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The Aeon of Horus is Ending and the Elites are Nervous as their Icons are Dying

I predict there is going to be a huge resurgence of interest in European indigenous spiritual traditions from Norse to Celtic/Gaelic to Slavic and so on. Millions of Europeans are going to realise that we are the victims of Christianity and New Age garbage. Their bastardised Kabbalah, the psychic force used by Crowley and the elites to cement his Aeon of Horus within the Western psyche has no staying power in Europe. It simply does not belong here. Hence, why celebrities who have publicly tinkered with it - unaware of what they were doing - died young or go insane. They infect themselves with something which is no longer supplying antibodies to defend against the return of European spiritual traditions. 

Right now (ongoing since the 60's), there is a huge push by the Purple Pill brigade to ignore the magnificent spiritual and mythological wisdom of our European ancestors by telling us to go to Peru and the Himalayas for the 'real thing'. That stuff is still alien to our being as Europeans. It is neither inferior or superior; it is just not what we are. We have as much right to indulging our own spiritual heritage, which is equal in respect to that of Vedic, African, Native American and all other spiritual/mythological paths.

We do not need to follow mainstream pied pipers into the jungle such as Daniel Pinchbeck and Russell Brand to sample a taste of other traditions which are no more superior to anything we already had/have in Europe. That self-hating 'spiritual' psy-op first brought to Europe by Christians, and then carried on by Blavatsky and her ilk has to end now. The reality is, it is ending. The old European gods have been dormant for long enough. You cannot keep a good local archetype down forever.

We have it all under our own feet here in Europe (and that includes Americans, Australians and others of European ancestry). In the soil, forests, waters and mountains of Europe. Do not be led astray any longer. We Europeans have every right to enjoy, respect and share our own traditions as much as an Australian aboriginal, Navaho or Zulu. We are all brothers and sisters all over this world with SPECIFIC regional mythologies invoking the same common archetypes. Except that Europeans have been told our own spiritual archetypes are of no value.

Look around you; everything that Crowley created with his Aeon of Horus is falling apart. Popular music is horrifically bad, even to young people living today. Movies and TV say nothing meaningful any more. Art is a cesspool of 'concepts', and Transhumanism is the panacea they present to us as the solution. The game is over and the return of the European native magic is unstoppable.

A rather pathetic new agenda to get us all back into the Amazon is currently being offered to us. They are now making that trendy in the mainstream. Same thing is happening with transcendental meditation. They are also still trying to make out that being drawn to one's own spiritual heritage is racist. Mainly because of the psychopaths in the Third Reich polluting it with Tibetan imports. If anyone studies Tibetan spirituality closely, it is incredibly murderous and vicious. Which serves to prove how dangerous the New Age combustive mixing can be. You have your own spiritual and mythological archetypes for a very good reason. Use them.

The line in the New Age/Christian litter box is drawn here.

Thomas Sheridan is the author of the Walpurgis Night
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  1. There are dark elements contained within all traditions. I don't think the Nazis had to look too far afield to find them. If we are to rekindle our pre-christian heritage then we have to make damn sure that there isn't an elite "enlightened" priesthood and a pecking order to go with it. That would be just more of the same.

  2. I agree with you. But I find it necessary to look at other esoteric traditions to help expand our European esoteric tradition.

  3. I've recently listened to Stephen McNallen on Red Ice Creations radio and he was talking about this. Then I went to his site, started reading a bit about it, just barely scratched the surface, but so far it appeals to me, seems human-affirming.


  4. I live a few miles from a stone circle in central Scotland and know it extremely well but my/its interpretation is polluted heavily by non domestic influences such as Wicca Christianity and all sorts of new age Findhorny Buddhist bullshit. The question is, how do I connect with/become aware of local untainted ancient traditions?
    Any recommended books?.

