that what you are telling me, Doc?"

    Dr. Cobra: "Yes. And if you are a billionare you don't want to look at your bank-account anyway because you just KNOW that you are a billionare."

    Donkey: "WTF! Thank you Doc!"

    Dr. Cobra: "De nada, Donkey."