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Communism and the Book of Leviticus

Communism is The Book of Leviticus taken to the surface of the planet and then repackaged within a bogus scientific framework. Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Trotsky etc., are just earthly manifestation of the Demiurge of the Leviticus' vicious, blood sacrificial death cult. It is all about human sacrifice, from Stalin's purges, to the Fabian H.G. Wells 'elimination of The Base', and on to the silver spooned fanatics of the current Socialist Workers Party membership and their 'come the revolution...first up against the wall!' craving for slaughter, they are all infected by the archetypal mind virus of the psychopathic demon of the Old Testament calling itself the 'Jehovah God' or as the Gnostics referred to this entity as; The Demiurge.

From Walpurgis NIght: Volume One 1919 - 1933 by Thomas Sheridan

"Following the chaos of the Palm Sunday Putsch, when the Thule Society provided the Freikorps with free train tickets and weapons in order to get them into Munich to fight with Red Guard factions who were attempting to set up a Bavarian Soviet Republic, gangs of young Russians of mainly Jewish background living in Munich at the time saw the chaos as a chance to set up a Second Bolshevik dictatorship in the city. The leader of these revolutionaries was the Bavarian Communist Party chairman Eugen Leviné, and no sooner had this faction taken control of the city than they implemented a ruthless Marxist regime of murder and oppression.

Confiscation of businesses and bank accounts and collectivisation of local industries were first on the agenda as armed Marxist thugs ran riot throughout the city, implementing the traditional Communist revolutionary doctrines of brutal ideological oppression and murdering anyone they felt like killing according to Lenin-Trotsky 'scientific' terror tactics.  The agenda to be always unleashed in the wake of a Soviet revolution, so as to terrorise the rest of the population into compliance. Curfews, summary executions and interrogations to announce the usual 'workers revolution' by the typical middle-and upper-class Marxists, most of whom had never been inside a factory or coal mine in their lives. Among these was close ally of Lenin and a Bolshevik fanatic named Max Levien who arrived in Bavaria to order the proletariat to die for the revolution, and who was also constantly issuing death sentences on members of the Munich bourgeoisie. 

Something of a bourgeoisie himself, Max Levien—like all fanatical socialists, and Maxists—had less in common with the working classes he purported to be liberating than the aristocrats he claimed to hate. The demons of the Old Testament polluted his Demiurge-infected consciousness, demanding sacrifice and blood. George Bernard Shaw and the other Fabian aristocrats back in London were looking at the Red Terror unleashed in Munich approvingly, as Max Levien and the other intellectuals of the Bavarian Soviet Republic boasted about starving bourgeoisie babies in Munich to death by denying them milk. Mandates were arrogantly issued via their Russian accents and mannerism, Munich became something akin to The Book of Leviticus, and in many ways this is precisely what it was."

To compound the Leviticus underlying nature of the Communist Death Cult consider the the comments in this story from the UK Independent regarding the reopening of the sickening shrine of Lenin in Moscow:

“I don’t think Lenin should still be here, on display though, to be honest. He’s part of our history, but a bad part. There is so much negative energy radiating from that coffin.”

Thomas Sheridan is the author of the Walpurgis Night
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