    1. There is some info here:

      It covers Lithuanian Paganism and or Baltic Paganism. Lithuania is the only part of Europe that Christianity never fully conquered, they have Christians, Christian Pagan blend and even have Pagan populations that maintain an unbroken link all the way back to European ancestry. While the Baltic, Slavic, Mediterranean, Gaelic and Celtic Pagans all had a little different flavor, Lithuanian Paganism still exist in it's proper from, making it the best place to look, and the only form of Paganism that doesn't require speculation and archaeology. It doesn't need to be rediscovered, it was never forgotten.

    2. First of all look to your ancestral heritage - that's what links you to your Gods. If you're in central Scotland I'm guessing you may be mostly of Gaelic extraction and as such you'd like to Celtic mythology and folkore firstly, as the most ancient remaining information on your ancestors' beliefs. Then put it in in context by reading works by contemporary practitioners. I have a couple of books on 'Celtic Shamanism' even though I'm an Anglo-Saxon who worships the German Gods and Goddesses.

    3. You dream it, pay attention to your dreams. They will lead you.

  5. It's all part of looking outside ourselves for ourselves, when it's all right where you are, your heritage, your talents, your observations, your wisdom. I think all seekers probably go down the many paths looking for that certain something and it's been available to us. And all goes waaaaay back to the lovers of Earth, the ones of every tribe that lived in harmony with nature. Thank you Thomas for bringing this to our attention, so that we may honor our own personal histories.

  6. A pleasure to read your article Thomas. May this message find you well.
    Getting back to the roots and honoring the ancestral heritage.

    I do think the christian religion as it is found today is the result of misappropriation.

  7. Well what about us americans? No real traditions or cultures like that to draw on besides an amalgamation of all the cultures from all over the place. And while people still rooted in the countries where their blood runs deep it may be easy. But to someone like me who has mixed blood from all over Europe, Africa, Native American, Spent his first few years in south america and thailand...then what?

    1. Polytheism? It works for me. A blend of old world beliefs and dieties and Native American ones. Find out as much as you can about the beliefs of the people who inhabit or inhabited your part of America and work it into your own religion or path or whatever you want to call it.

  8. True!!! Thank you....

  9. Maybe I've misunderstood the Liber AL, but I thought the aeon of Horus was supposed to span for about 2000 years? + Horus as the conquering child is in my opinion the epitome of narcissism, and narcisstic traits are more common now I believe than ever; vanity,self-indulgence and the abscence of empathy seem to be traits almost admired - promoted by people like Russell Brand for instance. so I fail to understand what you mean when you say that what the Aeon Of Horus built is falling apart.

    1. Just because Crowley said the aeon would last two thousand years does not mean it will.

      There appears to be more narcissism only because more people find it obnoxious.

    2. Crowley died penniless of syphilis in a boarding house. Every young man enamored with Crowley needs to know this.

  10. Going back tot our Pagan roots? This thought brings up a very deep fear in my guts. I feel it is a trauma brought on by the perpetrated genocide on the Old Europeans by countless invasions, Christian bloodbaths and genocidal Roman emperors, continued by our so called royals.

    So standing up as a sovereign within the Old traditions will be an act of supreme bravery and true spiritual courage. I will stand by my consciousness, my Source-identity and Earth love. When we make thus a collective stand we heal ourselves from this trauma that until now has us all borne down within this slave state.

  11. That also means that we have to do without the Anglo-American influence in language.
    That means rehabiltation for the Celtic tradition the Dietsch and the Neder Dietsch (German and Dutch) The majority of the Roman language and the Slavic and Baltic and not to forget..Scandinavian language. Up till now the Anglo Saxian language has been forced upon all nations as a NWO imperialist 'world language'.
    There has to be an end to this false sense of global unity.
    Everything has been polluted with that language tearing down all intrinsic navite tradition in expressing oneself. This HAS to stop!!!!!!!!

  12. The whole idea of going to S. America is that there is a living shamanic tradition still going strong there. Good luck finding a real shaman in Europe - or visionary tools as powerful as ayahuasca or san pedro.

