Monday, 25 November 2013

Not a Racist Plot - Just Some Sad Wanker

Even though the Irish media is presently in psycho-sexual convulsions over this letter sent to Irish mosques recently, and no doubt along with the hysterical hacks, pointless QUANQOs such as the Equality Authority will use it to justify their massive public salary, benefits and expense packages, the reality is the 'group' behind this letter will inadvertently be some sad wanker living with his mother. 

I despise the way this kind of muppetry is whipped up into a frenzy by 'vested interests' making it look like a race war is about to brake out in Ireland when in reality it was probably typed up by someone with six month old baked beans still on his anorak.

No doubt the Irish Socialist Workers Party will be on this one faster than you can say "trustfund".

Oh, and while we are at it Einstein, Christianity is a foreign un-Irish religion too.


  1. Just another day in Cathar hell. These wankers are still in the minority t G.

  2. Divide and rule, as always. Muslims are not attempting to conquer lands, nor are they able to of their own accord. They are being imported by a third party for the specific purposes of division and distraction.

    1. Who exactly is this 3rd party?

    2. I'll not say here on Thomas' blog, but the evidence is obvious and widespread, as well as thoroughly documented throughout history. But it requires an unlearning of deep childhood and social conditioning to accept.