Friday, 3 January 2014

Beyond Barbarity: Eaten Alive by Staving Dogs as Death Penalty

Now bear in mind, this story could be just propaganda passed off as news, but if it is true you have to wonder about the psychopathic nature of a regime which would do this to both man and dogs. If true, It's almost a surrealist medieval form of execution and shows how batshit crazy the North Korea leadership are. 

There is also another theory in that this is indeed propaganda as China wants North Korea. They've been slowly distancing themselves for North Korea and intend to eventually invade. They'll promote the 'liberation' as them doing the necessary job nobody else was willing to do.

'Kim Jong-un called his uncle a dog when he denounced him for treason in December, and according to a horrific report from China, Kim used dogs to execute him too.

Political opponents in North Korea are normally executed by firing squad, but Kim killed Jang Song Thaek in a much more barbaric way, claims a paper close to the Chinese government.

Kim had his 67-year-old uncle and former deputy leader stripped naked and placed in a cage with five of his aides. Some 120 dogs, which had been starved for three days, were put in with them and the six were torn to pieces over the course of an hour. It is known as "quan jue", or execution by dog, said the Straits Times.

The report also alleges that Kim watched the execution with 300 aides until the six "were completely eaten up". MORE >>>'

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  1. Thomas,

    1. How do you know that these information is true?

    2. And even if it is true, what does it mean for YOUR life?

    3. Who benefits by putting out what kind of information? That is always THE question.

    4. What does anybody gain by having this kind of "information"?

    5. Dealing with information is THE game down here. Who gives what kind of information, why and what for?

    6. Always look at the source of an information and ask: Who benefits?

    7. Thomas, honestly: Sorry, but you have no proper discernment and 99 and a 1/2 just don't do!

    8. George Carlin is not BLACK and not WHITE. He is grey! And if you quote him, you are grey too.

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