    1. I support the idea of you going to South America, please, go.

    2. Your comments are Racist and anti-White. People of true spiritual power DO NOT need drugs. Drugs are a crutch for spiritually inferior weaklings. Drugs are poison. You are a foolish liar.

    3. I think a distinction should be made. Not all "drugs" are bad or spiritually/physically degrading. Many natural substances, if used properly are medicine for those who may temporarily need assistance with healing. Of course one who has no need for crutches shouldn't hobble around with them.

      Agree about drugs being misused and many "inferiors" use these substances for an artificial experience most often associated with entertainment and escape, not for anything spiritually uplifting or healing.

      I would say there exists a particular type of individual that can use certain natural and powerful substances for a purpose beyond crutches and escape. A very rare kind of individual, a shaman archetype. Those few people would never recommend that another do as them and they recognize the potential risks. They wouldn't advertise the use of substances as a way to enlightenment or other such nonsenses.

      I think there is something sinister going on with all that south american ayahouska psuedo-spiritual tourism. Could be said of the marijuana legalization as well. I think that is what happened to the revolutionary movements of the youth during the 60's. They used sex, drugs and rock n roll to derail what could have been a great change.

      As with almost anything that has the ability to uplift mankind has the inverse potential to bring them down.

      My comments are said with respect and reverence to you and those who feel as you do.

      Too many are looking for answers outside and in their desperation they give in to promises of instant fixes and false gurus.

  13. Russia's new culture policy
    It appears that Russia is starting to look into protecting and taking pride in their culture .

  14. I think we are all lost in the shadows of the daily propaganga Illuminati, What we Have to do IS DISCONECT FROM EVERY PEASE OF WRONG INFORMATION or Disconect all together.
    Star in focus the self voice, by Meditation and leave behind EVERYTHING. Disconect is the key.
    Or get crazy like THEM IN POWER.
    You don't have a place to go any more, you are completely Lost.Disconect, don't fallow any one , fallow your self.

  15. I am sick to death of the fecking dali bleeding lama, who is only a long necked goat anyway, and boodism being shoved down my throat. Most boodists ive met are arrogant middle class pricks with a bought and paid for my korma is better than yours you pheasant fuker, charming! And then theres yer man JC walking on water, whit a load of bollocks. Shepard? I will tell you this my son ye huv to be a stupid feckin sheep tae follow a shepard. I am sick and tiered of being told wot I should believe in, feck the lot of ye. I am going to invent a new local spiritual tradition for local people, its called, Gettofukandleavemealoneism.

  16. Exactly what is wrong with kabbalah and/or crowley's work again? Thomas never really specifies, only mentions a general distrust and dislike of them and uses that vagueness as the premise of the entire article. "This is bad, that is good, because I said so, period. no arguments aloud." Well, I'll still use kabbalah all the time, thanks. I like looking at other things too, like Western Astrology. Yep, Western. It has fascinating connections to Kabbalah as a matter of fact, and even the I Ching if you care to study that system. Seems to me that Thomas is trying so hard to think "outside the box" that he is inadvertently putting himself in another one all over again. Are we bashing taoism next? I'll bet there were a few assholes who fancied themselves taoists that we can use as ammunition against the taoism itself.

    If thomas really understood the book of the law and the aeon of horus, he would know it really isn't "falling apart," everything is going exactly is it said it would. The internet is a big part of it too. People are desperately trying to get back to authenticity and Selfhood. In so doing, there is a lot of "fake" stuff that needs to be exposed. Things are so interesting now that a lot of the "exposing" can itself be fake as well. "Be authentic and return to your roots..... by studying what I say is important and not studying what I say is not important...." Brilliant. How about I study and apply kabbalah, the i ching, western astrology and mythology, mayan astrology, and world-wide symbolism and systems from all cultures? European included. There's also fascinating philosophies out there one can adopt or at least look into. If you don't like thelema or crowley that's fine. There's lots of other things out there. Just because I or anyone else out there might enjoy his work at different times or work with kabbalah in any way doesn't somehow mean we are "being led astray" by dark forces. There's plenty of other authors and researchers who talk about basically the same things crowley did, only in different ways. Are they all botched too? Indeed, where DOES one draw the line?

    I personally can't stand "thelemites," and social media is part of the reason I can't stand occultists in general. People love to advertise just how much they are into "the occult," and if you aren't in with the in crowd or talk the lingo and splatter 93s all over the place (or whatever other trend is hopping), then you are out of some kind of loop. Yep, those people suck to look at and be around in my opinion. But you know who else sucks? LOTS of other people! They don't even need to be occultists!

  17. would agree with earlier comment that the Aeon of Horus is not yet over as it is a precessional period estimated to have begun about 100 years ago and due to last at least another 2000 years. The general concept as I understand it is that the previous Christian 2000 years was derived from the concept of the sun dying at the end of each year and being born again after 3 days (21 dec - 24 dec). The new era is a time when we throw off this idea and realise that the sun has not died - it is still ever existing and in a similar way we (our consciousness never truly dies). Please note that I am not a thelemite but I am interesting in reading about these things

  18. Crowley had a farm in southern France a sort of pre-hippy Findhorn 'community' type of thing. There was a barn where Crowley encouraged men woman and children to defecate on the floor, roll about in it, eat it and perform sex acts in the stuff. The reason for this madness? Crowley didn't want his followers to feel guilt. What a lovely man. It makes you want to rush to your nearest book shop and order all the Crowley books you can lay your hands on. I know Crowley revealed (re-veil) a lot of truths in his books, but I think I will get my enlightenment else where.
    It seems that almost all the sources of the truth are polluted in some way or another, your all ways given your hero, leader, religion and system to follow. Fuck em, the fuckin lot o them.
    Thomas you have inspired me. I am going to form a new political party
    GET-TAE-FUK-AND-LEAVE-ME-ALONE-ISM (GTF-ALMAI, party) And what will this party be based on? Absolutely fuck all, so long as its local.

  19. Great article there is a show on red ice radio about this very thing the guest is called Steven A Mcnallen.the show is on youtube if anyone wants to watch it.

  20. Asatru -A Native European Religion...

  21. How did Crowley create the music industry? I think I'm missing something.

  22. lol. there will always be people clinging to the past, they cling and cling then they die. there is nothing wrong with worshipping ancient traditions. though im not a fan of sacrificing living beings. these religions are simply one flavour of humans sounds attempting to describe something which cannot be truly described with words. Yet the humans try, and of course the end result depending on the flavour of human is often differing yet at the core it is still the same.

  23. I hope so Thomas, and I do feel you may be right. One of the first realisations many of us come to is that truth, art and society has undertaken a process of bastardisation so that the World is a worse place now than it was during known history. Therefore we must look to the past for truth and wisdom. There are strong groups in England who have returned to their Anglo-Saxon ways, looking to Woden and Thunor (the same gods known as Odin and Thor in other Germanic lands. Hopefully the Celts, Brythons, Slavs and Mediterraneans will do the same with their own traditions.

  24. The old mythologies never went away they are available in the English Literature and Art of Thomas Gray's The Fatal Sisters and William Blake's Vala or the Four Zoas. Shakespeare's Hamlet and King Lear and Macbeth; Robert Graves's transalation of the Battle of the Trees in the White Goddess which includes information on the old alphabet.
    There is no need to re-invent an old religion. Odin's role included being the god of poetry

  25. There is no need to re-invent an old religion. It has been available all the time included in the works of Shakespeare, William Blake, Thomas Gray and Robert Graves. European identity has not been lost it has been forgotten and disconnected.

  26. I think that there has been a move back to native traditions of Europe for many, many years. It started with the 'feminist' spiritual movements with the likes of Starhawk, Merlin Stone and Gimbutas( I believe that's how you spell her name) as early as the 1960s. These women did it before anyone else. It's only now that everyone is catching up.

  27. European identity is closely tied to Egypt and much of what Crowley wrote as well actually. Ever heard of Western Astrology? The Western Magickal Tradition? If you read Tsarion's book Irish Origins and check all of his sources and actually study his massive bibliography, it becomes obvious that the west is very closely connected to Egypt and all it's symbolism. Saying "The Aeon of Horus" or the work of Crowley has no staying power in Europe is one of the more brazenly ignorant things I've ever seen written.

  28. You said "If anyone studies Tibetan spirituality closely, it is incredibly murderous and vicious".

    Can you provide some info on this? Is there a book that is available which shows this?

  29. "Do What Thou Wouldn't Shall Be The Whole Of The Flaw"
    "There Is No Flaw Beyond Doing What Thou Wouldn't"

  30. Liber LXXVII


    "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." —AL. I. 40

    "thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay." —AL. I. 42–3

    "Every man and every woman is a star." —AL. I. 3
    There is no god but man.

    1. Man has the right to live by his own law—
    to live in the way that he wills to do:
    to work as he will:
    to play as he will:
    to rest as he will:
    to die when and how he will.
    2. Man has the right to eat what he will:
    to drink what he will:
    to dwell where he will:
    to move as he will on the face of the earth.
    3. Man has the right to think what he will:
    to speak what he will:
    to write what he will:
    to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will:
    to dress as he will.
    4. Man has the right to love as he will:—
    "take your fill and will of love as ye will,
    when, where, and with whom ye will." —AL. I. 51
    5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.

    93 93/93

  31. First religion of Tibet was Bonpo which was replaced by Buddhism. Bonpo was a nature worship based form of spirituality which Tibetan Buddhists refer to as the dark times due to the use of ritualistic sacrifice. Much in the way Christianity views pre Christian Pagan practices. Why this should be viewed as particularly vicious or murderous is baffling especially when we are considering returning to our own pre Christian beliefs. Some cultural practices may be viewed as unusual such as sky burials, but this is more related to the environment than any particular barbarity.Please Thomas can you clarify why you view Tibetan spirituality as particularly barbaric.

  32. Crowley spoke a lot of a double current but he only launched one himself, and that was the heroic current of Horus, The aeon of Horus.
    As The revival started up in 1965 it opened with a lot of Horus, but the stage was set for Set, And in 1974 the climate changed visibly. The Aeon of Set was launched by Aquino, and the Aeon of Horus had suddenly a new role - that of being the stepping stone for the ironic generation, the liars and the qliphoth and nightside workers.
    Peter Carroll and his everything is lies project was launched under the dogma, Nothing is true, everything is permitted. It was the open start of the wave of Chaos magick. Kenneth Grants mudtalk on qliphoth and unspeakable very dark black matter was a part of the package. It all came to its heights in the 90ies irony wave. The echo 10 years later became visible as a movement of factophobians. Now the current is dried up. The factophobians have become factresistent and the truth movement is gaining force. The rebel act has become a institutionalized formula which just zombies are using.
    This have been giving the Thelemic movement and most of all the other spiritual movement its caracter from 1974 till now.

    And you are complaining the Aeon of Horus is dying?? No - its now so gone, we see the filthy stand alone, and there is no charisma leftovers from Horus to hide you. Your statements on the dying of that Aeon is just another way to say its alive so it can be vampirized a little longer. But no it doesnt work anymore, its gone.

  33. Hmmm.......

    Most of the reasons to go outside Europe is because it is hard to find some things in Europe. I mean things like Shamanism and Magick. Personally I resonate to the Nordic traditions, not eh Celtic ones and the English ones are pretty dead.

    So to find a Shaman, Healer or Magician it is often easier to go to South Amarics or South East Asia then to find one in sophisticated Western Europe.

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